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Jason Rolls the Dice.

Thursday, January 17 2008
He (rightly) suspects that Joe's bomb is fake, Monica has a surprise method of coping and Sonny visits "Madame."

Just as Nikolas is about to go nuts on Joe, Jason thinks quickly and knocks him out. Agitated, Joe tells Sam to find out how his wife is because if something happens to the baby, he will lose the last reason he has to live. Kelly comes out and says that she can't find any good news for him until she is able to give Angela some tests and she needs help. Joe agrees to whatever she needs and Kelly goes to find Monica to help her.

Down the hall Monica is chugging vodka from a flask. Kelly finds her and she says she'll be right there. Right after she fills her water bottle with vodka.

Back in the ER, Mayor Floyd, Dr. Russell and Edward quarrel about how to handle the situation while Joe sits with Sam and explains how things got so bad for him. Jason takes it all in as Joe and Sam reminisce about an antique car that used to sit on his lot.

Down the hall, Liz begs Lucky to leave her there and take Jake to safety. Lucky says that he can get them both, but the nurse says that Liz has lost a lot of blood and can't go anywhere. Liz tries to talk, but passes out.

Across town, Carly is leaving a voice mail for Diane when Jax comes down for breakfast. She explains that she has to find Jason a lawyer, but can't tell him why. She promises to explain later, but Jax locks the door instead and says it's time for an intervention. He points out how obsessive she is about Jason and insists that he's not jealous. Carly is frustrated and spills the beans about Jason being Jake's father. She says that Jason needs to fight for custody and Jax says that it's none of her business. He says that he's trying to concentrate on his own family and then tells her how badly he wants to have a child with her.

Out at the monastery, Lulu has managed to get out of her room, but is spooked by the things she sees in the dark cavern she has ended up in. Meanwhile Monk Spinelli is allowed to deliver some food to her room, but finds her bed stuffed with blankets. The guard comes in behind Spinelli and is taken by surprise when Spinelli takes off his hood and knocks him out. Outside, Logan and Johnny argue over how badly Spinelli is going to bungle things. They decide to look for another way in, but separate to cover more ground.

In Benson Hurst, "Where Sonny goes, trouble follows," a guy named Moose jokes as he pulls up a chair to sit with Sonny and Kate at the restaurant. He and Sonny laugh about old times and finally Moose tells Kate that she looks familiar. Sonny looks disappointed when she introduces herself as Kate Howard. Moose tells Sonny that the place isn't the same anymore, but they still have "Madame", the fortune teller machine. He gives them some tokens and goes to check on their order. Sonny questions "Connie" why she couldn't just be herself. As he talks about how much they feel for each other - and always have, he pulls the box from his pocket once again. When Kate reminds him that they never got together back then because of "timing," Sonny puts the box back in his pocket.

Back at GH, Kelly and Monica tell Angela that her baby is swollen and could be suffering from heart failure. Angela is worried, but they don't say much. Out in the lobby, Jason gets gutsy and decides to challenge Joe. As everyone urges him not to, he reaches for the hand that holds the detonator. Finally he wrestles it away from Joe's grasp and announces that it wasn't a real bomb. Jason tells Joe that after hearing him talk about his son, there's no way he would risk his life that way. Just then, Mac and the cops come in and take Joe away.

Dr. Ford immediately orders Angela to be taken to County General, but Cassius speaks up and asks why it always has to be about money to him. Jason rushes to Liz's curtain area and finds Lucky, Jake and Liz holding Jake and marveling over how much better he is doing. Epiphany tries to get back to work but breaks down in tears. "Oh it hurts!" she sobs as Cassius sits next to her. Down the hall, Sam finds Lucky and says that she'd like to go home, but Lucky says that he wants to make sure things are okay with Liz and Jake for a while.

Edward congratulates Jason for "the real Quartermaine spirit" that he showed, but Monica just storms off in the opposite direction. She ends up checking in on Jake and Jason looks on as she plays with him.

Patrick tells Nikolas about the blood tests that they ran on him (after they provoked a rage), and Nikolas doesn't appreciate being a test animal. Angry, he walks over to Dr. Ford and says that if he sends Angela to County he'll withdraw every dime he's ever donated to the hospital. Dr. Ford quickly signs her papers to let her stay. Nadine tells Nik that Emily would be pleased, but she would also want him to take care of himself. Nikolas turns to Patrick and says that he'll admit himself and wait for those blood results.

Back at Carly's house, her demeanor changes completely as she admits to Jax that her Christmas surprise was supposed to be that she conceived his child. She tells him how hard she's been trying and Jax says that she shouldn't be doing this alone. This is their journey to take together, he says, and Carly says that she would really like that. They pour some wine and get started on their joint project.

Meanwhile, it's Johnny who comes across Lulu in the darkened halls of the monastery first. She's freezing and thinks that she's broken her foot. She asks him what he has to do with this and then pushes him away when he tries to help her. He falls down and cuts his leg. Johnny starts mumbling something about the legendary monk that Spinelli told him about and looks for a wall with a door in it. They find it and can't believe what they see inside. But then - they can't believe that the door has locked behind them.

As Sonny and Kate recall their past, a young couple in the corner giggles about what "Madame" the fortune teller has told them. Kate admits how scared she used to be to hear what Madame had to say, and Sonny hands her a token. They walk over to the machine and Kate recalls the time her fortune read, "You will lose yourself in someone else." Sonny reminds her that's exactly what happened and the person was Kate Howard. She puts her coin in the slot and is astounded by what comes out. "You are two different people." She insists that Sonny go next. He doesn't want to mess with the future, but eventually puts his token in the slot.

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