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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    GH Recap: I Got Here First.

    Tuesday, July 22 2014
    Patrick gets bad news at work, Jordan urges Julian to trust her, and Nik continues to frantically search for Spencer.


    Scott goes to PCPD and demands Anna tell him why there were drugs in Rafe’s system. He wants to know where the heroin came from and she suggests asking his friend Julian. He denies being in Julian’s pocket and simply felt bad for him regarding his son. He can relate because of his daughter Serena. Anna still thinks Scott is in Julian’s pocket, but he wonders how that can be if Julian is on the up and up, according to her. Unless there’s something she knows that he doesn’t? Anna is saved from answering when a call comes in.

    At the MetroCourt, Lucy knocks on Scott’s door. Bobbie answers in a robe and encourages Lucy to think the worst. Lucy is out of her mind with jealousy and Bobbie enjoys needling her. Lucy knows she has to work through things with Scott, but Bobbie should not be involved with her man. Bobbie declares Scott her man, and she intends to use all the tricks she learned back when she was turning tricks to keep him. After some smacking around a catfight erupts, and Scott finds them rolling on the floor. He breaks it up and wants to know why Lucy came by. She refuses to tell him and leaves. Bobbie does a happy dance. Elsewhere, Olivia gets the whole staff searching for Spencer while Nik realizes Spencer’s phone tracker isn’t working anymore. Nik worries Spencer was kidnapped and Olivia leaves to check the security footage. Spencer texts Britt to look under the chair and she points something out to Nik. Nik pulls out a note from Spencer that laments Nik’s breakup with Britt. She thinks it’s good to know Spencer is safe but Nik scoffs – he doesn’t know anything and calls PCPD demanding to speak to Anna. Anna arrives and looks over the note. Olivia rushes back with news that Spencer got into a cab. Britt gets a text from Spencer that he will send his location soon, and she promises to stay with Nik until Spencer is found.

    At The Floating Rib, Maxie tells Mac, Felicia and Nathan that she’s marrying Levi and Nathan accuses them of doing it to avoid Levi’s deportation. He wonders what Levi said to make her propose – that he would be shot on the tarmac? Maxie lies that it was intimate and beautiful, and Levi not being deported is just a plus. Mac warns her immigration will investigate, especially after her marriage to keep Matt out of jail. Nathan pulls Maxie aside and tells her she can get in a lot of trouble for fraud. Maxie is marrying Levi anyway. Nathan wants to know in Maxie’s heart if this is what she wants and she assures him it is. Meanwhile, Levi asks Mac and Felicia for their blessing. Mac refuses and doesn’t appreciate Levi cornering them to give him an answer in front of Maxie. Maxie hoped for their support, but it won’t stop them from getting married. Nathan looks like his puppy ran away.

    Obrecht leads the press conference at General Hospital. The reporters pepper Patrick with detailed questions about his statements intending harm to the patient. He looks at Sam, who is staring at Silas. Nina looks happy off in the corner. Obrecht demands the source but the reporter won’t divulge. Obrecht declares the press conference over and threatens to call security. Patrick pulls Sam aside and she promises she didn’t say anything. Patrick asks Silas if he told the reporters and Sam wants an explanation. Did he tell his wife? Nina promises Silas didn’t tell her anything and Silas accuses Sam of believing Patrick over him. Sam thinks what Silas did is unforgiveable. He swears on his life he didn’t tell a reporter anything and takes Nina home. Patrick apologizes to Sam but she’s the one who is sorry. She thought she could trust Silas. Obrecht returns and tells them the lawyers have only one course of action. She fires Patrick.

    Julian grabs Jordan in the park and demands to know if she and Mickey are selling heroin. For all she knows it’s been coke only, but if Mickey is moving heroin on his own he isn’t telling her. Jordan realizes they are both out of the loop and suggests working together. Julian still thinks Jordan's hiding something and he can’t afford to take any chances. She understands but reminds him they are in this together. And he may find out soon she’s the only one he can trust.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Sonny warns Ava that if she runs she won’t get far.

    Morgan meets a bikini-clad Rosalie.

    Lucy tells Felicia that Scott had Bobbie in his bed.

    Mickey questions TJ about his mother.

    Jordan needs Anna to accept there is something that she has to do.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Tuesday, July 22 2014 12:37 PM

    Lucy and Bobbie's catfight over Scott was a real yawn. Britt should continue looking like she is going to crash and burn when the truth about her part in this runaway Soncer farce is revealed, because it will be fun to watch her get a royal comeuppance. Seeing as she has no friends, her constant texting should send somebody a signal...with whom the heck is she communicating??? Duh...

    Nina...more of the same blah.

    Liesl firing Patrick...really??? She should have been the one out on her ear months ago.

    Sam, Silas is shallow, don't worry about him, as he and Nina will just bore each oher into tears...they deserve each other. Michael was better uited to be McBain.

    Prractice your dance moves, ladies!!!

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Tuesday, July 22 2014 12:38 PM

    My keyboard stinks!

    Posted by gmahoma at Tuesday, July 22 2014 12:56 PM

    Lovethosedimples ~ You're right! The only friend the Britch has( and yes,she IS back to that!) is an 8-year-old boy! So,yes, SOMEONE should be wondering WHO she IS texting! And once Nik looks at Spencer's phone...well, it really IS OVER! Nik will NEVER be with her again!!! At least not the Nik we know!!! Hope PCPD finds the young prince!! SOON!

    And,YES,let's dance!

    Posted by CharlieCat at Tuesday, July 22 2014 01:01 PM

    Maxie....Wake up! Really. It's time. I miss Old Maxie. The Old Maxie was feisty, maybe high maintenance, trouble....but fun. And Old Maxie would never gone for Levi. The New Maxie (post Eat, Pray, Love world tour) doesn't think for herself. She doesn't seem to care what will happen if she enters a fraudulent marriage or get arrested for trespassing in the larger plan of getting back with her daughter. I don't understand that they try to write her as both the Old Maxie and New Maxie and she just ends up looking dumb.

    I'm also not a big fan of Sam and Silas, but truthfully Sam has been with just about every guy of reasonable age on the show, so I'm just fine with them being together. So what now? She will just go back to Patrick? That just seems boring to me.

    Posted by gmahoma at Tuesday, July 22 2014 01:04 PM

    I also agree with you,lovethosedimples, Dr. O FIRED Patrick... accusation! Patrick surely has his own attorney! Never should count on your employer to "take care" of you. Cover your own a$$! His attorney WOULD HAVE advised him to keep his mouth shut until his counsel arrived! Well, maybe Britta will help him- like she helped Elizabeth get her job back!!ha! ha!

    Posted by wide awake in sleepy eye at Tuesday, July 22 2014 01:05 PM

    "CAMP LILA" Chapter:2 Verse:2

    'Twas the summer of twenty fourteen,
    the grass was mowed, the park was green.

    Nic becomes a Counselor-Camper,
    but it's Liz who he wants to pamper!

    Spencer thinks that he's the boss.
    (We all know that it's Joss!)

    There was no need to convince or coax,
    Throw water balloons,T-shirts soaked!

    Felix tries love match with Nic with Liz...
    (It's ALWAYS time to interfere in her biz!)

    Nurse Felix is there to coach...
    He won't allow Brit to poach!

    Felix says, "I saw Nic stare."
    Liz says, "I caught Brit's glare!"

    He reminds, "Liz, you gotta be flirty."
    'cause you know Brit's gonna play dirty!

    Brit schemes to get her man...
    and she develops a devious plan!

    She plots with Spencer to "fake" run away.
    She'll have them all worried by the end of their day!

    Brit needs Liz to be banished.
    She helps Spence,and he vanished!

    While the campers run and race,
    Spencer disappears...without a trace.

    'Twas the summer of twenty fourteen,
    the grass was mowed, the park was green.

    Posted by Msteri452 at Tuesday, July 22 2014 01:08 PM

    Oh please two women fighting over Scott? yuckkkk. It's amazing how quickly Lucy dismissed Rafe's death and cares only about herself. Does anyone really think that Nic will check Spencer's phone? And what 9 year old child writes like that, come on let's get real. Where's Felix when you really need his nosing around. I'm sure he'd remember an empty wheel chair at the foot of the roof top stairway. We get more of the same air headedness from Maxie and Felicia. I kept looking for underarm sweat stains on Britt's shirt, she must not have been perspiring as much today.

    Posted by NonaV at Tuesday, July 22 2014 01:08 PM

    I was sure the title of the update today would be "Schnell!"

    No cab driver would take an unaccompanied nine year old, anywhere! And he did NOT write that note by himself.

    Lucy and Bobbi acting like teenagers wasn't amusing.

    Better times are in store, tomorrow, I hope, to make up for these last two eps. Ava appears, and that's always fine with me.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, July 22 2014 01:10 PM

    I know that Dr. O as COS has the power to fire Patrick, but legally there should have to be a medical review board, an autopsy, and testimony from the rest of the operating room staff. All Patrick needs to do is get Diane Miller to represent him and she will tear the hospital to shreds and get Patrick reinstated.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, July 22 2014 01:14 PM

    Hi everyone

    For those of you who like the actor Tyler Christopher who plays Nikolas Cassadine, he will be on Celebrity Wife Swap tonight.

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