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    Everybody's Got a Secret.

    Wednesday, February 06 2008
    Claudia and Trevor threaten to expose each other, Monica slips off and even Marianne isn't what she appears to be.

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    Posted by genhospchat at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:33 PM

    You're welcome, aussie!!! Loves ya too!

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:33 PM

    HI NYDRAMA, aussigal, GHRocks, and everyone else, alot of new people online tonight. Auntiep, hope all is well, saw pictures of those tornados.Ok, I am a liason fan and for starters, it's a soap opera so as you know anything can happen and sometimes we pay more attention to the stories than the people writting them. Liz fell asleep at the wheel, she knows she hit something but not that hard where she would go off the road but she did fall asleep so she just assumed it was an animal. She also assumes she was the only one on the road so she must have hit Sam. Jason finds out there were others out that night. Jason will also realize that Liz couldn't have done it because, Jason saw blood on the front of the car, Sam flew over the windshield, Liz's car would have had hood damage and much more. Also, I think Liz would have saw Sam fly over her hood even when she dosed off. Liz hit the TMK, she must have just hit maybe the lower part of his body and that is why she didn't see him plus he was all in black. At least she has a consious and feels bad that she might have hit Sam.Of course Sam will blame Liz and Jason will find out the truth on who really hit her. Now Monica's car is damaged pretty bad so she might have hit Liz, Nik, we still don't know where his car is or what it looks like. Carly said there was only a scratch so she couldn't have hit Sam either, there needs to be more damage.

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:37 PM

    Aussiegal, Jason & Liz never slept together way back when but they did come close. The developed a closeness after Jason and Robin ended and Lucky was believed dead. They always had feelings for each other and told each other many times but once Lucky was alive again, Liz felt she was obligated to him and plus he was there for her when she was raped. Story sound familiar? Anyway, they tried many times to get together but something or someone always got in the way of them really developing a relationship but they always remained friends but friends who always were honest with each other and who always trusted each other. So it started around the year 2000/2001 I beleive when they met. Hope that answered your question.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:39 PM

    Spinelli as Trevor & Claudia's son....ewwww!!

    I don't trust Logan. I think he's up to something. I think the writers are building up The Whiney One and Mr Six Pack as a couple. I actually really like Johnny, he reminds of a young Sonny back in the day.

    I like Liz thinking she hit Sam. This is gonna get interesting I tell ya....

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:41 PM

    GHRocks, we finally got a kiss today. Could they spare it. If she didn't kiss him, I was going to jump through the tv and kiss him myself. Ok, I am not liking this new Marianna and she seems to old for him and not that much chemistry at all. I think the first one had better chemistry. Talk about jumping in the sack quickly, they didn't even really know each others names and he buys her a coat? Sarah Brown looks good with dark hair, I like it better. Too bad her and Johnny weren't brother/sister, they make a nice couple. Ok, she didn't have red clothes on but she did have the red shoes and red nailpolish. Loved seeing Bobbie again, why can't they make her stay? She can help Monica. I also enjoyed the scenes with Monica and Tracy, good giving the veteran actors some airtime. Luke, he is just too funny. Mommyof1, see Lulu today? First she's kissin Johnny yesterday and now she seems to be interested in Logan today, give us a break. I like Logan actually, maybe him and Maxi can get back together. I love how they covered his tattoos too funny since they are trying to make us believe that he is the TMK.

    Posted by auntiep at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:44 PM

    Oh my god you all were talking about bobby and the brown stone, and that is one of the places sam was attacked. what about Lucus he hadn't been gone to long, he was if I can remember right frank smiths grandson and Lucy's cousin son. somebody said someting about old and young one old luke and young lucas who was named after him. I didn't see the spoiler so I don't know what it said.

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:45 PM

    Aussiegal to change the subject for a momment, Heath Ledgers coronors report is in. Did you hear about it yet? They said he died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs but there is an investigation going on because they want to know what doctor or doctors gave him the drugs because all of them mixed together is a lethal combination. Back to GH, you know Sam is going to blame Liz and I heard she goes to jail and Jason gets her out but my question is if it turns out to be Monica, how is Jason going to help his mom and clear the woman he loves?

    Posted by Roe15 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:47 PM

    Auntiep, we are talking about Alcazar and Diego. We think one of them might still be alive and could be the TMK if it is someone from the past like the spoilers are all saying. We don't know for sure but we can't think of anyone else. I think it's Diego only because the person looked younger who attacked Sam. I would be shocked if it was Alcazar and Jason didn't do his job.

    Posted by auntiep at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:52 PM

    I just think after all these years they keep showing the steps of the brown stone is a clue.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 03:55 PM

    Hi Ladies ~~ I finally got to see today's epi'!

    I didn't know if it was because my 'brain' was dragging after yesterday's Super Tuesday (elections)....or if the show seemed to be dragging!?! I'm not sure what I was expecting!! I've been reading the comments from yesterday and so far today.....
    ......and I guess today's show was okay for 'hump day!'

    I did like the scenes w/ Claudia/Johnny/Trevor. I'm trying my best to give Sarah Brown the chance to bring Claudia's character out vs. the old Carly character that we associate her with. Sarah Brown is a good actress. I'm sure she'll be able to pull it off! I feel there are 'secrets' about her past w/ Trevor, Johnny and his mom, Anthony, and her mom....that so far the writers are just 'hinting' at!?! The more we learn about the young Claudia, the more we'll understand today's Claudia! I hate to think she was 'used' by Trevor when she was just 16, and possibly had his baby. EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I wouldn't put it past Trevor, but it would help explain her bitterness towards him! She keeps referring to him as the 'servant' for the family, and NOW he will follow her orders! I just wonder if that's how he talked to/treated her before she was sent away? Reasons for Trevor to sleep w/ the fishes just keeps growing! I'm glad Johnny has Claudia to help stand up to Trevor and AZ. Between the 2 of them they should be able to reign supreme!

    Marianne/Ric ~~ Like most of you....I liked America Olivo as Marianne. But, since she had just been introduced to us....I feel we should give Yeniffer Behrens a chance. It doesn't really matter who plays the part.....Marianne is being controlled by Trevor (for whatever reason?), and he's ordering her to get the papers to the waterfront. I may be wrong ...... but I think Marianne is going to rebel against Trevor and tell Ric what's going on! JMO!

    NY.....OK! I love BOTH Liz and Sam!! On that note... I also agree w/ your analogy that Liz is now walking in Sam's shoes! Sam doesn't have the monoply on using bad judgement! I don't think Liz hit Sam. I think Liz either hit the TMK or a deer as she thought from the beginning. DNA for the blood on her car should clear that up....unless Jason washed off the evidence!?! You asked some very valid questions NY, and I too am anxiously awaiting Liz's next move!

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