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    Georgie is Dead!

    Monday, December 17 2007
    Spinelli finds her strangled in the park, Sonny literally dodges a bullet and Lulu and Johnny sort out their ambush.

    At first, Georgie is frightened when she senses that someone is approaching her in the park. But when she sees who it is, she relaxes and puts her cell phone away. Big mistake.

    Meanwhile, Jason is waiting behind the door in Coop's apartment to see who is coming down the hallway. Turns out, it's Spinelli who keys into the door to do some of his own investigating. Jason hears Spinelli out regarding his theory that Coop is the killer and then they start looking for evidence. The find black gloves, and Spinelli thinks that's telling and they can hand them over to the cops. Jason reminds him that they have broken in! He tells Spinelli that it's best if he leaves and Spinelli looks dejected, but he goes.

    Johnny arrives at the dock just in time to pull Lulu to the ground before gunfire breaks out. They duck for the first round of fire and then run off, dodging bullets from the second round. They make it into a warehouse and barricade the door. Johnny asks what she's doing here and she says that he asked her to meet him, right? She shows him the note and he says that he didn't write it. He says that he came for a supposed meeting with Sonny to talk about a truce, clearly it was an ambush. Lulu asks why she was lured there if that was the case. Johnny guesses that she might be expendable to Sonny if it meant getting to him. Lulu says that Sonny would never kill her. Johnny says that she doesn't understand the nature of this business. Lulu asks if he trusts her enough to go find out.

    Sonny is sitting on the Metro Court terrace with Trevor. He notices that Kate is walking toward them, asking what they are doing together. Then, she stumbles and Sonny jumps up to catch her before she falls. That's the moment that the sniper takes his shot, therefore hitting Sonny's glass of cabernet. When the shooting stops, The Metro Court security rushes out to the terrace and search for evidence. Kate tells Sonny that if he hadn't jumped up, the bullet would have hit him! Trevor has remained silent, but when Mac, Ric and Rodriguez arrive he acts as if the bullet were meant for him! Diane comes soon after and Kate quickly leaves with Mac's permission. Ric taunts Sonny by saying that if Kate had arrived a few seconds earlier and bent over to kiss him hello, she would be dead now.

    Maxi is sitting in Sam's hot tub. She is shocked to turn around and find not Coop, but Lucky standing in the doorway. Maxi explains that Sam gave her the penthouse for a romantic evening with her boyfriend. He asks who the guy is, and she tells him Coop. They are awkward with each other, and finally Maxi apologizes for her bad behavior last summer. Lucky accepts it, and then leaves her to enjoy her evening. When Coop finally comes, Maxi rushes into his arms and asks why his hands are so cold. He says he's fine and they turn to enjoy the view of snow falling on Port Charles. He talks about Iraq and how he can't stop thinking about what happened over there. He says that he really missed her when they were apart and doesn't want to take anything for granted ever again.

    Spinelli is walking through the park when he sees something disturbing. As he gets closer, he realizes that it's Georgie lying on the stairs. "Loyal Friend? Did you fall?" He rushes over and finds her dead with a phone cord wrapped around her neck. He cries and begs her to take a breath. Then he calls 911 and stammers like a child, "Someone beautiful has died."

    When Detective Harper arrives, he urges Spinelli to step away from the crime scene, but he wants to stay with Georgie. Then, the Detective sees that Mac has arrived and he tries to block him from stepping any closer to the body. It doesn't take Mac long to realize that the dead girl is Georgie. He rushes over to her and breaks down. Lucky shows up and Mac says, "They got her Lucky, they got Georgie." He says that he has to tell Maxi and Robin. Lucky offers to go bring Maxi to him.

    Kate is very shaken as she arrives home. Before long, her doorbell rings and it's Diane, who says it's not a good time for her to be alone. "Offer me a glass of wine and I'll be your best friend forever," Diane says as she pours two glasses rather than wait to be served. She tries to distract Kate with talk of the new round-toe shoe style, but Kate isn't enjoying the diversion. Diane does a good job of getting Kate to open up about her fear, and then admits that Sonny asked her to come over and sit with her until he can get there. Kate says that she's been at the Metro Court a million times, and now she's a target? "Welcome to life with Sonny Corinthos," Diane says.

    At the crime scene, Mac lays his eyes on Spinelli and grabs him by the coat. He demands that the "freak" tell him what he knows! He spits that Spinelli works for the mob and the mob knows everything. Spinelli sweetly says that all he knows is that the world is a less beautiful place tonight. Detective Harper assures Mac that Spinelli only found Georgie, but Mac insists that they get DNA from him. Detective questions what Spinelli knows. He says that he came from Kelly's and found her on the stairs, already cold.

    After Jason has finished up at Coop's, he goes over to Sonny's place. Sonny is angry and tells him that Zacchara tried to take him out tonight. Jason asks if Trevor was the one who arranged the ambush, but Sonny says it doesn't matter. He explains that Kate nearly got caught in the crossfire and he's going to have to make an example of the kid. What they don't know is that Lulu has convinced Johnny to come over to Sonny's house. They've cut through Kate's yard and are outside on the terrace listening in. Sonny tells Jason that he wants Johnny dead. They hear him say, "Kill that little bastard now!"

    Maxi and Coop are curled up on the sofa together. She asks him to spend the holiday with her and her family. She tells him about the GH party for the kids and that she and Georgie wear green tights and pixie boots. He says that he wouldn't miss it. Then, there's a knock at the door and Lucky tells her that he really needs to talk to her. She reluctantly lets him in and he gently tells her to get dressed and come with him. Maxi tells him that she knows when a cop comes to the door it's not good, so spill it. Lucky gently tells her that Georgie is dead and Coop rushes to get Maxi's clothes for her.

    Trevor and Ric are still at the Metro Court. Trevor wants to have a drink with his favorite son to celebrate the fact that he's still alive. Ric points out that he is his only son, but Trevor tells him not to put too fine a point on that one. Ric relents and orders a scotch neat. Trevor tells Ric that Sonny is the kind of guy who orders hits, not him. "Who wants to see your father dead? Sonny Corinthos." He urges Ric to go after Sonny because first he took Adele away and now he's trying to take him. Ric tells Trevor that he may hate him, but he has a real problem with Sonny trying to kill him.

    Maxi arrives at the crime scene and won't be restrained by the cops. She wants to be with her sister. Finally, she breaks through to Mac, who holds her while she cries.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Carly is back from Hawaii and Lulu goes to her for help.

    Sam gets a text that says, "UR next."

    Sonny gives the order to kill Johnny.

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    Posted by jcrobinson at Monday, December 17 2007 02:32 PM

    Hey guys, I finally got my own TV Capture card today - that means I can take my own photos from the episode. Thanks to Amy, Chrissi and Kristi who have so generously given their time to make sure that GH fans have photos.

    It was so much fun! And so sad, suddenly I miss Georgie now, too, even though she annoyed me so much these past few months. SPinelli rocked his scenes, hey?

    Posted by KsGirl at Monday, December 17 2007 02:36 PM

    NOOOOOOOOO not Georgie.. and to have Spinelli find her. How sad was that!! I can't believe Mac thinks he has something to do with it. Spin isn't the killer type. I know, Mac is upset and not thinking clearly..obviously. I can't wait until they find this person. I'm getting tired of people dying. Coop was late to Maxie's evening..I wonder if he was one of the snypers. He was dressed all in black and his hands were cold. I don't think he was the one who strangled Georgie. She wouldn't have been relieved to see him since she suspects him. But..those are just thoughts.

    Posted by crzy4u at Monday, December 17 2007 02:44 PM

    Poor Georgie - she will be so missed. The jackal was grt today - so was Maxie - I cud feel their pain.
    The PCPD is useless as usual.
    Kate and Diane - fabulous. Their interraction over wine was also very good. Although I think that Diane being Sonny's lawyer shud be a target from his enemies. I mean certainly she is very much valuable to his organization (I mean the coffee business).

    Posted by dietcoker at Monday, December 17 2007 02:44 PM

    Hi everyone, Mac is the worst cop I have ever seen. When he thought Spinelli had something to do with it, come on. And I think that Coop is up to something. I don't think he is the killer but something is up. And it isn't Lucky because he was with Maxie. I really like Johnny.

    Posted by ehdidi at Monday, December 17 2007 02:49 PM

    It was LOGAN!!!

    He has that dark past that no one talks about anymore. And I bet Coop works for the Zaccaras

    Posted by Vronvy at Monday, December 17 2007 03:03 PM

    I don't think Coop is the killer. It has to be someone she is close to. Maybe Logan? If it had been Coop in the park, she wouldn't have put her phone away.

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Monday, December 17 2007 03:09 PM

    I'll post more later. My lower back is bugging me.
    First off Logan is not the killer(unless GH changes it), in fact Spin and Logan team up.
    Georgie was scared, she was playing with her ring nervously.
    I think her putting the cell phone away is a fake out on the part of GH.
    Next the PCPD try to pin it on Spinelli because whoever is doing this knows they're way around computers.
    Save US from the PCPD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They couldn't find a killer if the person was being stabbed over and over in front of them.
    More later all.
    Liason Rock IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by devoted2sonny at Monday, December 17 2007 03:11 PM

    Hey guys, where do I start. OMG poor Georgie, poor Spin, poor Maxie, poor Kate! Everybody was so sad today. GH is "killing me" getting rid of the good characters. Who is the TMK?? I don't think it's Coop anymore--not today anyway, I probably will again tomorrow. *LOL* They are confusing me like crazy. Det. Harper felt guilty to me for some reason.

    I have a hard time believing Sonny & Johnny can't figure out that Trevor "slim ball" Lansing set them up. I did feel where Sonny was coming from though. Johnny's in charge, he better take care of Trevor or he'll pay the price.

    I loved Diane & Kate scenes, I bet she wish she had a guard today! LOL

    Posted by DAWNNEA1 at Monday, December 17 2007 03:13 PM


    Posted by christa304 at Monday, December 17 2007 03:19 PM

    Hey I know I have been posting some iffy theories. Finally I think it is Mike. I think Mike has finally snapped. He probably got it into his head that it was the only way to protect the women related to Sonny's life. Georgie was connected through Spinelli. Just a theory. I do like the theory about Coop being Brenda's long lost brother.

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