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    GH Recap: All Mobbed Up.

    Wednesday, June 11 2014
    Sabrina reacts strangely to the upcoming funeral, Sam offers to find the hit and run driver, and Rafe punches TJ.

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    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, June 11 2014 08:17 PM


    Lovelymarlena-- Our weather is way too humid at this point. To go outside right now means getting wet, even though you didn't run into any water.

    Posted by Piglet222 at Wednesday, June 11 2014 08:26 PM

    I posted earlier an I'm wondering WHY Kevin was not around to offer assistance he is still on staff right (writers missed that completely). I think Anna an Nathan came up with a ruse for ric that's why no one could see him until he got to the court house. Silas looked SO uncomfortable kissing Nina, no chemistry did she really think after 20yrs that she could pick up where they left off he cheated for heavens sake. Patrick almost spilt the beans about Jason (interruption) of course. Can't wait til Nina finds out Ava is in town, I'm sure Nina will be walking around by then

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, June 11 2014 08:40 PM

    ***off topic***

    Pemi – That sounds wonderful. What a unique memory for you and all those kids, especially during what could very well turn out to be a pivotal time in our nation's history, considering the remarkable confluence of events we're experiencing, both here and abroad.

    I'm reminded of a time back in August of 1984, when my older sister was a manager at the Dallas Convention Center, downtown. That year, it was the site for the 1984 Republican National Convention that nominated President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H. W. Bush for reelection. She was there for the whole thing, but she was too busy to take it all in, seeing to the needs of her particular clients in the media.

    I, on the other hand, got her to let me in there the day AFTER the convention. Everything was still in place, exactly like it had appeared on TV, but the arena was all but deserted. No security, no press, no sweaty conventioneers with buttons pinned to their hats and suspenders. Just the clean up crew, popping balloons, and sweeping up what must've been tons of colorful debris left behind. I walked up on the stage to the very spot where President Reagan gave his acceptance speech. As I stood where he stood, looking out at row after row of empty seats, festooned with red, white, and blue bunting, while a few workers folded up chairs under tall, rectangular banners of every state in the union, I imagined what it must've been like for him to see all those seats filled with people cheering, and shouting his name, while balloons and confetti – which were still EVERYWHERE – fell to the sounds of country singer Lee Greenwood singing his brand new song, “God Bless the USA,” which had just debuted earlier that year.

    I got away with a few cool souvenirs too! I found a mirror and a water pitcher, both with the name, place and date of the convention on them, and an old, beat-up microphone left behind by one of the broadcast networks, who were long gone. I've kept all that stuff to this day.

    There's nothing like a fond memory.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, June 11 2014 09:07 PM

    Lily hunter - “Hate” is such an ugly, powerful, and overused word, I don't think I could ever apply it to any character on a TV show. I prefer to simply say that there are some characters that I like, and others that I don't. For me, it's based entirely on how I would likely react if I were to meet them (or someone with their personalities) in real life.

    Sometimes, a character will remind me of someone I HAVE met in real life, and I will often judge them on that basis, for better or worse. For instance, I think I'd get along pretty well with guys as disparate as Ned, Mac, Luke, and even Frodd, but humorless guys like Sonny, Ick, Nikolas, and Ric, not so much. Same with the ladies, but I'm far too much of a gentleman to name names.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, June 11 2014 09:29 PM

    OT: pemi
    Congratulations to your daughter and what a special ceremony she had that I am sure she will treasure. I hope you were allowed to take your camera in. I do scrapbooking so I would have took many pictures. Also for trips and special events I write in my journal so would have brought that as well. Thank you for telling us about it.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Wednesday, June 11 2014 09:35 PM


    Pemi what a wonderful, treasured expirence for you and your daughter. You will both remember this day forever. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, June 11 2014 09:41 PM

    lily hunter...very hard question to answer. I have characters I like more then others, but at times I am disappointed in them for some things they go do. As for hate...hummm I do not hate any character. I also like some of the villians as they add spice to the show.

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, June 11 2014 10:01 PM

    pemi,glad you had a special day with your daughter.
    You made some good memories.
    poodles,it's been warm and a little rainy. Some are having
    bad rain and heavy winds.
    Again Happy Birthday Tula Rose,such a beautiful name.
    Today Lacey enrolled my g.grand Ava in 4 year
    kindergarten. She will be 5 on Oct.8 so she missed
    5 year by a hair. A

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, June 11 2014 10:07 PM


    poodles, I was going to say Ava loves kitty's but
    she has allergy's so bad. She had one for about a day
    and she got really sick. So my friend who loves them
    took her. Ava was so sad. Hope your mom enjoys her visit
    with you and the girls.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Wednesday, June 11 2014 11:10 PM

    Lily I have to say I never disliked Sam but all the Sam vs Liz and who was best for Jason just about drove me over the edge and I hated that. I liked Kelly M. from before with Michael E. On Port Charles so I like the actress and I guess that's why I really like her with Michael E.

    I understand the protectiveness of your couple as my doppleganger name Lovelymarlena is for Deidre Hall's beautiful Marlena Evans Black on "Days Of Our Lives" . DOOL tried to break up she and John Black on the show with Kate Roberts and up and until then I liked the character Kate. I started to hate Kate from then on and couldn't stand Kate and John as a couple so I get where all that animosity comes from but it's just not pleasant to expirence when your favorite character is involved. For me it was Liz and I didn't even want her involved with Jason and the writers loved all the anger and tirades as it fed their egos and they sucked it up.

    Now that it seems there will be a return of Jason and I truly do not look forward to it if that s/l starting up again as it was hard to come to the boards and read. I had to skip so many posts. Really hope they bring back Jason for Sam and Danny and leave Liz out of it this time. I don't want to we a repeat if what happened before.

    Currently I can't stand creepy Nina. Silas looks like wants run out the room and is being torn up by the guilt of it. I have never liked Tracy because of what she did back in the day to daddy Edward and snobbish attitude to everyone who she thinks are beneath her socially and birthright wise. Liz I will always forgive and like because she and Lucky made such a great couple when they first met. Liz had spunk back then and to make an opposite quote than Mary Tyler Moore's boss "I Like Spunk"

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