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    Tension. Sexual and Otherwise.

    Thursday, January 24 2008
    Jason averts disaster between Michael and a hand gun, Coop and Maxi plan a getaway, and Logan is onto something.

    Lulu shows up at Kelly's and orders a bunch of take out food. As she leaves, Logan finds her. Lulu tells him that she's sorry that she hasn't returned his calls and he comes right out and asks if they are over. Lulu says that they just can't seem to get started and he surmises that she's taking care of Johnny somewhere. She doesn't deny it. He tells her that he's crazy about her and hopes the feeling is mutual. He kisses her and then asks her to meet him later so they can go ice skating. She accepts.

    Upstairs Coop and Maxie are snuggled up in his bed. She says that the PCPD is close to busting Georgie's killer. Coop admits that he feels badly about the last time he saw her because it wasn't "nice." He says that he'd like to get away for a while and asks her to come with him to Toronto. Maxie says that she'd love to and can be ready in a couple hours. Coop says that he has a few things to take care of too. As soon as she leaves, he locks the DNA report in a box and stashes it in a drawer.

    Ric is starting his day by staring at his childhood home again, remembering. Trevor is in a nearby garden. As he watches Ric, he takes a call from Moreau and they discuss the Zacchara ship explosion. They agree that Jason is the likely culprit. Trevor insists that they talk in person, but Moreau hangs up.

    Liz is having nightmares about the fire. Finally, she jerks awake and gets out of her hospital bed. Soon, Leo and Robin escort her back and tell her not to split open her stitches. They discuss her sleeplessness and soon Leo leaves. Once Robin and Liz are alone, Robin announces that she's pregnant. Liz excitedly asks if Robin finally found someone to donate sperm. Robin says that she slept with Patrick, but she doesn't think she should ever tell him about the baby. Liz says that the truth has a way of coming out and suggests that Robin tell him right away.

    Lucky brings the boys over to Alexis's house so he can check in with Sam. Alexis needs to leave and Lucky assures her that all of the kids will be safe with them. Sam picks up Cam's red hat and tells Lucky about her (late) brother Danny and how close they were. She says that he was the one guy she thought she would never lose, and then admits to Lucky that she's afraid she's going to lose him. He assures her that he wants to see how far they can go together and then kisses her.

    Michael has sneaked into Sonny's office. He reaches for a gun in Sonny's desk drawer. Jason comes in and asks what he is doing out of school. Michael quickly closes the drawer and says he missed his dad, that's all. He tries to segue smoothly into a discussion about why no one has caught Leticia and Emily's killer. Jason takes the gun from the drawer and says, "Is that why you were trying to take this?!?" Michael says that's how he and his dad make people go away! Jason talks to him about good and bad choices and says that holding a gun does not make him a man. He tells him to go back to school and do something with his life. Michael nods his head and leaves. Then Jason locks the gun drawer.

    It turns out that the person Alexis had to meet was none other than Jerry. They are at Kellys. After Alexis tells him about her attack yesterday, Jerry flirts with her and suggests that he become her body guard. Then she tells him that she's the DA again, so she won't be taking on any private clients, namely him. Then she reminds him that it is her job now to eliminate crime, not defend it.

    Ric goes to a diner for some coffee and is greeted by the girl who house sits his old home. She tells him that this is her main job. He notices that she's been hurt and asks what happened to her lip. She says that she fell last night on her way to the bus. Then she pokes a little fun at how overdressed he is in his business suit. She calls him a sharpened pencil, in fact. They make some silly crayon metaphors and then Trevor shows up and sits with Ric. Right away, he makes a play for Skye's piers by telling him that whatever he helps him build there will one day be his. Ric laughs and says he's going to do what he wants with the property, maybe even give it to Sonny! Trevor tells him to really look at the house he grew up in and remember how Sonny always spits on him. As he's leaving, Trevor tells him that since he hasn't even bothered to sign the documents from Skye, someone could "put a cap in his head and drop him into the harbor" and then claim the piers.

    Jerry crosses paths, deliberately, with "Three" (Cooper). He tells him that it's time for him to pay up, but Coop says that he's tired of living a lie.

    Patrick runs into Leyla and she informs him that their little tryst got her suspended! Patrick asks how Dr. Ford even found out about it and she says that he probably followed the trail of evidence. Just then Leo brings Patrick some scrubs bottoms that he found on the third floor and calls him "Dr. Feel Good." Epiphany breaks up the crowd, and then Jason comes and asks her how Elizabeth is. She says that if a family member were to ask that question, she would tell them that Elizabeth needs something to keep her mind at rest.

    When Lulu returns to the Haunted Star, she finds Johnny playing "Clair de Lune" on the piano. She tells him Logan knows that she's helping him. Johnny says that he doesn't trust Logan, but Lulu tells him to trust her. (Then we see that Logan followed her back to the ship.) She unpacks the food and some clothes that she took from Lucky's house.

    The waitress tells Ric that her family died when she was young, so she knows what it's like to have a sad background. She suggests that he go outside and "play with the wind like a kite does" and maybe get a new perspective on things. He pays his tab and leaves for a while. Soon he comes back dressed in brand new Lands'-End-looking clothes. He still has the tag on, in fact. She laughs and helps him remove the tag from his collar. Trevor is watching from outside.

    Logan is waiting for Lulu to meet him, but Scott shows up. Logan asks "Mr. Baldwin" what he's doing here and Scott tells him that he's looking for Lulu. He says that they have an APB out for Johnny. Logan says that as a matter of fact, he knows where Lulu has Johnny, but he won't tell. Lulu has arrived and heard about the APB. She takes off.

    Leo finds Patrick at the nurses' desk and says that he's thinking about asking Elizabeth out for a drink. Patrick says that she's a mother of two. He rants that it wouldn't be out for drinks at all - it would be tripping over toys and chicken in a bucket. Leo chaffs at Patrick's tone and says that's just the bachelor in him talking. Patrick is indignant as he says that he never intends to find out otherwise! Robin has overheard the whole exchange.

    Michael comes back into Sonny's office and finds the gun drawer locked. He tries to use a letter opener, but can't open it. Jason sees the whole thing.

    Liz wakes up and finds a note for her on her drawing pad. It reads, "Don't stop."

    Lulu rushes back to the Haunted Star and right into Johnny's arms (and lips).

    Coop returns to his room and finds Logan reading the DNA report. He says, "What the hell is this?"

    Next on General Hospital:

    Kate goes to Sonny with a message.

    Maxie finds something that makes her scream bloody murder.

    Liz finds Sam holding Jake!

    Logan wants answers from Coop.

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    Posted by jcrobinson at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:23 PM

    Oooh, tomorrow is going to be good!

    Posted by plisanne at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:24 PM

    hey, anm I first today.
    I loved todays episode. Michael needs help, seriously. Unfortunately, i dont know what is gonna help this poor by cuz he also need better parents. I love Sonny, but he is not really being a father right now and Carly... well she is crazy herself. i guess this is why Liz is afraid to let Jake know who his real father is. Not that i have any doubts that Jason and Liz would be ten times better parents than Sonny and Carly. I know they would be. But I do understand Liasons concern about raisng a child in the mob.

    Posted by Eunice at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:29 PM

    At long last someone on the hospital staff has been disciplined for fooling around in the supply room. Leyla and Patrick are totally unprofessional. I certainly would not want to go to GH, which should be renamed General Malpractice, as the chance of being kidnapped, murdered or verbally abused by unwelcome visitors is too high.

    As for Robin's pregnancy, we need another "keeping it secret" storyline like we need another hostage incident. the writers need to get together and brain storm to come up with some new ideas.

    The Cooper Barrett character is a good example of what is going wrong at GH. He began with such a potential, working for Mr. Craig, then joining the PCPD, working undercover for Sonny and having a romance with Maxie. even his name hinted that he was related to Brenda Barrett. Then instead of developing a storyline, he was just put on the back burner, given nothing to do and now he is out. What a total waste of a handsome leading man! This is NOT the way to treat the characters.

    Posted by ScrubsAlltheWay at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:33 PM

    To Eunice, Leyla did not get in trouble. It was a joke, more cutesy stuff for her and Patrick, GAG. This Scrubs fans is dying over here. I can't take anymore of Patrick around Leyla. And how cute that the whole hospital knows Patrick and PW is sexing it up. That must be fun for Robin especially now that she's carrying around his child. I feel humiliated for her. And Epip can joke around about Patrick and PW yet Scrubs use to get hounded for their PDA.

    I hate them. HAAATE.

    Posted by niko100 at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:34 PM

    I really dont care for Michael right now. He starting to be a pain like his mother. I wonder if Leo will ask Liz out and what Jason will do? Hope tomorrow we will see Liz and Jason together. I also like Johnny and Lulu together. I think they are cute.

    Posted by Eunice at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:34 PM

    It was nice to see Johnny playing classical piano today. I would like to see the actors get a chance to use their talents more often, beginning with Epiphany, who is a lovely singer.

    Posted by NYDrama at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:43 PM

    What the???? Doesn't Leo know about Liason???? What gives?? come no one spoiled that one? For crying out loud, between Lulu and Liz, can we have them focus on on guy at a time and release the other single men to all the needy women that are waiting in the wings, salivating and scratching their heads over this craziness????????? I'll be back later, gotta get din din started-I'm late as it is w/this dang head ache slowing me up.
    So much more to come later....stay tuned..

    Posted by ms_than6 at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:46 PM

    loved your post plisanne and i totally agree with you Jason and Liz will be way better parents then Sonny or Carly will ever be, i thought it was really cute for Jason to leave Liz drawing pads for her to keep her mind off things,

    Posted by kiakia at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:49 PM

    Gosh I feel for Robin but she did know what type of man he is and still played the game. It just sucks that now she is pregnant he is acting more of a jerk then he did before.

    Again Lulu what are you thinking?

    Okay a show of hands that thinks this is just the tip of the iceberg with Michael? This again my thing with Carly you son is going postal and you are spending your time in Jason biz. Can we say screwed up priorities.

    Posted by maguillicutty at Thursday, January 24 2008 02:52 PM

    would leyla just give up already! i think robin should tell patrick like liz said. since coop is off the show, i guess he may be the tmk.

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