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    Sonny is One Persuasive Guy.

    Thursday, August 09 2007
    Sonny nudges Skye in his direction, Sonny nudges Kate in Connie's direction, and here's something new - Liz and Sam argue!

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    Posted by Spoiledcutie987 at Thursday, August 09 2007 06:13 PM

    Wow I totally agree with everyone that Liz needs to get real. Talk about needing a reality check! Sam and Lucky make a way better couple and they should so be together! Liz and Jason diserve each other. She fakes being perfect but really, dude she has her own problems! Sam is all the way right! GO LUSAM!
    I really hope Lulu goes back to Logan

    Posted by onlyonesoap at Thursday, August 09 2007 06:13 PM

    I was soooo hoping that when Liz was talking to Alexis--it would have been about an attorney to protect her and the kids. Writers did Liz wrong with that conversation, they should of had Liz talk "mother" to "mother" with concern for where Sam is headed and not try to have Alexis run interference...waiting to see how the rest of that talk goes.

    Also, everyone keeps harping on Liz spending time with her children, please... it is a soap...when do any of them "spend" time with their children. Whether or not you like Liz, Carly, Skye, Alexis or any mothers on soaps, I think we can all agree that it is assumed that they love their children and bond with them, showing those moments just does not make for good daytime tv drama.

    I can't wait for this trial to be over with, so that Jason can be on the outside and become part of the story again.

    I was happy to see Alexis reaction to Kate with Morgan. Does anyone remember that Sonny used to smile and act the same way when he was "with" Alexis. I truly like him with their character type. I hope Sonny & Kate come together in their time.

    Great to see the s/l with Lulu/Logan be real about her feelings and experiences. Hopefully they spin the Spinelli love so that Georgie does not have to feel like second fiddle to Lulu again.

    Anyone else think we need some new s/l that involve adventure, danger, mystery like the old days??? Seemed to miss that this summer.

    Posted by merbear568 at Thursday, August 09 2007 06:45 PM

    My biggest concern is with what Lucky's wearing. Who thought the dangling suspenders looked good?

    I used to be a huge Elizabeth fan, but lately she's killing me!! She needs to stop riding the fence and pick a guy already.

    Posted by azzure1020 at Thursday, August 09 2007 06:59 PM

    I am a die hard liason fan...but damn...I'm so over this story line already. They should rename GH. They should call it the Jason and Liz show...what happened to Nik and boring Emily...where is Scott? Can we got some more comic relief from Alan and Tracy. Wouldn't be nice to see Alan's ghost go support Jason in prison...Don't get me started on the downfall of Liz's character....If I got paid for every time I watched her scenes and said to myself..."are you serious"... I would probably have a lot of money. Liz's character hit an all time low today.....umm Ms. Davis, umm your daughter is bothering me, tell her to stop!!! Urggggghhh! Like if someone came to her and said Liz stop being friendly with Jason, she would listen. I bet if it's frustrating for us to watch, I can imagine how frustrating it is to act out...Tell me if I'm wrong but shouldn't Jason clue Liz in on the fact that everyone knows that Jake is his.....even the janitor knows (nightshift, lol)..I think Alice and all the walk on extras know by now..maybe it's just me...

    Posted by spencer55 at Thursday, August 09 2007 07:10 PM

    sam is pure cassadine.the evil expression on her face when liz walked in the house was scary.

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Thursday, August 09 2007 07:29 PM

    azzure1020, I know it's tough. I've loved Liz since day one.
    Just remember the tide is very slowly turning.
    Liz is being written very good and then there are moments like today where you think "uh huh".
    Spencer55, did you read the spoiler I wrote for you on page 2?
    Later. My company is almost here.
    JASON AND ELIZABETH ROCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by agyourule at Thursday, August 09 2007 07:30 PM

    Lucky deserves everything he's gonna get, cause no ones this stupid, he's cheated on Liz with her sister Sarah, Maxie over and over, now he's going to soon sex up Sam, ughh! did'nt he just say that one action does'nt excuse another? when talikng to Nik about Liz sleeping with Jason, but as Saphire Minx said it's Sam and Lucky so it's ok. Can someone wipe that pretty smile off Rics face, oops did I say pretty, well the mans not bad to look at, but I can't wait for the look on his face when the verdict comes down. I love Sonny and Kate. I don't know if I like Logan and Lulu, I find myself kind of cringing at how corny they are, when I know that she's going to find out about the bet, and there will be this long drawn out whining from Lulu about never loving again. I can't believe sweet little Jake has been contaminated by Sam, I love Diane, how long till she and Alexis go at it in the court room? maybe they'll team up against Ric and Scotty, men against women, the women will kick their @ss, anyway goodnight all. Fight For Your right to Love Liason.

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Thursday, August 09 2007 07:31 PM

    4RealGirl, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I may just do that one day.
    JASON AND ELIZABETH ROCK IT NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by genhospchat at Thursday, August 09 2007 07:33 PM


    Posted by DiMera at Thursday, August 09 2007 07:33 PM

    Alexis also goes by Davis in honor of her mother, whose last name was Davidovitch. Her mom was killed by Helena.

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