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    Mystery Man Revealed.

    Friday, December 28 2007
    Mob kingpin Mr. Murrough holds all the cards, Jason and Johnny each prepare for war, and Nikolas has a new battle of his own.

    Nik has returned to Wyndemere and is surprised to see that Emily is waiting for him there. He says he missed her while he was in Switzerland. Lulu and Lucky arrive right away and ask what he learned on his trip. He says that the doctors ran every test possible and didn't find anything wrong with him. He admits that he feels Emily's presence and it seems to have calmed him down. He tells his siblings that he needs to know who killed Emily - even if it was him. Lulu says that he loved Emily too much to hurt her, but of course they will help find Emily's killer.

    In NYC, Kate is wheeling and dealing on the phone with Warren. Sonny is impressed with her, as always. He says that it'll be easier for him to fit into her world than she thinks. Just then, there's a knock on the door and Sonny answers it. It is Julius, one of Kate's co-workers and he is very attracted to Sonny. What's more, he thinks that Sonny is the new cover model. "Katie, if this is the reason you left us, I don't know why you ever came back!" he gushes. He and Kate start discussing the magazine as Sonny looks on. Then there's another knock at the door. This time it's for Sonny. Someone from the mob world in NYC has come to say that with him in town, the families are worried. Sonny tells him that they have nothing to worry about. Max appears to make sure Sonny is fine, and Julius is thrilled to see yet another new male face.

    Trevor and Johnny are at home discussing business. Trevor says that a huge importer named Murrough wants to set up a distribution deal and it could help to eliminate Corinthos from getting in their way. He tells Johnny to go to the meeting alone to send the signal that he is in charge. Trevor also tells him to go unarmed. As Trevor is giving instructions, Johnny puts his gun in his coat pocket. Trevor says that there is no margin for error in these dealings and Johnny walks out the door.

    Jason is working too, but is happy to take a call from Elizabeth. He says that he's in charge while Sonny is out of town, and that things are volatile right now, so they have to be extra careful. Sam barges into the office and Jason isn't sure how much she might have overheard. Jason hangs up and Sam says that things are obviously heating up between Corinthos and Zacchara and she wants to know how close they are to an all-out war. She says that she won't be dismissed and needs to know if she should get her family out of the line of fire. She goes off on him and his so-called ability to protect people and uses the fact that she can't have children as proof.

    Alexis has had breakfast at the Metro Court and Jerry runs into her. He notices her new hair color and compliments her profusely. She tries to be all business, as he ponders if she's being slanderous of him by thinking the worst of him because that's what everyone wants her to do. She tells him to stop flirting with her and reminds him that her nephew is having health problems for something that he may have done to him.

    Out at Wyndemere, Nik is explaining how much he loved Emily to Lulu and Lucky when Liz shows up. She, too, wants to hear about Nikolas' prognosis. She apologizes for coming unannounced and says that she's not family anymore. Lulu says that she still is and they all had an amazing bond and that won't go away. Emily nods in agreement, and Lucky finally speaks up. He says that he hates how they've been acting lately and hopes they can work on their friendship. Liz can't really respond because she takes a call from Jason. He wants to meet her, but has just heard that he has something to deal with at work.

    Spinelli shows up at Kelly's and Mike offers a bag of chips and an orange soda, but Spinelli says that his appetite is mere "nanobites" of late. Spinelli has come looking for a vocation, as it turns out. As he talks to Mike, Spinelli notices Georgie's pile of travel brochures. He asks for them, and Mike gives them to him. Then, "the Father Milk Shake Maker" asks Spinelli to repair his blender for him.

    As Spinelli digs in to his work, Coop rushes downstairs on his way to the PCPD, but is stopped by Logan. Logan tells Coop that he saw him at the pier last night and "it" has to stop. Spinelli's ears perk up. Logan says that he was dressed in all black and was clearly on patrol for something. He asks Coop if he's out looking for the text message killer and Spinelli quickly leaves. Cooper turns the questions to Logan and asks why he was on the docks in the middle of the night.

    Johnny has arrived at his meeting. He takes his seat at the round table and agrees that he is now "the man." The guys say what a mean bastard his old man was, and laugh that now he's in the loony bin. Johnny stands up and pulls his gun, but is quickly overturned by a couple of the guys. They tell him that lucky for him, Murrough hasn't arrived yet! They tell him he's lucky to get a meeting with the big man and he almost blew it. Johnny quickly gets control of the situation. He knocks one of the guys out and then pulls his gun. He tells them to inform Murrough NOT to disrespect him.

    Milo comes to Sonny's office to inform Jason about a guy named Murrough and his role in the Eastern Seaboard drug trade. He tells him that there's a meeting going down as they speak.

    After Alexis leaves Jerry in the Metro Court lobby, Jax says that he's ready to let the past be the past and proposes a new business called "Jacks Brother's Enterprises." Jerry is touched by his offer, but says he can't do it.

    Sam and Alexis rush out to Wyndemere and join Lulu and Lucky in Nik's study. Now that his whole family is together, Nikolas admits that the Dr. Lipton found a tumor and says it's too risky to try to remove it. They all vow to find another doctor to try to remove it. Sam tells him that it may not seem like it now, but he has a lot to live for. Nikolas thinks of Spencer and then says that his brain disorder could be genetic so they all should get tested.

    Liz is waiting for Jason's call at work. When he does call, he tells her that he can't get away right now. "When the New Year begins, yours is the only face I want to see," Jason says.

    Kate and Sonny have managed to get rid of their various visitors and are laughing at their first morning together in her world. Kate tells him that tomorrow night, he'll really see how different things can be!

    A mysterious stranger is waiting for his cohort. When she arrives, she asks Mr. Murrough how he wants to handle the Zacchara situation. Mr. Murrough turns around - it's Jerry!

    Next on General Hospital:

    Carly tells Jax that she's bringing the party to him.

    Sonny and Kate go to a New Year's Eve party.

    Jason and Liz plan to ring in the New Year together.

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    Posted by GHRocks23 at Friday, December 28 2007 02:02 PM

    Oh Sam, what to do with you... here's Sam for today ... blah blah blah blah .. I can't have kids becuz of you ... I was shot ... blah blah blah. Get over it. You knew exactly what Jason's life was like and you still wanted him. No one held a gun to your head to stay with him. If he asked you back today, you would jump at his instant request. Too bad for you, and good for us, that he isn't like that. He's over you.

    Posted by GHRocks23 at Friday, December 28 2007 02:06 PM

    GH better not blame Sam's misdeeds on this tumor thing that is supposedly hereditary. She knew DA*M well what she was doing. She deliberately and consciously did those things and still is. GH DON'T EVEN GO THERE!!

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Friday, December 28 2007 02:11 PM

    Hi all!!!!
    GHRocks- thank you simworld,and shepmajor for what you wrote on yesterdays pages4,5,and 6.

    I posted again on page 6.

    I knew Jerry was into his dirty deeds.

    It was great seeing Nik!!

    Sam. Sam. Sam.
    Go grow a life already.
    Move on.
    I understand going to Jason about the mob stuff but, the rest was sad and pathetic.

    I love the phone calls between Jason and Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yummy!!!!!!! I'd sneak around to if I was them.

    Later all.

    Jason and Elizabeth Rock IT No Matter What OR Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by jcrobinson at Friday, December 28 2007 02:12 PM

    Have a great weekend everyone. I can't believe it's Friday already!

    Posted by ms_than6 at Friday, December 28 2007 02:20 PM

    GHRocks23 and Sapphire you guys are dead on about Sam, but hey Sam can "NEVER" take the blame.

    Johnny looked so hot just walking into that meeting, and julius hitting on sonny and max was hilarious the look on sonny's face when he had his hands on his shoulders was priceless.

    looks like jerry is back to his old habits

    Posted by GH FAN 4 LIFE at Friday, December 28 2007 02:37 PM

    I just LOVE to see Jason and Elizabeth together! It is the main reason why I even watch the show! I hope they get married and have more children. Jason needs to be happy. I have loved Jason and Liz together from the first time they met. They have such awesome chemistry.I am so tired of Sam. Maybe Sam will be the next TM victim. No such luck,right? I have never enjoyed this character on GH.I knew Jerry was no good!!! I wish there was a way that GH could bring Emily back. I miss her, she was good for Nik.

    Posted by ghfanagain at Friday, December 28 2007 02:42 PM

    Good Show Today! Much needed comic relief as Sonny trys to fit into Kate's world. I love this different and softer side of Sonny. This is going to be fun Go SKate.

    Nice to see Nicholas back. Even in this situation Ucky is a jerk. Whats happening with the makeup people? Are they trying to make him look hungover? LaLa Lulu was at least bearable today.

    Also liked the interaction between Liz/Jason.

    Posted by babydoor at Friday, December 28 2007 02:42 PM

    sam,sam,sam she just rock my world jason and elizabeth that little ya'll have it will come out sam and lucky make sure on the next the hot tub better be wonderful to watch i'm looking forward to that be like the best couple on GH YOU GUYS ROCK no matter what liz and jason too this esipose was great

    Posted by ghfanagain at Friday, December 28 2007 02:48 PM

    Sam Sam _ She can not blame anyone but herself for getting shot. She CHOSE to be with Jason in spite of the danger and she would do it again in a heartbeat. How can she see the scar on her back anyway? Get ovr it already.

    Posted by Citigirl at Friday, December 28 2007 03:17 PM

    I hope today comments will be nice and stick to the show it and their characters. Any mean comments about the actor and actress that portray these character's is wrong. There no proven fact that RH had a boobs job. I have children and you be amazed what a good bra can do to your boobs, especially after breast feeding two. With that said let's remember why we're GH fans let's watch and bring the show to #1.

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