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    Jason Rolls the Dice.

    Thursday, January 17 2008
    He (rightly) suspects that Joe's bomb is fake, Monica has a surprise method of coping and Sonny visits "Madame."

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    Posted by mommyof1 at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:13 PM

    Unfortunately seeing previews for tomorrow worthless is going to be on again so I might take another nap with the baby again.

    Posted by GHOLDIE at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:13 PM yes the temp Jaz is not Ingo, but the character finally said all the things we have wanted Jax to say to Carly forever.........Just close your eyes, but really good writing... I LOVE NIC wonder what Sonny's card said...

    Posted by fraigle at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:13 PM

    Hi Everyone! I felt bad for Carly, she had to kiss JAX, creepy,scary,frumy...
    I felt so bad for Jason looking threw the curtains.... come on let's see Liason!
    I ready for them to be together....
    I'll be back later,
    Hi alfie1,kiakia,GHoldie,Sapphire,aussie-gal & everyone else...!

    Posted by kiakia at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:15 PM

    Okay Ransomha I'm jealousy of your son.

    Fraigle hey how are you and I agree with mommyof1 fill in Jax looks like the Goblin.

    Posted by GH FAN 4 LIFE at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:16 PM

    Skirkey - You know these scab writes are not too bad. Who is your pick for Supercouple that can stand the test of time? My bet is on Lz and Jason. What do you think? I am tired of people breaking up getting back then breaking up again. You know what I mean?
    mommyof1 - I agree it sounds like someone is writing day by day or something. Although I think some of you ladies or gents on theses postings could write way better.
    Roe15 - I hope you feel better soon.
    Hey Aussie gal did you get my messege???

    Posted by Roe15 at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:17 PM

    Where is NYDRAMA tonight,GHOLDIE, GHROCKS? Hey aussie gal, wish I was in 92degree weather. It's raining here and we might have some snow but nothing major by me. Ok, tomorrow is all about Patrick and Robin which I think is when she finds out she is pregnant so now we have to go through all this saga with her not telling Patrick about the baby. I hope they go back to the Quartermains and do a story with them whose ever left and they try to help Monica like they did years ago with Alan when he was on drugs.I enjoy seeing that disfunctional family. Thanks for the well wishes mommyof1 but until I go to sleep I don't think this headache will ever go away. How's your daughter today?

    Posted by mommyof1 at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:22 PM

    she's doing great she's actually hepling me type right now. She wants me to tell eveyone hi and thanks for all the love. Also she says get Lulu off the tube because she doesn't like what it does to her mommy.

    Posted by ashcash27 at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:26 PM

    hi all,
    today's eppy looks really good, so sad that Joe bomber guy is so desperate. all he wants is a good life with his family he has a new born on the way and his wife is sick cant dr. ford show for once that he has a heart?? he did once nicolas said he'd take all of his funding out of the hospital.... i love love love Jason and Liz, i think they are soul mates. because through the years they have always found a way to get together and now they are a family... from a distance but non the less a family and they are perfect together. i loved Liz and Lucky back in the day but i think he was just her high school sweetheart or something of that nature don't you think? Sam is just Sam what are you gonna do? she obviously can't comprehend the fact that she had a wonderful man in her life who loved her unconditionally and how does she repay him by putting his child in danger and she should know how important a child is to a parent she was one!!!! i just hope she finds happiness again maybe with Lucky or someone else maybe. and Carly that woman is never going to get over the fact that she never could have Jason in that way so she tries to be more to him as a friend than the love of his life. Love Sonny and Kate they are so cute together can't wait til they get married. Sapphire if you come on can you send me spoilers to my email please, thanks hope all is well honey.

    sub-Jax is Creepy thats all i'm saying!!!
    hope monica knowing that she has a grandbaby brings a new purpose to her life than drowning her sorrows.

    thats it folks until next time.

    Posted by mommyof1 at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:26 PM

    Erin also wanted me to post that she to really thinks baby Jake is adorable LOL.

    Posted by NYDrama at Thursday, January 17 2008 03:27 PM

    Surprise! Jason saved the citizens of PC once again! And miraculously, the PCPD timed their entrance to come right after that! Please, give us something else already..... This is so ridiculous, ugh!!!!!! I like how Jason gets the "pat on the back" from Grandpa, but not a word went to Sam who had some amazing dialogue w/Bomber Joe! She was all shaken up, and no one to turn to. So, I'm sure we'll be in for something....Poor Sam, she just can't have a break.

    Lucky-he is acting like a very loving, caring father figure/ex-hubby. Very manly, very sexy...ooh-la-la!

    Sonny/Kate-can't wait for him to read the fortune! He's so romantic huh? And Kate too, those too definitely ooze sex n romance 24-7.

    Moose-what the? Did he have to have the whole "Sopranos" thing going on? Ugh, how I hate stereo-types.

    Jax stand-in-ok, I know his looks totally threw me off big-time. But, you gotta admit, he had the best lines today w/Carly. He really didn't miss a thing Yeah, would have been nice to see Ingo deliver those, but it's gotta be hard for a newcomer/unknown to just pick-up where a beloved actor left off.

    Lulu-dear Lord, do we have to witness anymore of her bratty shenanigans? Poor Johnny! And how predictable was the door slamming shut? And dear old Spinelli doing all the dirty work.

    Monica-love that shiny flask she pulled off the shelf. How did she hide that one in the ER? Isn't she usually upstairs? I am so looking forward to see how this s/l unfolds. It's a perfect scenario for her to follow her grief. HOpe TPTB do it and her justice.

    Cassius-so sweet. So nice to see Epiphany finally act human and break down.

    Bomber Joe-I really felt bad for him. That poor guy had lost everything, so he was at the bottom w/nothing else to lose. Unfortunately, he made a sad choice, but the hand dealt was awful!

    Yeah to Nic-he really saved the day standing up to Dr. Ford the ding-dong. Hello, ultimately you want to believe that a patients well being will be cared for-especially under those conditions.

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