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    GH Recap: It Sucks.

    Friday, June 20 2014
    Maxie gets a ruling, Jordan wants an answer, and Sam worries about Nina.


    At the gallery, Jordan demands that Julian let her talk to their boss. He refuses. She threatens to walk so he reminds her of what happened when he tried to do that. Jordan continues to nag for a name. Before he can say anything, Mickey Diamond walks in and announces their boss sent him. He sends Jordan out. Julian doesn't like being spied on. Mickey threatens him and then explains that he needs to leave town on a business trip. After Julian leaves, Jordan rears her head and asks for information. Mickey doesn't give her any.

    At Alexis', Anna tells her that she's making a big mistake if she's still seeing Julian. TJ interrupts, looking for Molly. Alexis tells him she's gone to Sam's. After he leaves, Anna lays into the lawyer about Julian again. Alexis stands up for him and wonders if there's something she needs to know. The lawyer doesn't see any difference between her relationship and the commissioner's with Duke. Anna doesn't appreciate the comparison. She encourages her not to give up on her daughter over Julian. Once the cop is gone, Julian drops by to inform Alexis that he has to leave on business for a few days. She'll miss him.

    At Silas', Nina asks the doctor if Sam is having a hard time letting her dead husband go. She points out that Sam hasn't taken off her ring. He says she'll do it when she's ready. They look at the cracked glass plaque she gave him when he graduated. The doctor explains the crack was her mother's doing. She encourages him to have a wonderful time with Sam. Once he leaves, she squints and lifts herself out of the wheelchair. She screams and holds the plaque. She flashes back to trashing his apartment.

    At Sam's, she fills Molly in about the Silas and Nina situation. "That would suck," Molly summarizes. Sam is disturbed by how understanding Nina has been. It seems passive-aggressive. TJ shows up and Molly runs into his arms. He pays his condolences and has flowers. "It sucks," he says. Sam offers to cancel her date if Molly needs her. Her sister encourages her to go out and have a good time. TJ tells Molly that his mom chose Julian over him too. Sam gets changed. Her sister tells her how great she looks. Silas shows up. "Wow," he says when he spots Sam. He tells her Nina just wants them to be happy.

    Maxie stands up in the courtroom to beg the judge to let her be part of her daughter's life. The judge lets Nathan step down. He won't allow Maxine visitation yet. He has to reconsider the evidence. During the recess, Levi leaves to breathe. Nathan wonders why Maxie wouldn't let him help her. She didn't want him to perjure himself. Levi returns and hopes that Nathan hasn't ruined things by lying. The judge comes back with his ruling. He doesn't think Maxie is a better person, even if she spends time with dolphins. The original ruling is held up and he offers to revisit it in six months. "I lost Georgie again," Maxie mutters. Levi promises they can get through this and says she needs to breathe. She wants to scream and storms out. Nathan stops Levi from running after her. They accuse each other of being responsible for this.

    Dante returns home to a messy apartment. He finds Lulu sleeping on the floor. She wakes up drooling. They chat about Maxie and her hearing. Then about Nathan having a crush on her. He picks the food out of her hair and they make out. The cop wonders if she's ready for another baby and double the diapers. "Double the love," she says. They make out some more and then he has to leave for work. Lulu talks to the baby about how much she loves him. Maxie shows up. She's distraught and can't speak. They hug.

    Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly issues a warning to Ava.

    Kiki helps Franco babysit Josslyn.

    Lulu is by Maxie's side after the custody verdict.

    Nathan accuses Levi of something.

    Silas admits he feels uncomfortable that Sam still wears her wedding ring.

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    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by suzyjen at Friday, June 20 2014 12:15 PM

    I am a serious Michele Stafford fan. I love her on GH!

    Posted by ah76 at Friday, June 20 2014 12:18 PM

    I wasn't surprised to see that Nina can walk or that she was the one who trashed Silas's apartment.I'm beginning to think the first time we saw Nina when she woke up saying Silas's name wasn't her waking up from her coma.My guess is she's been out of the coma for a lot longer she says she has been and has access to some of her money.Plus i'm wondering if she had something to do with that pharmacist identifying Silas as the one who picked up the prescription and even his death.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, June 20 2014 12:21 PM

    Wow, the truth is out. Nina came out of a 20 year coma fully functional and h@ll bent on revenge. GMAB.
    We all knew this was coming. Next, she's going to go all Lisa Niles on Sam.
    She is going to be one nasty Britch.
    Poor Maxie, another six months to wait. There is no reason Spin couldn't take videos of Georgie to send to her and possibly Skype with Maxie so she could have some interaction with Georgie.
    Going to be interesting to see how this Micky Diamond character develops.

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, June 20 2014 12:22 PM

    I was so right when I SPECULATED the other day that Nina "would rise from the wheelchair"--we didn't need to read a spoiler to make that prediction, did we? Another crazy women on the "rise" on GH (sigh).

    Posted by Moo dance at Friday, June 20 2014 12:30 PM

    ah76 ~ great post! I also wonder if Madeline may have been helping Nina with the revenge on Silas.

    Posted by boomkattack at Friday, June 20 2014 12:37 PM

    Great episode, I knew Nina was a lot more functional then she was letting on. I can't wait to see her "inner Phyllis" unleashed! Maxie needs to dump that Levi guy, he's so freaking annoying. Its about time for her and Nathan to be together, I love them as a couple.

    Posted by phbatl at Friday, June 20 2014 12:38 PM

    Good ending to today's show....whoever called it that Nina could walk was on point. Just don't like the redo of a Lisa Niles stalker s/l with Silas being the last to get a clue just like Patrick did.

    Feel so bad for Maxie..but it was funny the way she looked at Levi like he was crazy and said she didn't wanna breath. Can't wait till Nathan tells her it was Levi that told the judge. Time for him to go.

    The new mob guy makes Julian look like the punk he is.

    Posted by Cynic at Friday, June 20 2014 12:39 PM

    Julian Jerome really needs to find another job. As a mobster he is hopeless. He should take a tip from Mickey Diamond who set Jordan straight within seconds of arriving. She only needs to know as much as she needs to know, and if she goes blabbing to anyone, repeat anyone, she will suffer the consequences. She will be meeting the fate of Adriana in the Sopranos. Mickey does not trust Jordan, and I don't blame him.

    Can anyone of you who are familiar with the police tell me if an officer spends two years in jail to cover up his/her DEA connection? IF Jordan is a DEA agent, she must also be a sworn police officer and have gone to the police academy. no one has checked her story so far.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, June 20 2014 12:42 PM

    It's gotta be weird for a young man like TJ to see Sam come down the stairs with most of her breasts hanging out and not stare or drool a bit.
    I just don't think it's necessary to show that much boob.....

    NancyM: I said the same thing about Nina. Big shocker that one.
    The fun part will be Nina and her mom planning together.
    It WAS a surprise that she was the one that trashed Silas's house.

    Maxie says : I don't want to breath, I want to scream" too funny!

    Now we have to watch Julian be a chump to another "boss".
    Alexis WAKE UP!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, June 20 2014 12:42 PM

    I think Levi told on Nathan. There was only the four who knew and Levi is jealous of Nathan and probably wants Nathan to leave the apt. I really thought Maxi would be able to visit Georgie in Portland.

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