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    Everybody's Got a Secret.

    Wednesday, February 06 2008
    Claudia and Trevor threaten to expose each other, Monica slips off and even Marianne isn't what she appears to be.

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    Posted by lucysmomlovessonny at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:35 AM

    ABC9, I agree with most of your comments. Your predictions are very close to my own. I would like to add that I think Johnny is actually Sonny and Lily's son. I think AZ kidnapped her from the car before the bomb went off all those years ago. Johnny is super hot I like him and whiney blonde one together. I really cant' stand Logan. I hope that Claudia fits Trevor with some "concrete shoes" soon.

    Posted by sadiebubs at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:37 AM

    susie.... read your post this morming, love the way your thinkin'. ITA ... can't wait to find out whats up!!

    Posted by Eunice at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:41 AM

    Rick and Marrianne reminded me of a scene in "The Lords of Flatbush" today, when the youth asked the girl he had just had sex with in the back of a car - "What did you say your name was?" come to think of it, the whole Sonny/Kate bit is right out of "Lords", a VERY funny film.

    Posted by Eunice at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:43 AM

    Many posters refer to Sonny having fathered "half the kids in Port Charles." I only know of two, Morgan and Christina. Can someone enlighten me as to what others there are, or were they miscarried?

    Posted by Roe15 at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:48 AM

    Hi ladies, wish I was on last night but I had to get the kids to bed and then I fell asleep myself. I think the TMK is Diego, I don't think he is dead for some reason.Zander, no he is dead, his body was burnt to a crisp and besides, he has been gone too long. If it's Alcazar I will be annoyed since Jason had to go through that whole dragged out court scenes. Jason showed up at the scene because it looked as though the accident did not happen far from the safehouse. I heard some spoilers about Sam NYDRAMA, but I know you hate to hear them so I won't tell. Let me put it as nice as possible, she is out for revenge again with Liz.I think soon, Jason will be claiming Jake as his son.I heard Claudia threatens him and his family so the paternity will be out soon. I didn't hear that the TMK will be revealed on Feb. 12th? I did hear that we will know before the characters do because I believe he strikes again.

    Posted by Roe15 at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:52 AM

    Regarding Liz, if you remember at the Metrocourt with Jason, she said that she knew it was not like her but that she had to see him therefore having a secret affair? Liz is opening up now, she doesn't want to be miss goody two shoes all the time, she's meeting Jason in secret.Oh, GHROCKS, I was forgetting to mention to you, since next week is Valentine's Day, I am wondering if Liz still has the red glass that Jason gave her that one Valentine that he brought back from Italy. Remember? Also, she made him the picture, I wonder if he still has it? I enjoy when they go back to past things and bring them up now just like the other day with the reference to the splinter.

    Posted by Eunice at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:57 AM

    The tattooed man is likely Lorenzo, and yes, I agree that Devlin probably gave mobsters and crooks new faces, which is why he is nervous at the sight of Jerry, and probably knows that he is Monsieur Moreau.

    Coop's identity as number 3, one of Mr. Craig's (Jerry) goons, was a reason for more than a few people wanting to get rid of him, as he knew too much.

    Now, does anyone remember the briefcase that figured so prominently in the Metro Court hostage crisis? We never did find out what was in it that everyone was after, and was so very, very, important. If I remember, Rick found it and the contents were burned to a crisp, or so they said. Mr. Craig was after it big time, and Lorenzo failed to deliver it.

    I sometimes wonder if the writers have ever watched previous episodes, and whether they just farm out scripts as piecework to hacks, as there are so many loose ends left untied.

    Posted by Roe15 at Thursday, February 07 2008 06:18 AM

    Eunice, I agree with you 100%, sometimes I think we know and remember more than the writters. The tattoo guy is Dr. Ugly,(Devlin) that's what I call him, his smile creeps me out. He is the one who changed Jerry's face. Dr. Devlin is shipping drugs into PC via Mr Moreau and Trevor/Claudia. I think there were drugs in the briefcase that was suppose to be delivered to Dr.Devlin and those drugs that Jerry got to give to Nik came from Dr. Devlin so that's' why Dr. Devlin is taking an interest in Nik because he knows the drug and probably knows how to take care of him. Now Robin, will probably catch onto him because she already doesn't trust him so I am wondering if he will try and harm Robin in anyway. Also, Robin practiced medicine in Paris, I wonder if she stumbled onto anything there like the drug that helped Laura. Remember, why did Jerry shoot Robin at the metrocourt? Think there maybe some connection there?

    Posted by Roe15 at Thursday, February 07 2008 06:22 AM

    Also, I don't believe and I have said it many times that Coop was killed by the TMK. I think Coop was killed by Jerry or Dr. Devlin because Coop had that pill. I wouldn't be surprised if Coop was working for some FBI or something trying to uncover the drugs going through PC. Now Anna Devane is suppose to come back because Robin is pregnant. Maybe she has something to do with this as well. I am sure in the coming months, there will be alot more stories and alot more twists and turns.

    Posted by raggsies at Thursday, February 07 2008 06:56 AM

    ok longlegged i just read your post and there are a few things that i agree with and disagree with. yes liz shouldn't have checked herself out of the hospital against dr.'s orders and yes she should have not gone to see jason first let alone be out on a night like that. we are talking about liz who is still medicated and using bad judgement. of course she should have thought about her kids but it is not liked they were abbanoned at the moment. i don't really hear her justifying everything yet but she will feel guilty about everything because that is the type of person she is written to be. i guess i could use the phrase that you used and that we hear alot of times on this site"yes she has had made some mistakes but who hasn't" but that has been used to death and really doesn't justify anything. just saying she made some mistakes works better for me. yes as many of us liz fans have said sam has really been put through the ringer in the past and now. alot of us have been rooting for sam to be given a break from her rough storyline. we do show some compassion for her. i said many of times that i wish sam would come clean about the "kid" stuff withlucky before he found out but the writters didn't let her do that. that would have helped her character alot in the long run. i have even suggested in time she may even be forgivrn for those actions but jason, liz, and lucky, would all use comonsense judgement about sams relationship with the kids in the future, i always look for the brighter side. so a little "outburst here and there is understandable" but surely you are not condoning what she did to those children!

    the "WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THAT' verses the sam made a few mistakes, just doesn't even look right. do you see??
    at the ened you made a statement:sam can't catch a break on this show or on this board, but blind eyes liz can."
    well liz isn't blind so we can get that out of the way. sam not catching a break on this board, well i totally disagree with you strongly because alot of posters have been trying to give her some sort of break lately and wishing her well, but for some reason your eye are blind to that. i assume you read the post, do you not appreciate that?? it just sounds better to say that the writters don't give sam a break. i am a liz fan and i do wish well for sam and hope she gets well soon and starts living that better life that she says she wants to live, if they will let her. just wanted to let you know how i felt.

    carly and her what nots really don't have anything to do with what you are really after.

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