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    A Shocking Purchase.

    Friday, January 25 2008
    Michael takes matters into his own hands, Logan and Coop talk, and Jason hurts Carly's feelings.

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    Posted by cjsmom926 at Friday, January 25 2008 04:40 PM

    Thanks Roe15 and as one of the relatively new people, I would defend any of you! I was on Sapphires list for emails and so I received the spoilers sent from her list by someone who forwarded it without removing us. Very strange world we live in.. ~I personally am not a Liason fan, LOVE LICKALIOUS and like liz ok, just don't like them together~ and you guys don't hate me for that! Thanks

    Posted by kiakia at Friday, January 25 2008 04:49 PM

    ghfanagain no problem that is you right to think that I don't like them sneaking around either. But I know that it bother Jason to have the chance of the mob effecting his son too. But i don't see him walking away from it to put his life he wants with Liz and the boys 1st either. Too its a too way street I don't think its all Liz I know she seems easier to blame. I think they need a happy medium. I'm not saying she should keep this affair going I just threw out a reason why she might be doing it. You know a method to the maddness. Its like I can take the risk but I can't put my child in risk. And too her I bet she still thinks they are keeping this on the downlow though half of PC knows.

    Posted by kiakia at Friday, January 25 2008 04:53 PM

    ghfanagain but i like the twist on my name its sounds Hawaiian lol.

    cjsmom926 as you can see I'm both well all a Liz fan, a Jason fan, a Liason fan lo but hey its okay to have different views keeps the site interesting

    Posted by cbru at Friday, January 25 2008 05:09 PM

    Hey Fraigle-you need to come back. The person who is doing this needs to grow up and try acting like an adult. We may not always agree on this site, but we respect each other's opinions.

    Come on-Michael involving Morgan?? Morgan is going to get hurt and then maybe Carly will wake up.

    I loved it when Jason told Carly off. All of it was what we have been saying for weeks. I also noticed that when anhyone calls Carly on her nosiness, the tears start. Then, she can't understand why Sonny and Jason get angry.

    Wonder who the mystery woman is? Anybody got any ideas?

    Can't wait for next week when Lucky walks in on Liz and Sam.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Posted by kiakia at Friday, January 25 2008 05:16 PM

    cbru yes I noticed that with Carly too she is all big and bad till is called on it then she wants to cry. Its the typical then of any troublemaker they wanna be all bold then cry about it & run when someone pushes back on them.

    I think the mystery lady is none other then Sarah Brown playing as Claudia Z

    Posted by Susie1000 at Friday, January 25 2008 05:16 PM

    HI Sapphire,Kia, Roe,fraigle and the rest of the 'girls',

    I hate sooooooooooooo bad that this negative 'bashing' continues to happen on our site. a relatively 'newbie' to posting on both sites.....I would jump anyones bones that hurts one of us! I feel that's what they're create enough friction to keep us all at arms......and possibly getting our site closed down! I agree to not post our email addresses on this site, but on the thread it's easy to obtain IF you want it!! Revenge can be a 'prickly thorn!' Our best bet on this is to IGNORE THEM!!

    Posted by fraigle at Friday, January 25 2008 05:19 PM

    Hey Guys! What a long day....! I don't want rehash anything....! Let's remember it's just SOAP...! & YES ALL HAVE FAVORITES & YES VERY VOCAL ON WHO I LOVE..

    Posted by kiakia at Friday, January 25 2008 05:27 PM

    Susie1000 that is good point and there is way to block them on the thread huh?

    Fraigle I'm glad you're feeling better you know we got your back.

    Posted by alfie1 at Friday, January 25 2008 05:27 PM

    I agree if the person ,oh never mind, if you good enough for one thing you should be good enough for the other. it doesnt do good to be someones DIRTY LITTLE SECRET,esp,when you look like jason,if you cant handle him I(and others can)

    Posted by plisanne at Friday, January 25 2008 05:29 PM

    Hey guys!!!

    I just watched it! What a great epi.

    Jason- FINALLY!!!! Eventhough I think he culd have done a better job telling her off, I applaud him for his efforts cuz i know that what he did today is not in his character. He always looks so sorry when he is putting her in her place, like he feels guilty. He has nothing to feel guilty about. He was absolutely rite. She is looking so pathetic nowadays. I realize that she loves Sonny and Jason and wants them to have it all and be happy... the problem is tat their choice of happiness is never roght to her. And if it isnt right to her, then she comes in and tries to control evertything. She needs to get a grip. She needs to focus on her own family.

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