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    GH Recap: To Britch, Or Not To Britch.

    Thursday, July 31 2014
    The search for Spencer continues, Luke offers Julian a deal, and Franco starts to snoop.


    At home, Josslyn takes the last of the cereal and taunts Franco about it. He mopes about starving to death as Carly comes in. She wonders what he was doing last night and accuses him of speaking to Michael. He assures her that he didn't... and without proof, no one would believe him about Sonny anyway. They go back to talking about where he was and he claims he was just visiting Nina. Upstairs, Joss feeds Spencer Corn Puffs. They wonder how long her mom will be distracted. He wishes he had a mom. Her mom calls her downstairs. Carly drives her to camp. Franco begins snooping on Carly's laptop and Spencer sneaks out to spy on him.

    At the hospital, Tracy corners Liz and asks her for medical information on Mickey. Liz can't tell her anything. Brad shows up with Mickey's results. Tracy gets grabby but Brad tells her she needs to talk to Obrecht. Tracy swipes the file. Mickey's a match and didn't use drugs. They bicker.

    At the penthouse, Julian fills his sister in about the fire. He assures her that Mickey won't be a problem and suggests she fix her attention on Sonny. After he dismisses her, he Skypes Luke. They exchange threats. Luke claims he has an army of Mickeys he can send after him. He wants them to get back to taking down Sonny. Luke offers a truce in exchange for what he has on Corinthos. Julian refuses and orders him to stop lacing their product with heroin. After some more threats, Julian ends the call. After he walks off, Ava opens his laptop and calls Luke.

    Nikolas is at Wyndemere talking to Liz on the phone about his son. She wants to help. He tells her Britt is already doing that. Meanwhile, Spencer calls Britt and tells her he can't hide forever. She needs to get back with his father fast. "Don't boss me around," she says. Nikolas interrupts. She claims she was just talking to her brother. He thanks her for everything she's done. She calms him as he panics and they hug. The prince doesn't feel helpful and decides to check in with the cops. Brad shows up and Britt fills him in on her scheme with Spencer. She can't stand what this is doing to the prince and wants to come clean. A minute later she changes her mind. This goes back and forth. "To Britch, or not to Britch: that is the question," Brad muses.

    In Mickey's hotel room, Anna sends her men to look for evidence. Dante arrives and updates her on the Spencer situation, the shooting and Jordan recognizing Luke's voice. The detective finds that hard to believe. She suggests that he find a way to clear Luke's name. Once Dante leaves, Nik shows up to lecture the commissioner for spending her time at a crime scene rather than looking for his son. He's not pleased with her answers. Vowing that she will bring his child home, she suggests that he go home and wait.

    Dante arrives at the hospital and starts questioning Tracy about Luke. She explains she's had the marriage annulled and has no idea where her former husband has gone. When the cop wanders off, she calls Luke to warn him about what just happened. Liz appears and informs Tracy that Mickey was not an organ donor.

    Nikolas returns home. He's not happy Brad is there. Britt announces that they need to talk about bringing Spencer back.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Julian confronts Sonny about what really happened to AJ.

    Ava makes a deal.

    Nina has something for Silas.  

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    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:09 PM

    I KNEW it! Goodbye Mickey, hello Fluke. For once, I nailed it yesterday when I wrote...

    I have always maintained that Mickey was just a fill-in for Fluke, and that he would be gone as soon as TG was done with his medical leave/vacation, and ready to come back. I'm sure he won't return immediately, but now that his surrogate is gone, it probably won't be too much longer either.

    Then no sooner is Mickey on ice, then Fluke literally phones it in, only this time, in order to avoid yet another scene of Ick talking to himself while pretending to be on a call, Fluke literally phoned in his performance today, or perhaps more accurately, Skyped it in. Like they say, “It's the next best thing to being there.”

    I was glad that they addressed the issue of Ick's gun being the murder weapon, and that Fluke reminded Ick (and us) that “he don' need no steenking evidence” to know who REALLY shot Mickey. Still, the fact that Fluke and Ick would continue to work together is ridiculous. These gangster stories are so cheesy, they should be served with macaroni.

    Speaking of cheesy...

    Fluke's video appearance raises two questions. First of all, WTH was he wearing? Where in the world could somebody dress like THAT and blend in?

    Secondly, did TG sound a little hoarse to you? Maybe it has something to do with the rumored medical issues he's dealing with, but being SPOILER FREE, I wouldn't know. Maybe he just overdid it at the karaoke bar last night. I DO know that if that's how he sounded on the phone with Foxy, there's no way she could've recognized his voice. Anna sure knows her officer's strengths. She just assigned Dante to make excuses for his father-in-law. Getting family members off the hook is his specialty.

    We got caught up on the Spencer storyline too. I'm glad they clarified that he's been missing for days, since there seemed to be some question about that, and it's no surprise that Josslyn is his partner in crime, or that Carly is the most clueless parent this side of Alexis. She's also apparently lost her sense of smell if she can't tell that something stinks about Frodd's sudden interest in her copy of the recording. As far as the kids go, it occurs to me that a union of the Cassadine and Jacks bloodlines and fortunes could be very interesting several years down the road. It sounds like one of those medieval arranged marriages between royal families.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:10 PM

    Flukes new partner, Ava.....Again Julian leaves his computer out in Ava's apartment.

    Why is it ok in Julian's mind to sell coke but having it laced with heroin is bad? What a fool....

    Looks like Spencer and Joss are in and Cam and Emma are out.

    Can't stand Franco. He's an awful jealous creepy boyfriend. Be gone...

    Tracy is awful, Alexis is awful, Franco is awful, Levi is awful, we need some new characters that we can get behind......

    I do like Nat a lot and Morgan gets better every time we see him.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:21 PM

    Scrimmage AG is off the 6 months. He won't be back until October.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:24 PM

    Scrimmage I am so sorry about my above post. I did't realize you are APOILER FREE.

    Posted by cab313 at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:36 PM

    Tony Geary did sound hoarse. However, he's on extended leave following two back surgeries.

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:45 PM

    when Britt said "dont boss me around" and Nickolas asked who she was talking to I figured she would say her mother!

    The update says Julian skyped Luke not the other way, will have to watch tonight to know for sure. anyhow was interesting that Ava called Fluke.

    was glad to see a picture of Courtney today, wonder if she will be some of the frozen to come back, being Sonnys sister and Spencers Mother there could have been a lot of story left there.

    Posted by Moo dance at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:46 PM

    Enough of whining Carly. I'm glad Franco is hacking into her computer , she is so full of the dummies she deserves what she gets.

    Britt you are fixing to step off the chair with the noose around your neck and you deserve it. Close this s/l. I saw that someone posted that Spencer was 9 yrs old, he talks like a much younger child. Is he really 9?

    So if Mickey may not be Alice's donor maybe it will be Ava by the orders of Luke. Julian leaving his computer in plain sight not too smart.

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:47 PM

    another Levi free day!!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:53 PM

    Julian just thinks he's a big dog. This is the second time he's left his laptop within Ava's reach. Some people never learn and it's usually their downfall. Can't say I'll mind seeing his descent.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Thursday, July 31 2014 12:56 PM

    Spencer eavdropping on Franco might finally propel him to tell Sonny about what Franco is up to as well as what he overheard ion the stables. It is time to tie up some loose ends...way overdue, actually.

    Love Liz's hair...what a flawless complextion this girl has. Why do they dress Britt like that?

    Ava is turning on Julian yet again...can we be rid of her already?

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