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    Everybody's Got a Secret.

    Wednesday, February 06 2008
    Claudia and Trevor threaten to expose each other, Monica slips off and even Marianne isn't what she appears to be.

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    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 04:05 PM

    Hey Susie1000, just watched the scenes again on youtube to be sure again.Liz definately did not hit Sam becasue Jason said there was no damage to the car and there was alittle blood so it couldn't have been a deer probably something smaller. I think with him saying that, he will realize that Liz didn't do it because the damage would be much more. It has to be Monica since her car is very damamged from going into a bench. Yes, another story played out I am sure. Liz will probably be honest with Sam or Sam will notice that Liz might have some guilt on her face therefore trying to get even again she will blame Liz.

    Posted by texas skies at Wednesday, February 06 2008 04:08 PM

    hello everyone! i think the idea of spinelli being claudias kid is interesting but i dont think the ages work out. when spinelli's s/l started he was older than lulu, who is suppose to be in her 2nd year of college. i personally don't think sarah brown is playing a 40 year old.

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 04:08 PM

    I am also wondering why Claudia was asked to leave town. I don't think she had a kid with Trevor since his days on GH are numbered. I think we said that Spin knew who his mom was but not his father. Maybe Ric and Claudia had an affair and that's why they made her leave town. Johnny is not old enough or I would have said that he was her son. Speaking of parents, we still don't know who Sam's father is? They never did tell us.Wonder if there will be a story there down the road? Jerry I think killed Coop the more I think about it, the more I think he killed Coop and not the TMK.

    Posted by cbru at Wednesday, February 06 2008 04:50 PM

    Finally, someone is standing up to that slime Trevor. I still see Sarah Brown as Carly also, but her Claudia is definitely growing on me. SPOILER ALERT: I am wondering if the spoilers about Trevor getting killed are still true.

    Did anyone else laugh when Lulu very indignitly tell Luke that she was not a child. I was almost rolling on the floor.

    Tracy doesn't believe Monica for a second. Monica could not be giving out more hints that she did something. Will they find any other fingerprints in her car?? So, I am waiting for someone to figure it out-obviously it won't be the Keystone cops.

    Posted by naijahunny at Wednesday, February 06 2008 05:06 PM

    I'm in love with Claudia, j/k, but seriously she's amazing, I have one more reason to love GH. I didn't see her when she was the old Carly. I'm definitely loving her now.

    Posted by naijahunny at Wednesday, February 06 2008 05:07 PM marianne = booorriing!!!!

    Posted by Susie1000 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 05:08 PM

    Hey Roe ~~ I think you're right that Liz didn't hit Sam....she might not have even hit the TMK?! I'm curious as to why they haven't shown Nic's car! When he was talking to Em, he said he saw her standing in the road when he was driving, and then he told her she had changed clothes! Do you think he hit Sam and Monica hit the TMK? I agree the damage to the car/cars that hit them should've been extensive.....and neither Liz or Carly's fitted in to that category. We already know Monica's car has damage that indicates she hit more than the bench. Since Nic doesn't know where his car is (?????) we don't know if there's damage to it or not. Why would they add Nic to the mix if we weren't supposed to suspect him?

    Posted by Midwestern GH Fan at Wednesday, February 06 2008 05:11 PM

    Claudia also mentioned her uncle. Now I think I read or saw somewhere that the uncle is who she was sent to live with. Maybe he groomed her to be in this position and he has it in for Trevor.

    Posted by skillful98 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 05:19 PM

    I honestly think the TMK is actually Logan. Cause why all the sudden is he grabbing his rib area and limping? Remember when Sam beat the crap out of him. I think that Lulu and Johnny should get together and she needs to that Logan dude alone! He is no good, plus he is soo jealous of Johnny it's so very obvious. I wonder what will happen tomorrow with Liz and Sam?

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 05:33 PM

    Ok, I am back, fed the husband. I was thinking Nik only because and I said it before, he has a tumor and he won't go to jail for hitting Sam they will blame his medical condition. Liz hit the TMK because she is having dreams and I think she saw who the killer was or the killer thinks she did.Carly might have hit one of the cars, maybe Liz, Nik, or Monica's but I don't think she hit anyone. I think I read that he tells Liz that he thinks he hit Sam. I remember him telling Emily that he thought he saw her too. I think he starts having dreams as well. Maybe between the 2 of them, one of them actually saw the killer. Maybe Nik's memory of the accident will trigger who killed Emily.

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