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    GH Recap: There’s No Hysteria!

    Friday, August 22 2014
    Silas and Sam go through Rafe’s things, Patrick tells Sabrina about Robin and Jason, and Nina is determined to have a baby no matter what.


    At Silas’ place, he and Sam find a picture of themselves as Rafe’s screensaver. Sam finds a call from an unknown number that lasted for 20 minutes about an hour before the accident with Patrick. She offers to call Spin to help trace it, but isn’t optimistic. She wants answers for Patrick and Silas comments that they’ve been spending a lot of time together. "Like you and your wife?" she retorts. She asks if he and Nina are living as husband and wife but he says he sleeps on the couch. Before she leaves she asks for Rafe’s phone and thanks him for going through his things with her. Later, Silas finds a card for the Crichton-Clark coma clinic with Rafe’s items.

    At the penthouse Ava tells Julian their boss wants her to kill Michael for ruining his plan to take over ELQ and Julian gives her a good dose of I-told-you-so. Ava can’t believe Luke changed so drastically and Julian fills her in on some truth. The real Luke was taken captive by Heather Webber’s muscle and held at Miscavige. He’s still locked up and the boss took his identity. Julian met him in the witness protection program but doesn’t know who he is. He gave Julian his business and life back and then showed his true colors. Julian warns Ava that if she doesn’t take out Michael he will kill Kiki just to punish her. Isn’t Kiki losing her boyfriend better than losing her life?

    At the hospital, Rosalie tries to calm Nina down but she’s outraged that Ava is pregnant again, and to top it off, Ava doesn’t know if the dad is a mobster or his son. Rosalie realizes she knows one of the possible pops. Nina doubts they would give her the time of day but Rosalie tells her she met Morgan in the park and he was really broken up about it. Nina is upset that Silas still hasn’t had sex with her. What is she without a baby? Just a dry, old, barren woman! Rosalie reminds her that she will get everything she wants and deserves. "Assuming you can get pregnant," Rosalie comments. Nina rages that nothing is wrong with her. She’ll have whatever she wants, no matter what. Silas is her first choice, but she’s not opposed to finding someone else. She doesn’t even have to cheat - there are other ways to make a baby. Meanwhile, Franco intercepts Michael, Morgan, and Kiki as they remove flowers from Alice’s room and asks to give them to Carly. Michael wonders what he did to his mother and Franco tells them it’s Sonny who should be apologizing for putting his hands all over Carly. Morgan and Michael tell him how many times Carly and Sonny have been together. Franco says some disparaging things about Ava and Kiki wants to know what he means. Franco just takes the flowers to go see Carly. Later, Kiki get a call from Ava with a dinner invite for her and Michael.

    Carly goes to Sonny’s office, outraged, to tell him what happened between them will never happen again. If Franco finds out he’ll go right to the cops about AJ. Sonny just thinks they need to be more careful next time. He locks her in and tells her Franco is a slime ball and a psychopath. He knows she hates being wrong and grabs her and kisses her. They get hot and heavy before she suddenly pushes him off. He tells her there is something between them and to get rid of Franco. She accuses Sonny of sleeping with her just to get rid of him. He says it’s just a fringe benefit. He wants her to admit she made a mistake but she won’t. She leaves and he calls out, “See you next time.”

    At Patrick’s, he worries to Sabrina that he hasn’t been a good friend to Sam. She tells him he can share anything with her and he makes her promise not to tell anyone. He tells her that when Robin left, she didn’t go to Africa. She went to help Jason, Sam’s husband, who was not dead like everyone thought. But now he is dead but Robin still won’t come home so he filed for divorce. Now Patrick wonders if he should tell Sam what he knows. The truth might give her closure. Sabrina thinks Sam will wonder what she could have done to save him and this will hurt her all over again. He agrees, but can’t stop thinking about it when he sees Sam. Sam arrives and tells Sabrina how good it is to see her. She thanks Sam for helping them with clues in the accident.

    Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Ava is determined to keep her daughter safe.

    If Michael had his way, his father’s killer would be rotting in the ground.

    Dante tells Sonny that Maxie and Lulu were kidnapped.

    Liz realizes Britt was with Nik the night before.

    Britt questions Nathan about his feelings for Maxie.

    Maxie, tied up, demands to know where Lulu is.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by ransomha at Friday, August 22 2014 12:29 PM

    LOVED Michael and Morgan's shared smile when Franco told them about their parents kiss.

    Fluke NEVER threatened Kiki, that was all Julian egging Ava on to kill Michael. He's despicable , especially after his own son being shot.

    Think our writers better decide who Fluke really is. Could be anyone....

    Sam shows up at Silas's and Pat's with NO purse or keys. That's odd to me....

    Getting use to Sam and Pat.

    Nic will be off the show for 4 months, which will stall the Britt/Liz/Nic s/l.

    Posted by Sexy Love at Friday, August 22 2014 12:32 PM

    Please don't have Ava kill Michael if she does she going to lose Kiki for good!!!!and Julian is really a snake talking about killing Kiki....he needs to go and so does she....if she loves Kiki she better not kill Michael....going to invite them just to kill think real hard Ava don't do this....I hate that they having her kill him... I know she won't kill him....

    Posted by Sexy Love at Friday, August 22 2014 12:35 PM

    Michael and Morgan was happy their parents kissed and also was happy of them getting back together.....Well Franco you going to find out more what Carly and Sonny did....will he ever find out if he does he will leave Carly and who will he end up with probably Nina....

    Posted by cab313 at Friday, August 22 2014 12:47 PM

    It has always baffled me when a female character goes somewhere with no purse and no keys. Any ID in case it's needed? And it also bugged me when it was winter and they would wait until they got outside before putting a coat on. Who does that? (Soap characters in a studio, that's who.)

    Posted by MrsJones1951 at Friday, August 22 2014 12:48 PM

    Sexy Love, I don't particularly like Julian but I don't think he was being a snake telling Ava that Fluke would kill Kiki. He KNOWS Fluke will kill Kiki; he's tried to kill Lucas; he blew Alexis' house up. Julian is just trying to let Ava know that this ain't your average bear. And as much as I love him, I am so off-Sonny right now. It's one thing to believe in your heart that you and another person belong together. But the smirk on his face and in his voice says that he doesn't even really WANT Carly. He just doesn't want Franco to have her, and he wants Olivia to know he can get someone else. Anyone Else.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, August 22 2014 12:49 PM

    Well, that answers one question: Julian knows fauxLuke is not Luke, but not who he really is.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, August 22 2014 12:50 PM

    Carly & Sonny........SSDD

    Posted by jumps at Friday, August 22 2014 12:51 PM

    Oh, Silas finds a clue too. Does he know this is the same clinic where Nina was at?

    Posted by jumps at Friday, August 22 2014 12:53 PM

    IMHO, it was NOT a stretch for Julian to tell Ava what he did. Look at what all fauxLuke did to Julian's family. It is very possible that fauxLuke would go after Kiki if Ava does not kill Michael. NOT despicable at all.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, August 22 2014 12:55 PM

    MrsJones1951: ITA with you about Sonny. I also believe he just hates being alone and Carly is easy pickings.

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