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Kate's Caught.

Friday, September 14 2007
Trevor puts her in a horrible situation, Jerry is everywhere trying to help and things really heat up for Sam and Lucky.

Sam indignantly tells Nikolas that she is not remotely to blame for Lucky and Liz's marriage problems. Nikolas tells her that she's suddenly so interested in Lucky because she's mad at Liz for sleeping with Jason. Sam tells him that she's not forcing Lucky into doing anything that he doesn't want to do. Nikolas says that if she comes on to Lucky, she'll have her fun, but Lucky will be throwing away his family. Sam says that his brother is attracted to her and the feeling is mutual, and that Lucky's pride and self esteem have been beaten to a pulp. For her part, Lucky makes her feel worthwhile and she'd like to give him the same thing. Nikolas keeps trying to convince her to give it up and Sam tells him that he's getting no where with her.

Liz tells Lucky that sex isn't going to fix anything and Lucky says that she just doesn't want them to work out. Liz reminds him that she's worried about the boys and she wanted them at home with them tonight. When Lucky pouts that they haven't had sex since before the trial, Liz explains that his anger with her isn't very conducive to intimacy. Besides, she says, that he's only coming on to her as a substitute for Sam. He doesn't like hearing that one bit, so he leaves and slams the door.

Jerry has gone to Jason to tell him that Trevor is worth far more to them alive than dead. Jerry appeals to Jason's sense of acting based on facts, rather than Sonny's emotion. He says that if given the chance, he has ways of making Trevor talk about Zacchara, and urges Jason to think on his own this time or else Zacchara will really go after Sonny's family.

Kate is on her terrace standing between Sonny and Trevor. Before Sonny arrived, Trevor had just told her to stop seeing Sonny or else her career will tank. Now faced with her chance, she tells them both that she won't be the cheerleader caught between the rebel biker (Sonny) and the football captain (Trevor.) She says that she has priorities and that…is why she's terminating her relationship with Sonny. She explains that she's been so caught up in Sonny's life that the magazine is suffering. Sonny tells her that something is going on and she needs to look him in the eye. He asks if Trevor is threatening her and she matter-of-factly tells him to leave. "You heard the lady," Trevor says. After Sonny leaves, Kate looks really sad. Trevor offers Kate a glass of ice tea and tells her that she was very convincing. Kate tells him to call the advertisers and tell them to renew their contract with Couture. He says that he's not sure he can trust her yet. He thinks she'll run right over to Sonny's as soon as he leaves. "Katie, you are playing me, again, and that makes me very disappointed." Kate tells him that her career is far too important to ruin it over a relationship. Trevor tells her that he'll believe her as soon as she moves back to Manhattan. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Robin is at the nurses' desk getting an update on a patient from Epiphany. Noah arrives and, of course, they disagree on what's best for the patient. He says that Mr. Persky needs surgery and Robin wants do use a medical protocol. Robin gives up and tells him to set up the surgery, then she walks off. After the surgery is over, it turns out that not only was it a success, Patrick found another tumor while in there - which wouldn't have happened with Robin's treatment. Robin tells him congratulations. He asks if they can get some Mr. Chang's for dinner and Robin tells him that she has someplace to be.

At the Q mansion, Edward, Monica and Scott are telling Lulu why she shouldn't see Logan. Logan calls Scott "pops" and Alan says that Logan has Scott's same smirky facial expression. As Lulu and Logan stand up to leave, Lulu says that she'll just move it with Logan if they won't let her see him. Edward tells Alice to chain her to a chair. Tracy urges Lulu to stay because if Luke finds out that she let her move in with Logan, he'll divorce her. Edward suddenly has a change of heart. He puts Lulu's hand in Logan's and says, "Here ya go dear, take the monkey and run." Scott tells Lulu that she has other options, like Bobbie's brownstone, for example. Logan says that Lulu doesn't need any of them because she has him. They walk out the door and Tracy is furious.

Jason has gone over to Sonny's house and learns that Sonny wants him to step up his plans against Trevor because he's jerking Kate around. Now, not only does Sonny want Trevor dead, he wants him to know that he ordered the hit. Jason tells him that they can't kill him…yet. Sonny says that they need to send Mr. Zacchara a message. Jason explains that they need Trevor to get information and Sonny doesn't know why he always has to defend his decisions when he wants someone killed. "Do what I need!" Sonny orders. Jason says that he's making an emotional decision, but he'll let him know when he's ready to make his move.

As Sam and Nikolas get nowhere with their conversation, Lucky shows up on her doorstep. Sam tells him that he just saved Nikolas a trip. She tells Lucky that Nikolas is about to tell him what an evil person she is. Lucky comes in and asks Nikolas what he's doing there. Nik says that he's just reminding Sam that he's a married man. Lucky says that Liz isn't in the mood for him tonight and Nik can't believe what he's hearing. Nik asks that just because things are rough at home can't he keep his pants on? He tells Lucky not to come crying to him when what little he has left of his life is all gone. Then, he leaves. Lucky confirms to Sam that he's ready to be seduced and moves in for a big kiss. After a while, he tells her that it wouldn't be fair if he slept with her. She tells him that nothing has to happen here. Then she walks out to the hot tub so that she can relax. "You can join me if you want."

Kate is on the phone to the office and tries to find a way to fill the empty advertising pages. Jerry comes over and pours himself some tea. She hangs up the phone and tells Jerry that she won't be a part of any of their drama any longer. Jerry says that since she's close to Trevor Lansing, she can help to protect Sonny's (and his) family. Kate tells him to leave!

Lulu and Logan key into Logan's messy apartment. He nervously says that he'll clean up and make her some food -- but he only has pretzels. She says that she's fine and happy to be here with him. She says that she's nervous too and if this doesn't work for him, he should just say so. They go out to get some groceries, and when they return he offers to make some eggs. They agree on pizza and Lulu nervously asks if they should sit at the table or on the couch. Logan tells her to relax, things are going fast between them, but he likes having her with him. She says that she was just trying to stick it to the Quartermaines and that she could hit Nikolas up for a wing at Wyndemere instead of living with him. He kisses her and says that he wants her.

Sonny calls the island to talk to the boys. He promises Michael that next summer he'll buy him a jet ski of his own. Then, he promises to find out who killed Leticia for him, and then hangs up. As he pours himself a drink, Kate slips in his terrace door. She tells him that he deserves an explanation. Sonny just wants to know why she let Trevor blackmail her? Kate says that Sonny can't help and admits that Trevor came at her through the magazine. She says that if she were still managing things firsthand she would have seen it coming. She says that over the summer she's lost track of how important her career is and now she needs to get back to it. He tells her that she's panicking. She gasps for air as she tells him that this is exactly why she didn't meet him to run off all those years ago - because he's stubborn and he wants what he wants! She runs out of the room.

Robin goes to the coffee shop and Jason is surprised to run into her there. He orders her favorite roast of coffee and she says if he's nice to her she'll probably cry. Jason sits and asks what's going on. She explains that she and Patrick broke up and it was mainly because she might want a child. She says that she's mad at the universe over a child she's not even sure she wants to have. "If you want to have a child, I think you should," Jason says.

Sam is enjoying her hot tub as Lucky looks on. He pulls off his shirt and steps in with his jeans on. They immediately start making out.

Nikolas goes over to Liz's. He says that he thinks he may have made things worse for her and Lucky. He admits that he went to Sam, but she wasn't very receptive, and then Lucky showed up and he fought with him. "And Lucky was still there when you left?" Liz asks. She asks if Nik thinks that he's "going at it" with Sam. Nikolas asks why she's so calm and she says that she just needs to figure out what to do next.

Jerry has stayed behind and come back to Kate's terrace. He's snooping around her laptop and then stares at the ice tea pitcher and glasses. He goes straight over to Sonny's and asks for Kate. Sonny pulls a gun on him and says he should kill him right now because he could be working for Zacchara. Jerry tells Sonny that he needs to find his girlfriend because he thinks she may have been drugged.

Meanwhile, Kate is driving and trying to reach for something in her purse. She finally gives up and tries to focus on the road. Soon something comes in her lane and she screams and screeches on the breaks.


Kate is unconscious in her wrecked car.

Lucky tells Sam that he's exactly where he wants to be.

Sonny is furious with Jerry.

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