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    GH Recap: Not Worth Caring About.

    Thursday, July 03 2014
    Patrick and Emma talk about divorce, TJ and Alexis talk about sex, and Rafe tells Molly someone put him up to the accident.


    At General Hospital, Nik and Spencer pick up Liz to go watch the fireworks while Britt calls her mother for help. Liz tells Nik that things are working out back at work, thanks to Britt, while Spencer gets a text from Britt to meet her. Liz learns she has to work while Britt and Spencer concoct a plan for him to see Emma and her to see Nik. Later, Spencer spies Britt by the elevators. She has food and wine to go to the park with her new brother, but he bailed. Spencer suggests she come with them. He begs and Nik agrees. Spencer and Britt do a secret fist bump and Liz watches the three of them leave.

    Still handcuffed, Nathan and Maxie rest in the park. Nathan blames Levi for their whole situation so she accuses him of not taking responsibility for his own screw-ups. He apologizes for getting them in this mess and she takes responsibility for squirming. But she asks him to stop blaming Levi. He was only acting on his conviction for a worthy cause. Nathan accuses her of blindly following Levi. There is some tension between them. Elsewhere, Alexis finds TJ waiting for Molly and he tells her she went to talk to Dr. Clay about Rafe’s drug use. She decides to stay and wait and snacks on Molly’s BLT and fries. TJ shares he and Molly still have not had sex and they laugh about the fact they are having this conversation. Later, TJ leaves a message for Molly and tells her he misses her and loves her. Meanwhile, Britt and Nik talk about last year, the day they met. He was so good to her and she thought she could start over and be a good person because of him. But she lied about the baby and wishes she could do it over. Meanwhile, Patrick and Emma spread out their blanket. She hopes her mom is looking at the same stars right now and asks Patrick if he and Robin are getting a divorce. Patrick holds her and tells her he thinks they are. They still love each other and he assures Emma it has nothing to do with her but she’s sad. She asks if he will marry Sabrina again, but he tells her they will always be connected but not together like before. She doesn’t want him to be alone and he tells her he isn’t - he has her. Spencer walks up and takes Emma to watch the fireworks.

    Dante kicks open the door to Silas’ apartment, gun drawn. Nina is on the ground and says she came home as Rafe was coming out of his room and he pushed her. Rosalie ran after him. In the parking garage, Rosalie pushes Rafe to forget what happened upstairs. He doesn’t like what they are doing to his uncle. She blasts him for killing a baby and tells him if he cares about Silas he will just leave. She returns to the apartment. Molly walks up and tells Rafe she knows about the drugs. He tries to leave but she gets in the car with him. Rosalie returns to the apartment and tells everyone Rafe is long gone. Sam and Dante race to the garage. Rosalie leaves and Silas apologizes. He knows Rafe is a good kid and he blames himself for not looking after him. Nina asks if he remembers the Fourth in the Hamptons after they were married. He couldn’t come, but when she wished he was there, she felt his arms wrap around her. Her wish came true. Sam and Dante get to the garage and see Rafe and Molly are in the car. Molly implores Rafe to let Sam help him but he says no one can help him. Dante pulls Sam out of the way and Rafe races off. Back in the apartment, Nina tears up at the beauty of the fireworks and grabs Silas’ hand.

    Dante and Sam race after Rafe and Molly in a cop car. Sam calls Patrick and tells him Molly is in the car with Rafe but it will be over soon.

    Back in the park, Spencer pushes Britt and Nik to get closer, so he puts his arm around her as the fireworks go off. Elsewhere, Nathan and Maxie stop to admire the fireworks, but he admires her instead. Then, Emma tells Patrick she’s glad to see him smile again. He promises everything will be okay.

    In the getaway car, Rafe tells Molly he killed Dr. Drake's baby. He did it on purpose and she demands to know why. He didn’t want to, but someone told him to. Suddenly, they crash into the roadblock.

    Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Delia throws a drink in Ava’s face.

    Michael questions Tracy about Alice’s phone call.

    Lulu thinks there’s something Olivia is not telling her.

    Kiki asks Nina if she’s trying to get rid of her.

    Patrick tells Alexis there has been an accident.

    Sam and Dante find Rafe and Molly in bad shape.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, July 03 2014 12:41 PM

    Nina is just as big a sociopath as her mother, Dr. O. and Britt. What she and Rosalie did to Rafe was criminal, lying blaming Rafe for hitting her, putting poor Rafe in the position that he felt he had no other option but to run. All to get some alone time to snuggle up to Silas.
    I am really strongly disliking Nina and Rosalie. Two sides of the same coin.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, July 03 2014 12:41 PM

    I didn't see that coming that Rafe saying "he did it on purpose, someone put him up to it"

    IDK maybe Dante/Sam should have backed off, they knew he had Molly in the car, and she might of could have talked him down.

    Ninja/Rosalie just made it worse, really they had to make it look like Rafe pushed Ninja over, it wasn't bad enough as it was? Bet Rosalie loved socking Ninja.

    Dang got to wait until Monday.

    All have a great 4th.

    Posted by Syndel at Thursday, July 03 2014 12:44 PM

    Has everyone forgotten that Carlos is setting in prison for the murder of AJ ?? Sonny, Franco, Carly, Shaun, all know, even Ava knows. She could tell Carlos to let the cat out of the bag. She did kill Connie and shoot Olivia but Sonny shot AJ. Carlos is paying for it. That would be her out instead of using her mother and letting Sonny hold her hostage in his home.

    Posted by gmahoma at Thursday, July 03 2014 12:53 PM

    Wow! What a GREAT week of shows! Just wanted to make SURE I said that!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Thursday, July 03 2014 12:57 PM

    I wonder who forced Rafe into killing the Drake baby. Probably Fluke had one of his goons force Rafe to run the car off the road to force Spencer to keep quite about Fluke going to take down Sonny.

    I hate that we have to wait till Monday. The other shows have original shows on Friday. Why not GH?

    Posted by cbru at Thursday, July 03 2014 01:04 PM


    Hope everyone has a safe and sane 4th of July.

    To all the posters in harm's way on the East Coast-stay safe.

    Posted by MrsJones1951 at Thursday, July 03 2014 01:05 PM

    Haven't posted in awhile - computer wonky - but had to comment on this week.

    1. Will someone PLEASE send the AussieA$$ back to Australia. I know the character is there to throw conflict into any possible Maxie/Nathan romance, but when did Maxie become totally stupid? She was never a pushover, in fact, that was what usually got her into trouble. But her name now should be Polly Parrot because that's all she does. Peat and RePeat.
    2. Britt and Spencer - now That is a truly dangerous combo. Even more so than Britt and Dr.O. Seems Spencer is the more successful one when he's scheming and manipulating.
    3. Am I the only who thinks that just maybe, possibly, the person who had Rafe to run into Dr. D and Sabrina was FLuke? It wouldn't have been Carlos - he wouldn't do anything to hurt Sabrina. But I can see FLuke doing it just to stir up trouble. (BTW, speculation, NOT spoiler)
    4. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy - you never learn. Your taste in men is just as bad as when you married Mitch Williams, Paul Hornsby, and all the other gold-diggers in your life.
    5. Before that Baby comes, Ava is going to make EVERYONE want to shoot her, including Delia. I am so glad that GH kept the character of Delia the way she was on RH many moons ago. She was one of my first soap characters that I liked and hated at the same time (she was pretty tough back in the day), and it's good to see her back in action.
    6. Sonny, Sonny, Sonny. You've made one too many deals with the devil, and he's getting ready to collect. You are in SO much trouble, between Ava, Michael, Morgan, Franco, Olivia, Dante, and whoever else is mad about something stupid you've done lately. And trust me - lately you've outdone yourself in stupid.
    7. PCPD - Grade Zero. What more can I say? I've seen Neighborhood Watch operate more efficiently. Nough said.

    Everyone have a safe and happy weekend, for all the rest of us Yanks - have a Very Safe Fourth of July All!!

    Posted by MrsJones1951 at Thursday, July 03 2014 01:09 PM

    Oh yeah - forgot Nina and Rosie. When they're on screen, I want someone to Shoot ME - with a tranquilizer gun. Nina is the worst I've seen on GH in a Long time, and Rosie is just greedy enough to help her. These are two characters that I would really like to see go off the bridge, into the river, and then blow up the car. With no air bags. Or seat belts. As far as I'm concerned, if you put the two of them in the car together, you can take out the brakes. [Please note that these comments are about the Characters, and Not the Actors. I think Michelle Stafford is absolutely Wicked as the whining little Nina.

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, July 03 2014 01:10 PM

    Ot havent watched today but wanted to say hope everyone has a safe independence day !

    Ot lily and bayoubtr we are OK thanks for asking heat not too bad but mosquitos are big enough to ride

    I have been trying to keep up with comments

    Ot ladybelle we are OK just busy I also have been reading your comments on y&r

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, July 03 2014 01:13 PM

    Ot cbru. Hope you have a good holiday. Praying for you

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