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    It All Hits the Fan.

    Friday, May 18 2007
    Sam loses it during a re-enactment, Carly defends Jerry and Jax goes to Sonny with the truth.

    Sam is rehearsing her script for the day -- it's about domestic violence. Behind the camera, Amelia tells her assistant that Sam claims she killed Bill Monroe in self defense, but the reenactment should reveal it for what it truly was -- murder! Amelia coos that Sam is already raw, so it should be easy to throw her off an emotional cliff. Then, she walks over to Sam and directs her to teach the audience how to protect themselves without resorting to murder. The actor who is to play the abusive husband arrives and introduces himself to Sam. Amelia tells them that once they start taping, they should keep rolling because "time is money". Soon, the taping begins and as soon as the actor grabs Sam by the wrist, she flashes to bad memories and yells that they have to stop.

    Logan looks on as Sonny challenges Vinnie to drink the espresso he just gave him. Finally he puts the cup down and admits to Sonny that he was paid by Alcazar to poison him. Sonny tells Vinnie that he'll deal with him later and sends him away. Then, Sonny asks Logan everything he heard while casing Alcazar's house. The first thing Logan recounts is that Carly was there. He reports that they argued about Mr. Craig, and then Vinnie showed up for his payoff money.

    Lorenzo has just told Skye that the yellow dress she picked out is something she would never put on their daughter - so where did she really go today? Skye gets defensive and tells him that she's sick of being under his microscope and that she's the one who needs to learn how to trust him again! She says that Sonny's coffee guy has seen her before because while he was faking brain damage, she went to Sonny many times to beg for the safety of her family! She tells him that she did her best while he was sick, but he wasn't sick at all! She reminds him that he's the one who broke the trust first, and Lorenzo apologizes for misjudging her actions.

    Jax and Carly are at home grappling with how to handle their situation with Jerry. Jax doesn't know what would turn his "reckless" brother into a terrorist. Jax begs her to help him help his brother. He asks her to give him time, and to love him through it while he tries to figure out how Jerry went so wrong. "What am I supposed to do with the fact that your brother is a threat to everyone I care about?" Carly asks. Jax says that Jerry won't hurt her, but she asks what about Liz and her baby or Lulu or Sonny and Jason? Jax says that revenge isn't Jerry's style, and Carly reminds him that he doesn't know his brother anymore. Jax says that Sonny and Jason have the right to defend themselves, but can she just help him avoid the confrontation until he can figure out what to do. "I love you, but do you realize what you're asking me to do?" Carly says with tears in her eyes.

    Jason and Jerry are shooting at each other on the docks behind the PCPD. Jerry sees some teenagers approaching and asks Jason if he needs to involve innocent bystanders? Jason puts his gun down while the kids pass through safely. By then, Jerry is gone.

    Maxi has found Coop packing. He says if he doesn't leave, Craig will come after her. She says that Jason is taking Craig out as they speak, and if that doesn't work, they just have to find Craig's weakness, that's all. Coop says that Sonny warned him against revealing their arrangement. He softly explains that he wants to do this for her, so he doesn't bring trouble to her door. She tells him that he is the best guy she knows. "Every girl would kill to have a guy like you and all I have to do is scheme a little," she says. She hugs him and says that she'd be lost without him. Coop tells her he'll stay under one condition - she cannot tell anyone about the deal between him and Sonny. She agrees, as long as her dad doesn't get hurt.

    Luke is drinking alone - or so he thinks - in the Q study. When Tracy walks in, Alan tells her that Luke needs to keep a clear head for his upcoming custodial trial with Scott. Tracy turns around and takes the drink from Luke's hands. Luke speaks his displeasure to the empty chair and then plops down. Alan tells Tracy that Luke really loves Laura and one day he'll lose it and be gone. Tracy's face signals the sadness that Alan has reminded her of, so Luke asks her if Alan struck a nerve. Tracy comes clean and admits that she worries about losing him one day. As he pours another drink, Alexis arrives to go over his testimony. She starts to sit in "Alan's" chair and they shriek at her not to sit there. They come right out and admit that Alan is haunting Tracy. Alexis says that they shouldn't mention that little tidbit in the courtroom. Just as they get back to work, Jax comes into the room and says that he needs Alexis' help with his brother Jerry. Alexis and Jax go outside on the terrace to speak privately.

    Jax asks how hard it would be for Jerry to get avoid prison time if he shot someone. Alexis, knowing somewhat of Jax's brother's history, says that she would have to hear more, and obviously he's not willing to do that. She does say, however, that Jax needs to stay the heck away from him. Jax sadly thanks her and slips out through the gardens.

    Alexis goes back inside and interrupts another "session" of Luke and Tracy yelling at Alan's ghost. She tells them to stop bickering and focus on the trial. She says that Luke has a history of violence and warns him that she has to ask a hard question. "Did you ever force yourself on Laura?" Alexis asks point blank. Then, she says that Scott will surely bring that up in court. Luke looks very sad.

    Jason goes back to Sonny's office to report that Mr. Craig got away. Sonny tells him that Alcazar bribed Vinnie to poison his espresso. Then he says that he heard that Carly was fighting with Lorenzo at his house. "I have a feeling that Carly knows more about Craig than she's saying," Sonny tells Jason as he leaves the office.

    Logan goes busting into Coop's room and says that he saved Sonny's life and THIS time there will be a job in it for him! Maxi says that if that happened, Logan and Coop would be on opposite sides of the law. Logan looks at Coop and says, "Game on."

    Sonny goes to Carly's house and informs her that he just dodged a hit on him that was put out by Alcazar. He wants to know why she went to Alcazar asking questions about Craig. She denies knowing anything about Craig, so Sonny reminds her that if she knows anything she has to tell him - for their family's sake. She just tells him to be very careful.

    Jason finds Spinelli and asks what he's found on Lorenzo so far. Spinelli says that Lorenzo is making a lot of calls to a different phone number and Jason thinks it must be Craig. As they are talking, Spinelli is looking at his computer screen and suddenly notices that Craig's phone is "moving" up Roscrans Blvd. Jason says "that's Carly's street!" He tells Spinelli to go tell Sonny and then races out the door.

    Craig calls Lorenzo while he's driving. He asks how it's possible that Jason Morgan just tried to ambush him when he's supposed to be dead? Lorenzo says that his people are in place and the hit will happen soon. Craig says that if Jason and Sonny aren't dead soon, Lorenzo will be. Lorenzo asks where he's going and Craig says that he's going someplace safe until he hears otherwise.

    Sam is on set talking to the camera about how women can defend themselves against the abusive men they live with. Amelia directs the actor to go after Sam hard and then tells Sam to react accordingly. As the actor suddenly turns into an angry man and starts roughing her up, Sam does exactly what Amelia thinks she will -- she grabs a shotgun and says "Don't come any closer or I will shoot your head off!"

    Lorenzo is speaking in Spanish on the phone as Skye enters the room. He hangs up and tells Skye that things are getting dangerous. He says that he's going back to Curacaos and wants to take Lila -- and her with him.

    Sonny enters the warehouse and finds Coop and Maxi drinking coffee and waiting to speak with him. He pushes past them to his office and then Spinelli comes busting in and tries to tell him that Craig is on his way to Carly's! Sonny doesn't hear him clearly because he sees that Jax has come to see him. He orders Spinelli out of the way so that Jax can come in. He walks right up to Sonny's desk and says "The man you know as James Craig is really my brother Jerry." Sonny just closes his eyes and shakes his head.

    Jerry keys into Jax and Carly's house and says, "Honey I'm home!" Carly is hiding behind the wall. Jason pops out from hiding, points his gun at Craig's head and prepares to shoot. Suddenly Carly runs in and stands between Craig and the gun. She tells Jason that he cannot shoot.


    Jason tells Carly that his father died because of Craig.

    She says, "You cannot kill Jax's brother."

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    Posted by dimples1977 at Friday, May 18 2007 03:12 PM

    Where is the real Carley? The irrational Carley that would have grabbed the gun out of Jason's hands and shot Jerry herself. Because that is what he deserves!!! I'm not sure what the powers that be think they are doing. Come on we all love and adore the old Carley this new personality is boarderline miss priss Elizabeth. Come on give us the old Carley back!!!

    Posted by Nurse_elena at Friday, May 18 2007 03:13 PM

    I really do not like Amelia

    Posted by jcrobinson at Friday, May 18 2007 03:16 PM

    I'd think that after seeing this re-enactment, Amelia would understand why Sam shot her cheating loser of a father!

    Posted by brwneyez at Friday, May 18 2007 03:21 PM

    Whoa...I missed a great show! Carly should sit down and let Jason do what needs to be done!

    Posted by ilovemorgans at Friday, May 18 2007 03:21 PM

    How long is Sam going to be oblivious to Amelia's true intentions? After she tried to get Liz and baby Jake on the show shouldn't she clue in? All her snide remarks to Sam about her father? I hate the way they turned Sam into such a weak character. Show is getting pretty boring.. I hope they come to some conclusion with this Jerry/Craig story. Please get back to Jason and Liz raising their baby! I love Maxie and Coop! Let's get the secrets out and move the stories along.

    Posted by ..NOT ready to make nice at Friday, May 18 2007 03:32 PM

    Today's show sounds good..I can't wait to find out more about Jerry/Jax and Sonny/Jason story..

    what would Alexis think when she finds out that Jerry is Craig....

    Its going to be sad when Lulu finds out about her dad raping her mom... Hopefully, Logan is there to comfort her..

    Posted by alissame1 at Friday, May 18 2007 05:08 PM

    Enjoyed viewing Ted King's performance today as always. Saddened to know there is only a day left to view this beautiful, talented and professional actor on G.H.'s screen. Also, ABC has lost myself as a viewer of G.H. now that T.K. is departing.

    Posted by lizette at Friday, May 18 2007 05:24 PM


    Posted by GHOLDIE at Friday, May 18 2007 06:50 PM

    The only thing that I can think of is that most of the girls on this site are young, unmarried, without children or insane... While I sympathize with Jason over losing his father and his child, he is a "stone-cold" assassin and anyone who thinks this type of person would make a wonderful father needs their head examined!! Lucky became addicted to pain pills while recovering from an accident while on duty as a police officer... his 'mistress' i.e. dealer used his addiction note that is a medical problem, to get him into bed.... liz who has lusted after Jason for ages cheated one him and then lied about "his child" though I still think Maxi probably switched the tests. While I no longer want Liz with Lucky, it is because HE deserved better, which ain't Sam. I am just hoping the tests show that the baby is Lucky's and he raises Jacob with a good woman who really loves him for "better or worse".

    Posted by wvoutlaw59 at Friday, May 18 2007 07:35 PM

    AMEN GHOLDIE!!!!!!I agree with you 100%

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