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    Face Off.

    Monday, May 21 2007
    Jason and Jerry argue and Carly stands squarely in between them, Jax and Sonny argue, and Sam challenges Amelia.

    Skye can't believe that the only way she can see her daughter again is if she moves to Venezuela. Lorenzo says that once they relocate, they can rebuild their trust. Skye contends that she can't just pick up and leave her entire life. He doesn't understand why she can't leave Port Charles the way she left Pine Valley and Landview. He points out that Alan is gone and the rest of her so-called family doesn't really care about her. Then, Lorenzo states that it's dangerous for all of them unless they leave. Just then, a formidable man walks into their home and tells Lorenzo that his men are being detained and, "I'll be asking the questions now." Skye quickly hands Lorenzo his cane and then explains to the gentleman that he is recovering from a gunshot wound and cannot be stressed. Lorenzo weakly says that he'll try to help -- if he can. The man tells Lorenzo that he was contractually obligated to deliver a valuable asset and didn't. Skye says that she stepped in and tried to protect the man that she loves and became the decision-maker while he was sick. The man seems somewhat satisfied with their explanation, then says "…that explains everything -- except the trip Lorenzo made to South America - alone."

    Sam is losing it during the reenactment of domestic violence for "Everyday Heroes". The actor tries to assure her that he's only acting, but finally leaves because she can't separate fiction from reality and she's waving the shotgun prop at him. Amelia watches the whole thing but doesn't budge until Sam is sufficiently freaked out. Then she rushes onto the set and asks Sam what has happened? Sam asks Amelia how she could do this to her? She says that Amelia knew that Bill Monroe abused her and she deliberately staged the scene to bring it all back. Amelia apologized, saying that she had no idea how traumatized Sam was all those years ago. Sam apologizes too and asks Amelia to pitch another show idea to the network. Amelia says that they are pretty invested in the concept of domestic violence, and then suggests that Sam use her experience to her advantage. Sam agrees to do the scene, but insists that they get a different actor because the first one looks far too much like Bill Monroe.

    Carly has positioned herself in her living room between Jerry and the gun that Jason has drawn on him. She says that Mr. Craig is her brother-in-law. Jason keeps the gun pointed at him and says that he shot Robin and let his father die! Jerry explains that he let the doctors help Robin and then tried to let Carly go near the end because he knew that Jax loved her. When she sees that Jason isn't going to relent, Carly pushes Jerry out the back door and then tells Jason that he can't kill Jax's brother! Jason is furious at her for keeping Jax's secret and she says that her marriage won't make it if he kills Jerry. She says that Jax is loyal to Jerry, certainly he can understand loyalty. "I let him walk out of here alive, that's as far as I go," Jason yells as he storms out the door.

    Jax has gone to Sonny to explain that Jerry is Mr. Craig. Sonny's first question is if Carly knows. Jax says that she has agreed to keep quiet about it, for now. "That's not your call to make," Sonny tells him. Sonny reminds Jax that his brother shot Robin, ignored Alan's heart attack and terrorized them all -- and he must die. Jax reminds Sonny that Ric kidnapped Carly while she was pregnant with Morgan, yet he is alive. "That's what we do Sonny - we protect our own." Sonny reminds Jax that his brother wouldn't let Patrick Drake come in and operate on Robin; instead he made Carly and Emily do it with sewing materials. He recounts how Alan had to walk out of the Metro Court during a heart attack and how frightened young Lulu was. Jax sits quietly while Sonny tells him about the sadistic look in Jerry's face as he toyed with them. Sonny goes one step further by telling Jax that he's the one who should kill his brother. Jax says that won't happen, but if Sonny or Jason kills him, that will affect Carly, too. "What do you think it'll do Carly if her best friend kills my brother?" Jax asks? Then he says that they are all connected now and need to consider every ripple affect of their actions.

    Patrick sneaks up behind Robin and hugs her at work. She pretends that he's Dr. Ford and he playfully calls her Kelly. As they kiss, Noah sees them and tells them to cool it before Dr. Ford busts them. Emily approaches the nurses' desk and Patrick chastises them further for being insensitive to her after her recent break up with Nikolas. They all explain that Nikolas was sick and pushed her away so that Robin could try to figure out what was wrong with him, and now all is well. Noah congratulates Emily for getting back together with Nikolas and then tells Patrick to see a shrink. He says that Epiphany's always on them for keeping their private lives separate. And she's right!

    Alexis is over at the Quartermaines advising Luke how to proceed with Laura's guardianship case. She tells him that if Lulu hears about the rape from him, it would be much easier on her. Luke is quiet, and Alexis asks him to consider it, and then leaves. Luke asks Tracy what she thinks. She says that Scott told her that he wants to save Laura from "future indignities." Luke tells her that the whole thing is a mess and she doesn't have to be involved if she doesn't want to. Tracy says that they are married and Laura is part of the deal, like it or not. Luke thanks for and says she's a strong ally. Tracy says that she's become surprisingly fond of Lulu, too. She has an idea and says, "If there's no Laura, there's nothing to fight over." Luke can't believe that Tracy would be willing to help him kidnap Laura. He thanks her for her support, but feels that the ugly truth would still come out. He worries that he's just now forging a relationship with Lulu and hates to risk it, but he has some decisions to make. She accepts a loving kiss from him and tells him that she'll support whatever he decides.

    Georgie has agreed to fill in for Maxi's hospital volunteer shift, but that doesn't stop her from calling Maxi on all of her bad judgments lately. She says their dad wouldn't be happy to know that she's blowing off work to spend time in his newest police cadet's bed. Maxi explains that Coop is in trouble and she just wants to help him. They sit down together and Maxi explains that Logan is about to work for Sonny Corinthos, therefore pitting himself squarely against Coop. She sincerely apologizes to Georgie for always taking advantage of her, but says that Coop is a good influence on her, so she should be happy. George shakes her head and agrees to help out…again.

    Alexis goes into Sonny's office and finds Jax there. She says she can come back later, but then mentions to Jax that she give legal advice for his brother whenever he's ready. Sonny can't believe his ears! He angrily explains that Jax's brother is the Metro Court kidnapper and asks if she's ready to defend that kind of monster. Alexis looks to Jax for answers and he says that Jerry is still in town, but he doesn’t know where he's staying. He explains that his brother has had extensive plastic surgery, and there must be an explanation for what he did. He suggests that Jerry was merely a go-between in a business deal that went wrong. Sonny yells that he is a psychopath who terrorized people they both love. Alexis turns to Jax and says that there isn't a defense in the world that she could prepare for his brother - nor would she. She tells Jax to let him disappear for everyone's sake.

    Patrick carries Robin (and some Szechwan Beef takeout) over the threshold of his apartment. She tells him that they really should be more discreet at work and says that maybe if they spend more time away from work, it might be easier. He likes that idea and carries her directly to the bedroom. Later, as they feed each other with chopsticks Patrick tells her that he loves how she rearranges his furniture and hangs her under things across his shower rod. He wants her to move back in and Robin doesn't think that's a good idea. He can't believe that they've flip-flopped! He thinks she's just scared and she thinks they are madly in love, but basically incompatible.

    Emily and Noah are walking down the hall together at the hospital. He says that Patrick was a skirt chaser since he got out of diapers. He says that Patrick is a confirmed bachelor at heart and he hopes that his son doesn't break Robin's heart. Emily says that she thinks it's different with Robin and Noah shakes his head and walks off.

    Jax comes home and Carly tells him that she just stood between Jason's gun and his brother. After she has explained what happened between Jason and Jerry, Jax thanks her and Carly says that she can't do it again. He hopes that Jerry just leaves town and they never hear from him again. Carly doubts that and says that Jerry mentioned having some kind of insurance. "If he goes out and kills someone that I love, I don't think I can ever forgive you," she says. Jax looks sick with worry.

    Jason goes to the coffee house to find Sonny and explains what just happened at Carly's house. He says that now he's going to hunt Craig down and kill him. Sonny tells him to wait because Alexis thinks Jax can convince him to disappear. Jason is still hot and ready to take off, so Sonny gives him an order. "I don't want you to kill Mr. Craig…right now." Sonny says.

    Skye tells their "visitor" that she sent Lorenzo to South America with a valet to a clinic for help. Lorenzo weakly tells him that he wishes he could do more, but can't recall much. The man says that he'll file his report and the powers that be will decide what to do next. After he leaves Lorenzo hugs Skye and says she was fantastic. He says that they have to leave right away and asks if she'll come. Skye says yes, but she needs to just run a couple errands. Lorenzo says, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."

    As Amelia and Sam are on the set discussing how to proceed with their scene, Jerry walks in and points his gun at "Sweet Sam."


    Lorenzo tells Skye that if she leaves the house, she'll never see him or Lila again.

    "I need to have a little chat with your boyfriend," Jerry tells Sam.

    Sonny tells Jason that they have other priorities and Jason yells, "I don't!"

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    Posted by jcrobinson at Monday, May 21 2007 02:51 PM

    My heart is just breaking for Jax. And I love Maxi's blond hair and extentions!


    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Monday, May 21 2007 03:19 PM

    OK I am a little confused here. I haven't been reading this lately or watching GH on TV. Been cleaning up from an earthquake we had here in Hawaii. But the last I remember I thought Alexis was going to be helping Nikolas with Laura not she is helping Luke. What happened?

    Posted by brwneyez at Monday, May 21 2007 03:23 PM

    Maxi has extentions? I don't get to see the show just read the recaps!
    Anyway, wow it seems that Jason is ready to go over Sonny's head and with good reason Craig killed his father! Sonny really loves Carly I hope they get back together! (I can always hope!) Jax should stay out of it, some brother he has to come in and blow up his hotel, he had kept Jax in trouble most of their adult lives on this show! Time for Craig to die....How slow can Skye be, if the man is trying to skip town and all her family has disowned her why does she need to run errands? If she is wanting to warn Jason or Sonny all this takes is a phone call from the bathroom or something...get a clue.

    Posted by fancy nancy at Monday, May 21 2007 03:55 PM

    really liked todays episode
    thought that the scene with patrick and robin at the hospital was funny.

    I hope that miss robin does not let her fears take over again this has to stop. She and Patrick love each other and everything should be fine. The scene with amelia and sam at the studio was something else. Why does sam always apoligize when amelia brings back sams past, I thought that sam was smart enough to realize that ameila is setting her up for a fall. I realize that its just a soap opera but please enough of this story line it has gottten old already.

    Well until tommrow have a nice evening everybody

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, May 21 2007 04:00 PM

    Why doesnt Lucky try to get cusdody of his mother? He is blood related has nothing to hide will shoot Scotty out of the water then Luke can keep his secrets and has full access to Laura. NEXT is Robin kidding? She has a great looking brain surgen crazy about her. She has a terrible desiese that many people would run from and she doesnt want to committ, give me a break. Jerry is a dead man walking. Why he would stay in town makes NO sense. Been missing the baby stuff the last two days and I thought Maxies hair was way too white!

    Posted by Kayguel4life at Monday, May 21 2007 04:15 PM

    Lucky Is Gonna Learn The Truth Abouth Baby Jacob's Paternity. I Can't Wait.!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by sonnycarlyfan at Monday, May 21 2007 04:42 PM

    i no i sound obsessedd....but i wanna see MORE of nikolassss : ) oh & emily to ;P

    Posted by Sapphire Minx at Monday, May 21 2007 05:37 PM

    I,too feel so terrible for Jax. Jeez, everytime he thinks he's found happieness--- WHAMO!!
    I wish Robin would get over her fears of being left and stop pushing Patrick away.
    OH---- you mean the writers are FINALLY after dragging this out for all it's worth bring out the entire secret out!!!!
    What it's only been 8/9 months now!!!!
    Maxie does look good!!!!
    JASON AND ELIZABETH ROCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by La Libra at Monday, May 21 2007 05:42 PM


    What earthquate in Hawaii are you recovering from?

    Posted by lizette at Monday, May 21 2007 05:48 PM


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