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    Sonny is One Persuasive Guy.

    Thursday, August 09 2007
    Sonny nudges Skye in his direction, Sonny nudges Kate in Connie's direction, and here's something new - Liz and Sam argue!

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    Posted by crazydazysoapfan at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:52 PM

    It sounds like Liz wants both men, Jason in her bed and Lucky to be daddy and make her perfect little “family.” She’s really getting on my nerves lately. What right does she have wanting Sam away from Lucky when she wouldn’t give Sam the same respect when she was with Jason? I’m not sure I want Sam and Lucky together either. I think Sam’s just trying to get close to him to hurt Liz. That’s no good. Lucky’s just getting the raw end of the deal all the way around. He needs someone to love him and want to be with him because he really is good guy that doesn’t deserve what Liz is doing to him. That could be Sam, but only if she’s sincere when she acts like she cares about him. As long as it’s not Maxie. I really really really didn’t like Lucky and Maxie together. Yuck!

    On another note, I love Lulu & Logan together. I hope Logan isn’t just using her. I hope he’s really sincere.

    Posted by ..NOT ready to make nice at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:53 PM

    I'm glad Lulu told Logan about her past. I hope he doesn't do her wrong.. Its great to see to young couple trying to find themself.. I need to show them both more...
    can't wait to see what happens..

    Posted by crazydoti at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:53 PM

    saphirre minx it annoys me how at the end of your comment it always says JASON AND ELIZABETH ROCK IT NO MATTER WHAT AND WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is so darn cool about Jason and Elizabeth anyways. nothing that i can see. they don't ever act comfortable around each other and they definantly don't act like they are into each other. so again what is so cool about them?

    Posted by Jmm1 at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:53 PM

    I also do not like the way night shift is going. They are supposivly to be different, yet they have a lot of the same story lines. It is confusing to me. Jake is still Jason's, Patrick and Robin are together, yet Stan is no longer the IT guy for Sonny's organization. I do not get it. I am still going to watch tonight (to see if Jasons on it)

    Posted by cookie123452002 at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:58 PM

    i am sick of everyone on sam liz is the one who started allthis with the baby if she would have gave a little than everything would have been ok but to have lucky think that baby was his and to make jason think he would have been an unfit daddy is wrong i am starting to a jason because he was will to have a baby sam with his life but liz baby is to good for his life but she keep going back sam is the only that has stayed with him no matter what and he turn on her everytime (1)sonny kids went mia (2) his brain tumor (3) her getting shot because of him (4) sleeping with ric
    (5) liz baby secret (6) liz baby mia only one was her fault the rest were because he put what everyone said first she was right when she said she was not part of his family i hope sam and lucky get together and make baby and he find out jake is not his

    Posted by NYDrama at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:30 PM

    Hee,hee,hee!!! Still laughing over Sams scenes today!! She stole the show!!
    Kate n Sonny-they are fab!! Pulling me in, everytime!!
    She totally has a secret....
    Lulu-Wow! She surprised me, how mature-to learn from her mistakes-and so young too! Good going Lulu!!
    Liz's "tattle" meeting w/Alexis? Was that comical or what! Does she try to get out of the house every chance she gets-she really needs to stay home and keep a "watchful" eye on her family. Oooooohhhh, Sam, watch out!!

    Posted by NYDrama at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:33 PM

    Does anyone else think Epiphany needs to cool it down to the patients and staff? Sometimes it's funny, but other times, a bit too much imo. She's gonna tick someone off, one of these days-she isn't everyone's mom.

    Posted by genhospchat at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:46 PM

    Well it looks like since Sam couldn't have a baby of her own with Jason, she will try to get in with Lucky and see this baby and when they become a couple (obvious) she will help Lucky fight for the baby so she can have a part of Jason. Oh wait, why would she want that, she wanted that baby to disappear and allowed him to!! Hmmm!!!

    Posted by genhospchat at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:47 PM

    Sam needs to learn to mess with the adults and not someone else's kids, that's just wrong!!! Never come between a mother and her children, it's not pretty!

    Posted by p4t1 at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:57 PM

    This is my first time commenting on GH's s/l.
    Yes, Liz is a whinner and she needs to make up her mind (Jason or Lucky?) The truth is, Liz should have left Lucky when he was carrying on with crazy Maxie. Now she has to deal with that green-eyed Sam of a monster, and her stupid husband, Lucky. Didn't Liz tell Sam to get her arse out of her house yesterday? But she comes back today and is holding Jake. It is apparant that Lucky is the dumbest husband and police officer, EVER! When most people say, "get the hell out of my house", they mean it. Let's just say, Sam hasn't met the right arse kickin, yet!

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