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    It's DIEGO!

    Friday, February 22 2008
    Logan slips into a coma, Carly slips into panic mode and someone slips a cord around Sam's neck. It's Diego!

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    Posted by plisanne at Friday, February 22 2008 03:42 PM

    NYDrama, i see what you are saying... but uh... i cant agree.

    Criminals (esp crime bosses) are supposed to be smarter than the rest of us. They are smarter than the average joes, they are smarter than law enforcment... thats how they get away with all of the stuff they do. Al Capone ... Bugsy Siegel... these guys were brilliant. They think everything through... their always one step ahead...

    Sonny is not acting like that.

    First of all... there are supposed to be like five big crime families... so lets say what happened to Michael and Kate are crime related, he didnt even investigate to find out who did it?
    The next second after jason told him Michael was kidnapped he was shooting johnny.... HELLO! can we investigate a little here.

    No, I'm sorry... he is way too irrational and unprofessional

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, February 22 2008 03:44 PM

    Alfie" If I am able to get a photo of him I will. Sometimes they have nice glosseys and they will autograph them IF they do I will have him write one out to you and send it. MY TREAT! We'll see how they play it. My husband is kinda a 'big shot" and they act real nice to me. I will use it this year usually I take a low key back seat and don't want any exta favors. One year they had Ned. He sang and did a photo shoot. Lucy Coo was with him. They tried to get Evlagine from OLTL but she was too expensive.

    Posted by Roe15 at Friday, February 22 2008 03:48 PM

    Until I hear it from Diego himself, I don't think he killed Coop. Coop didn't know Diego, remember Coop called Jason for something but what was he going to say? He couldn't have said to Jason that Diego was alive, Coop wasn't around 2yrs ago.I could be fishing here but I think Coop was killed by Dr. Ugly because Coop found that pill and must have figured that Jerry was involved since he knew Jerry from the metrocourt and in that briefcase where drugs. Now Dr. Ugly we know gave Alcazar the drugs to keep Diego alive.It is all kind of wrapping itself into one big storyline. I am also wondering how they are going to prove that Liz is the one who hit Diego and not Sam. It's going to get complicated before it ends according to the spoilers I have been reading.

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, February 22 2008 03:48 PM

    GHFanagain-you're right! Why does he have it for Johnny? Now I'm trying to figure that out. Though, he has already threatened, at gunpoint, both Trevor and Crazy AZ too. He's just freaking out at is ready to shoot anyone. He even commented to Jason that Claudia may be the most dangerous of all the Z's, right?

    Posted by Roe15 at Friday, February 22 2008 03:50 PM

    ransomha,when you take pictures maybe you can post them on the other site so we can all see Johnny and if want, put yourself in it so we can all be jealous of you hugging him(lol)Just make sure you feel those ABS, they looked pretty good.

    Posted by Roe15 at Friday, February 22 2008 03:52 PM

    plisanne, well that's what Jason tried to explain to him lets investigate and see what's going on. Sonny is just out of control and I think he is more upset with himself for sleeping with the enemy than anything else. I have a feeling that Jason will be taking over the business soon enough because if Sonny doesn't calm down, he will be in the next room next to AZ.

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, February 22 2008 03:53 PM

    Plisanne-you're are right hon, but the guy has major issues to contend w/....#1 being he's bipolar. He's world has been under attack since Trevor stepped into PC. Kate turned his world upside down, in a unexpected, distracting way. Leticia was killed, Emily was killed, Carly was strangled, now Kate has been shot AND Michael is missing. All this is running around in his "supposed" un-medicated head! HE's a mess and to top it off, his #1 enforcer is distracted. I'm not saying he's acting like a true Mob King should, I just can see how his world can unravel and he's taking things into his own hands. I mean, how many would actually do that? They always leave the dirty work up to their hired men. Sonny's a true loose canon. He's doing a great job portraying that.

    Posted by shepmajor at Friday, February 22 2008 03:54 PM

    Quote amc1114: """Diego and Georgie cared about eachother, he wouldn't kill her. Plus he had no connection to emily. It dosen't make any sense."""

    As I said earlier, Diego did NOT have this epic love for Georgie that some people seem to think he had. She spurned him. He moved on and remember, people, Diego was already turning "darkside" AGAIN before Sam shot him in self-defense.

    Is it such a stretch to believe that already-going-darkside-Diego would go even darker and that he would graduate from drugging/stalking/victimizing women to actually killing them?! (The guy was no Prince - even before he found out he was an Alcazar.)

    Of course he could bring himself to kill Georgie - being darkside AND given the side-effects of those pills - she WAS the person who locked his cousin in the freezer where she was killed, after all.

    As for his reason to go after Emily? SHE was SUPPOSED to be Crazy Mary's victim, not his cousin. Add to that the fact that she was important to Jason and Sonny? He hits the trifecta for revenge with just one kill.

    Posted by plisanne at Friday, February 22 2008 03:57 PM

    Roe... youre killing me here... are you saying that this is going to drag on even more.
    So now we finally know who the TMK is... but the rest of PC wont find out until next Feb sweeps... Gimme a break!

    I was actually pretty satisfied with todays epi though.

    Everyone seems disappointed with te TMK reveal... I think i actually like this... Diego being the killer... of course a lot more has to be explained... but i think after all of the suspense that they put us through... this story line might turn out ending ok

    Posted by shepmajor at Friday, February 22 2008 03:58 PM

    Can we please stop referring to Dr. Devlin as "Dr. Ugly"? That's a slam against the ACTOR, not just the character. Dr. Devil or Dr. Evil would be more appropriate, as it refers to the character and not to the actor.


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