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    GH Recap: All Mobbed Up.

    Wednesday, June 11 2014
    Sabrina reacts strangely to the upcoming funeral, Sam offers to find the hit and run driver, and Rafe punches TJ.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, June 11 2014 11:23 PM

    I don't think Anna knew anything in advance about the shooting. I think that was just Idiot Ric making a break for it. While some people are interpreting Anna's strong insistence on keeping Ric incommunicado as an indication that she knew something was about to happen, I saw it as her wanting to keep Molly and Liz away from him in order to prevent Ric from spilling the beans about Anna's “confidentially foxy informant.” She probably wanted to get him somewhere safe until she could convince him to play the part of the patsy. Of course, nothing makes a guy look more guilty than a jailbreak, so he's doing a great job.

    Of course, we could all be completely wrong, and that shot was Morgan, in a lame attempt to prove that he could protect Ava just as well as Sonny can, accidentally shooting Max (AGAIN!) after mistaking him for someone trying to kidnap Ava, when he was actually just putting her in the car.

    Posted by NonaV at Thursday, June 12 2014 01:26 AM

    Morning, all. Insomnia hits, so here I am.

    Tess, thank you for the glimpse of Anna, Sam and spring wardrobe.

    Cards1, agree with your thoughts. To Nina, it's still 1990-something, and she knows Silas was cheating, shouldn't she be angry? How long had she known of his affair, before her coma? Seems she'd expect explanations from Silas as to his intentions and feelings, just SOME sort of conversation about it, before deciding to continue the marriage and sweeping that under the rug.

    Do we know how far pregnant she was?

    Wouldn't Nina have some memory loss, having been unconscious for so many years?

    I'm not thrilled with this Lulu SL, it hits a little too close to home, I guess. I'm 41 and have had miscarriages and invasive procedures, trying for a first baby, for a few years. So I too wonder why Lulu can't just be incredibly grateful to have Rocco--imagine just having a child dropped into your lap, and it so happens to be your own bio child! That's miraculous...only in soapland! Why get greedy, after that? (ridiculous name, Rocco, IMO. I loved that fake Luke said so! LOL) Seems awfully convenient of the writers just to claim misdiagnosis, for Lulu, so she can still carry a baby. That isn't realistic, and it really, really bothers me.

    As for character likes and dislikes, I'm still forming opinions. I don't think I hate anyone, but I wouldn't be sorry if Sonny and his stuttering speech simply disappeared. Morgan's voice just grates on my ear. Brad and his triangle love woes bore me, perhaps because I didn't see the beginning of it.

    Obrecht and offspring are interesting to watch. Villains always are.

    Tracy is my favorite character, so far, and that's due to seeing old clips on Ytube. I love her humor, there was a clip in which she was laughing at Luke's mention of the ice princess (from 2013. "A rock on a stick?!") As I had the same reaction when reading about that crazy storyline, I liked her, at once. I like her personality, I like that she's sharp and outspoken, and I love her relationship with Luke. I hope she comes home safely, and soon, but that wouldn't make for much drama.

    LovelyMarlena, ah, I wondered if your username referred to *that* Marlena. I remember her--is she still on Days? In the 80s, during summers and holidays, my sister and I watched it with my mom--such nice memories, now--and I remember Marlena as a favorite of mine.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Thursday, June 12 2014 02:18 AM

    Hello NonaV: please first let me give you a belated but sincere welcome to the site. I have enjoyed reading your posts the last few days.

    I'm up late too on the west coast. Couldn't sleep so picked up my phone to check our favorite GH site and saw your post. Yes Deidre Hall is still playing Marlena on "Days of Our Lives" as Vibrant as ever.
    Ken Corday, in his infinite wisdom, decided to get rid of Marlena and John Black from the canvas of DOOL back in 2008 and that was when I came back and starting watch GH full time. Ken brought Deidre's Marlena and Drake's John back to DOOL in I think 2011 but it was not the same so I stayed with GH.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Thursday, June 12 2014 05:25 AM

    lily hunter, I do not like Ava because she is depraved and while she loves some, her love is not the deep abiding love we feel for our own. The only one she truly loves is herself, and she would risk the lives of others to save her own skin. Her soul is black, but we are supposed to believe that she and Sonny had that disgusting crypt tryst because of her guilt over having killed Connie. That would mean she has a conscience, and I don't think she is ever sorry for anything she does. She will always finds a reason to justify her actions, even if her reason make no sense to anybody else.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Thursday, June 12 2014 05:34 AM


    bayoubtr, we are in a rainy cycle right now, and I have not been able to do much yard work. Before the rain hit, I digging our privets and planting rose bushes. I came in looking like I had taken a shower. I live one state up from you! The temps have not gotten as high as they are usually at this time, but I am afraid that will change next week. Humidity has always been bad here. When I moved here, I used to wear false eyelashes but they kept falling off due to the humidity! My family still laughs about this! We have had flash-flood warnings and golfball sized hail and strong gale much as I know we need the rain, I would prefer an afternoon shower and none of the storms we've been having!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, June 12 2014 06:10 AM


    Lovethosedimples-- You're in Arkansas? I don't know why I thought you were up on the east coast. I sympathize with you on the humidity! The past few days have been brutal. When I breathe outside it feels like I'm drowning. We have some new roses to be planted, but I can't keep hubs out of the boat long enough to dig. I laughed so hard at your false eyelash story!!!

    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, June 12 2014 06:58 AM

    Lily hunter...Your question is a difficult one as my list of favourite characters is much longer than the characters I 'hate'. My favourite characters are women, men, good and bad, young and old, and the best answer I can come up with is that I have to give the credit to their portrayer. I can't relate to many of these characters on a personal basis, other than the odd news story, or shows like Jerry Springer. as they are a mix of mobsters, criminals, serial killers, or the centre of WTD story lines, baby switches, and love triangles. Coincidentally, many of my favourite characters could also be considered the underdogs, and I'll go to bat and defend them and their actions as much as I can.
    The characters I 'hate' are those that make life difficult for my faves, but that could be only as long as they are in a story together, and if my fave can forgive their actions, so can I.

    Have a great day everybody.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Thursday, June 12 2014 07:14 AM

    Good Morning - just watched the epi and I thought it was REALLY the old school tradition...what a soap opera should be...well paced, pitch perfect dramatic flair, entertaining escapism. I give it an A- and a hat tip.

    I concur with one poster who mentioned Lante's (with LuLu clearly leading the charge) pursuit of another baby when they have just been blessed with Rocco. I tend to agree. First of all from a staging and scheduling point of view...we don't need another filler SL. I think we have plenty of pots boiling over on an overcrowded stove. Why can't we let this couple be blissed out with joy over their precious son Rocco. In their spare time, take on the project of finding a larger apartment/house to accomodate Rocco, and their long prayed for expanding "family" status. Planning Rocco's room would be such a sweet and fun experience for LuLu...creating memories....talking to Rocco about it as she plans his just makes me kind of sad that LuLu can't settle down and enjoy these small details that are fleeting. Sometimes that's where the real treasures in life can be found.

    Posted by sfcom at Thursday, June 12 2014 07:32 AM

    I think I'm like scrimmage. the characters I like would be people I would hang out with or has respect for. sometimes the character development changes my mind. dr. O didn't like but I like her now she's very intelligent and her evilness is usually tied with someone she loves Faison, Britt not usually for herself unless it's for self survival. Ava is all about Ava. I don't like that in a person.

    I could hang with Felicia, epiphany, Liz, Felix, lucas, corinthos boys, Anna, Diane, Sabrina. Maxie. dr o even brad. oh, yeah Nathan with only towel on.

    Lucy too crazy for me. lulu too self centered. Levi bad vibes.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Thursday, June 12 2014 08:02 AM

    Lily Hunter ~ I'm in agreement with Scrimmage, and sfcom, and others who base their likes/dislikes on who you would actually want to spend your time with. My list of likes would include Ned, Mac, Kevin, Frodd, Duke, Molly, Diane, and Tracey and Anna as they were several months ago. I find this group interesting, as they are smart, witty, and have demonstrated they are capable of engaging in a 2-way, intelligent conversation. It's not just about them all the time. I adhere to the motto: you have to be a friend, to have a friend. I think the above group might feel likewise.

    While I am sympathetic to some characters who may be 'struggling', and find others physically attractive, if I sense spending time with someone would not be mutually rewarding, or would actually be burdensome, I'll take a pass.

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