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    Thursday, December 20 2007
    Dillon is stunned by the news of Georgie's death, Felicia breezes in to Maxie's surprise and Kate makes a big decision.

    Kate and Sonny had a night of lovemaking and, as promised, she wakes up in his arms. He makes breakfast and she tells him that he could have had a career as a chef. Sonny kisses her and asks if she'll spend Christmas with him (since his kids will be with their respective mothers.) Before Kate can answer, Diane comes in and announces that she knows how to get Kate back to Manhattan where she belongs. She says that she can convince the judge that being in Port Charles represents a clear and present danger after last night's shooting and get her community service switched to NYC. Kate remains quiet while Sonny and Diane argue about what's best for Kate. Finally, Kate tells Diane to go ahead and file the petition and see what happens.

    Over at Carly's house, Michael is eavesdropping as Carly fills Jax in about the shooting on the Metro Court terrace. She says that now Sonny has put out a hit on Johnny Zacchara. Jax is furious and says that Sonny is putting everyone around him at risk! For the millionth time, he says that he wants to move the family away and Carly says that isn't possible. Jax says that one of the boys will have to be shot before she'll get serious about the danger they are constantly in.

    Maxie has been released from the hospital and is at home reading the newspaper article about Georgie. She hears someone coming into the front door and panics, so she reaches for a makeshift weapon to protect herself. It's Felicia! When she sees how much she frightened Maxie, she apologizes. She explains that Mac got word about Georgie to Frisco through the state department and she came right home. Maxie is confused, so Felicia explains that their grandmother got worse and had to be moved into a health facility a while back. Then, she was making plans to come home when Frisco called needing her help for a really dangerous situation that he was in, so she's been with him working for the government ever since. Maxie meekly asks if her dad is all right. He is now, Felicia explains. She says that Frisco is her great love and being together again has been wonderful. She says that when the girls were little, she split from Frisco to keep them safe. Maxie cuts in and asks if she ever loved Mac and then says that he has been a better parent than anyone. Felicia tries to defend herself by saying that if she had come home after working with Frisco, it would have put them all at risk. She says that she deserves Maxie's anger, but begs her not to regret the time she spent with the father of her children. Finally, they talk about Georgie. Felicia wishes that she had come home to see the young woman that Georgie had become.

    Lulu reports to work at Kelly's and commiserates with Mike about Georgie's death. The door swings open and Dillon comes in full of excitement because he has a surprise for Georgie. He starts to tell them about his plans to take her with him to Montreal to show her where he's filming. Finally, Lulu gets a word in. Specifically, three words. "Dillon, she's gone."

    Skye visits Luke at the hospital to try to convince him to have the bypass surgery. He says he's already been ripped open and it really sucks. After Skye leaves, Lucky shows up and promises not to try to browbeat him. Luke explains that he's not afraid; he just hates feeling helpless against an invisible stalker. Lucky says that this particular fight comes from within and the surgery is the first punch. Lulu arrives and asks if she heard them right and that Luke might not have the surgery. She angrily says that Emily and Georgie were murdered and she is not going to let him give his life up. She gets terribly upset as she asks Luke if any of them matter to him at all. Finally Luke admits that he is selfish to the bone. "I'll have the surgery," he tells his little girl as she rushes into his arms.

    Dillon is trying to process the scene in which an ex-husband finds out that his ex-wife has been killed. He says that he knows how it's supposed to feel onscreen, but he doesn't know how to react in real life. He says that his fate is turning out to be a master of burying people he cares about. He lists Sage (Alcazar) and Emily and then gets sick when he realizes that he has to add Georgie's name. He rushes outside and Spinelli finds him gasping for air. He gently tells Dillon the name of the country where Georgie was going to spend her junior year abroad. Dillon calms down and they talk about how wonderful she was.

    After Jax takes the boys to school, Carly welcomes Leticia's cousin Mercedes into the house. She is going to be the new nanny. As they talk about the boys, Carly gets a phone call informing her that Michael is missing!

    Michael walks right into Sonny's office and tells him that whoever shot at Kate needs to pay. Before they can get into it, Carly rushes in and tells him never to take off from school again. Michael says that he heard her and Jax talking and Sonny needs to stand up to the people who shot Kate - "It's business," the little mobster-in-training pronounces. Sonny informs him that he is going to live a very different life from his and he won't be involved with this kind of business.

    As Felicia tries to explain her choices to Maxie, Robin arrives. The two women hug and cry about Georgie together. Felicia brings Robin up to speed on where she's been and Robin is totally understanding of what Felicia was up against. There's a knock at the door and Maxie is shocked to see Dillon standing there. She welcomes him with a sad hug and he comes in and meets Georgie's mom for the first time. He tells Felicia how much he loved Georgie and that he hurt her deeply. Felicia forgives him and says that she knows Georgie really loved him back - she has a box of letters to prove it.

    Carly brings Michael home and tries to comfort him by saying how confused he must be. Jax comes home to talk and Michael says "When I'm old enough, I'm going to run dad's business." Then he asks Jax why people look up to his dad if he's such a bad guy?

    Diane busts into Sonny's office and tells him that the judge approved her petition and Kate is free to go to New York now. He says that doesn't mean that Kate will go. Diane wisely says, "If anything happens to Kate because of you, I shudder to think what that would do to you." After Diane leaves, Max brings in a note from Kate. Sonny opens it and reads that she has decided to go back to Manhattan. She asks him to respect her wishes. "…I love you and I wish you all the best," she writes.

    Dillon has gone back to Kelly's after making his rounds. He puts a song on the jukebox and sinks to the floor.

    There's another knock on the Scorpio door. Spinelli has come and is introduced to Felicia. He congratulates her on bringing such a wise and kind girl into the world. He says that he is sorry to learn that she has been in Texas dealing with an ailing grandparent. Maxie just scowls in the background.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Carly tells Jax that she has a surprise for him.

    Maxie speaks at Georgie's funeral and calls Felicia out.

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    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, December 20 2007 02:21 PM

    People keep saying Gerorie was not afraid of who she saw in the park and I strongly disagree. She was very nervous and figity. Felicia can have all the excuses in the world. To me she is a TERRIBLE mother. I LOVE my husband so much but would NEVER leave my boys for someone else to raise to go on adventures with my husband. She deserves Maxies warth.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, December 20 2007 02:30 PM

    and....what else can you expect of Michael? Lids look up to their parents usually. Sonny has lots of money, respect....woman the world by the balls...why wouldnt he want it? Good lesson for Jason....

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Thursday, December 20 2007 02:32 PM

    ransomha, so do I. I strongly disagree too.
    I also agree she does deserve Maxie's wraith. Big time.
    I can't have children. It makes me ill that Felicia waltzes in and excepts it to be sunshine and roses.
    Dillon made me cry.
    Maxie hugging him got me!!!!
    Dillon and Spinelli talking. OMG!!!!
    I got weepy.

    Oh it can't be Max he wasn't on the island.
    I thought I'd throw him in the pot for fun.

    Oh-- I loved what Lulu said to Luke.

    Liason IT No Matter What OR Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Emelou at Thursday, December 20 2007 02:44 PM

    She didn't seem scared of her attacker, to me she looked relieved at whoever it was. I think she was expecting Coop.

    Posted by devoted2sonny at Thursday, December 20 2007 02:51 PM

    ransomha & Sapphire, I agree also. I don't really know what Felicia expected from Maxie. She was helping Frisco? whatever! You are a mother first (well that's how I run my house anyway).

    Dillon really had me in tears today, just to watch him & Maxie grieve was heartbreaking. I sure hope this TMK s/l is good @ the end b/c Em & Georgie being killed is so senseless.

    Michael may be too much for Sonny or Carly to handle, that kid is hardcore. He said he's gonna run that business! LOL It's funny to see Carly speechless! She's all up in everyone's business but can't handle her little boy.

    Kate didn't have enough balls to tell my Sonny she was leaving to his face. I guess that's the only way she would have ever done it. He looked so delicious today, he sure don't have a problem coming out of his clothes (not that I have a problem w/ it!)

    Luvin me some GH!!

    Posted by devoted2sonny at Thursday, December 20 2007 02:54 PM

    ...I think Georgie looked scared but was trying not to act like it, still don't know why she went alone. If she was looking to get killed she should've taken Lucky w/ her.. He wouldn't have noticed*LOL* Sorry, just had to say that...

    Posted by dietcoker at Thursday, December 20 2007 03:05 PM

    hi everyone, I also kind of thought Georgie was scared and figity. I think that Felicia is a terrible mother. She has no excuse. It's sad that Sonny really isn't even Micheal's real dad and he has been exposed to this life. They aren't going to be able to control him now the damage is done. I didn't watch back when Frisco was on. What is he like? Is he good looking? How did the girls end up with Mac?

    Posted by itsjustme at Thursday, December 20 2007 03:13 PM

    I also agree Georgie didn't look happy to see who she saw. I think she just made her comment to try to ease the situation. I'm guessing she didn't KNOW she was going to get strangled, but she was still on edge.
    Frisco was HOT - In the day. That would be the 80s, and as an 80s chick, I have to say, he's aged well! He was also Heather Locklear's guy on Melrose if you're not sure who he is. It's Jack Wagner. Him & the person who plays Felicia used to be married for quite a while. As far as the girls, Mac was just the next closest to the family - Like an uncle, but he's not their uncle.

    Posted by alfie1 at Thursday, December 20 2007 03:31 PM

    HI, I meant I want your old ones.Ill sent you handbags.

    Posted by GHOLDIE at Thursday, December 20 2007 03:38 PM

    I wonder how Jason and Liz are going to react to this new development, Michael wanting to run the "business"... they have worried about how the bad guys might hurt their itty bitties, now they have to worry about their itty bitties becoming big baddies. Wonder how Sonny and Jason can defend what they do to their kids, in the face of not wanting them to follow in their shoes... looks like "Man in the mirror" time.

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