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    GH Recap: You Didn't Choose Us.

    Tuesday, June 10 2014
    Liz has a change of mind, Anna learns that she's made a mistake, and Sonny has some doubts.


    At the hospital, Brad moans to Britt about Lucas and Felix. She doesn't bother faking sympathy and stares at Liz hugging Nik across the hall. When the prince heads for the elevator, Britt tries talking to him but he snubs her and leaves. Britt blames Liz for all of this. She heads straight to the nurse and starts mocking her for being 'thirsty' for a man to rebound with. The women bicker until Diane interrupts. Britt walks off. The lawyer reminds the nurse that they had an appointment to discuss Ric. Liz has decided there is too much evidence against him. Diane tells her it's all circumstantial. Liz still doesn't want to get involved. "This is all about you," Diane declares. She explains that Liz is just repeating what happened with AJ and will regret it. Liz gives in. Meanwhile, Brad gets back to ranting about the Lucas situation to Britt. She tells him neither of them is going to get back the people they love. He assures her that there is still something she can do. She needs to change her tactics if she wants Nik back and that means fighting dirty. It's time to bring 'the Britch' back.

    Molly is at Kelly's worrying about her dad. Her mom lists everything Ric is being charged with. Molly is still sure he's innocent but Alexis thinks all of the evidence contradicts that. Her daughter is determined to prove he's innocent and storms off. She runs into TJ outside. He doesn't like her getting close to Ric either. She defends her dad and he hopes Ric isn't like his mom. Molly suggests he give Jordan a chance. Back inside, Alexis is talking to Nikolas about Liz. She accuses him of clearing the way to get her back.

    Ric paces in his cell and thinks of Liz. Sonny drops by and says he should have killed him when he had the chance. Ric yells that he is being set up and Sonny is still in danger. Sonny walks out. Later, Molly shows up. He swears that he's innocent. She believes him and promises he will get out. Ric says that leaving her was the worst thing he ever did. Upstairs, Duke startles Anna in her office while she's gloating on the phone about her big bust. She gets off the phone. He tells her about his trip and then wonders why she let Julian out. The cop explains it was part of a deal to get Ric. Duke is not impressed by her choice. "You didn't choose us," he says. He's furious and storms out, bumping into Sonny in the other room. Duke has something urgent to discuss with him. Sonny assures him that Julian 'will get his'. The mobster admits he doubts Ric is his real enemy.

    In the park, Julian informs Jordan that he's back at work thanks to their boss. She's confused so he explains that Ric has never been his boss. He explains why he handed in a scapegoat. He's surprised that she's not eager to get back to work. She doubts it's a wise move right now and demands to know who he is really working for. Julian refuses to explain so she refuses to go back to work. "That'll go over about as well as my attempt to retire," he says. She caves. As soon as he walks off, she calls Anna to say they have a problem. They meet up and Jordan recaps what happened with Julian. This means she has to keep her cover and can't tell TJ the truth. Moments later, TJ calls.

    Anna returns to the station to visit Ric in his cell.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    There is a shooting

    Silas has a hard time with the truth.

    Rafe is disturbed by a memory.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:17 PM

    I feel like a cheerleader today. I found myself thinking “Go Molly, GO!” followed by “Go Duke, GO!” and then “Go Diane, GO!” It;s great when these people assert themselves, instead of being so wishy-washy and stupid. I loved it when Diane said she's have to charge Liz, and rightly so, and I really liked the grown up style argument between Anna and Duke. They may be furious with one another, but at no time did I get the impression that they love each other any less, or that their relationship was in danger. I was also rooting for a Gen-u-wine catfight between Liz and Britt, but I had to settle for some hi-grade, two-way snark.

    Why is Foxy not recording every conversation she has with Ick? It's probably because she's an amateur, playing cops and robbers. At any rate, I'm glad we didn't have to wait weeks before she let Anna know she was holding the wrong man. Anna's probably going to enlist Ric's help in bringing down Ick and Fluke by getting him to play along with a fake prosecution. I wonder if she'll tell Duke? He's about to hear Sonny's doubts about the case against his brother as well. That would team up Anna, Duke, Ric, Sonny, Molly, and the incredible Diane on the side of good! How cool would THAT be?

    Wow! Britt looks good today, but I could've done without the extreme close-ups of Ric and Liz in the flashback to their sex scene.

    It's funny how everybody keeps bringing up AJ to make Liz and Sonny feel guilty.

    There were some great scenes today. We had a wonderful father-daughter scene with Ric and Molly, and the scenes between Alexis and Nikolas, and Britt and Brad were well done, and entertaining. Is “The Britch” coming back? I can't wait! I couldn't believe some of the description they had for Elizabeth. “The sniveling, passive aggressive china doll,” and “Nurse Weepy Criesalot.” Could that be an indication of how the writers view this character?

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:25 PM

    Scrimmage beat me to it, and yes, Duke and Molly rock! For that matter so does Diane!

    Britt is about to revert to her Britch persona, and Liz will feel her wrath without a doubt. Nathan is going to see what a creep he has in this sister. I think it won't be long before Nina fits right in with Britt. Yuk.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:26 PM

    I about fell outta my chair. Sonny is still stupid, just not as stupid as I thought he was.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:28 PM

    Really Bitt? You lost Nik because of Liz? Really? Grow up and face the facts that your LIES is what cost you the prince.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:29 PM


    Posted by enuf at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:30 PM

    I don't want to see Britt become the Britch. I was hoping her and Nick would get back together.
    Yea for Molly!!

    Posted by HisAlways at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:31 PM

    I wonder how they plan to handle what Julian told Jordan who in turn told Anna today regarding Ric? We already knew Ric was not the head of the Jerome crime family. They may need to fake a death to weed out crazy Fluke the real boss.

    Way to go Molly defending her father. Alexis is too far gone with Julian to believe that Ric was not lying. She will be in for a rude awakening when this finally comes out that Julian was lying and threw Ric under the bus in the name of saving his family. He is trying to protect them but using Ric as the scapegoat is not going to win him points when it does come out..

    Is the Britch back? Brad is going to help her win back Nikolas but will it work? He is still pining for Lucas and Felix is right there so let's see what happens there.

    Duke is pissed off that Anna let Jerome go and will go back to work with Sonny to bring him down. He believes Ric is behind the Jeromes but Sonny is questioning it.

    SO......someone gets shot will it be Ric??

    Posted by phbatl at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:33 PM

    Yeah go girl! You have so much more sense than Alexis, it's actually sad. Now we got Sonny wandering too....

    Well, well Anna as much as I love you, you gotta wipe that egg off your face...what to do, what to do... You can't tell Duke that's a conflict. But I did love the way Duke called Anna out on her double standard.

    I already don't like Brit anyway, if the Britch comes back I'll be fast forwarding through that. Don't like how evil characters always get away with everything.

    Good one Nick for calling out Brit and Brad when you got on the elevator...haha

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:35 PM

    When Nik hears that Liz is backing Ric, he will think he has no chance with Liz and will fall prey to the Britch yet again. The problem with Nik is that he is just too much of a nice guy and I can't stand to see him getting hurt yet again.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:36 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Brit has no right to accuse Elizabeth of trying to rebound and get back with Nikolas, because if she had things her way, and I bet you if she didn't find out that she and Nathon were brother and sister, I'm sure they would have been a couple, as a rebound too, and look! Brit's still pining for Nikolas anyway. . I'm glad though that Elizabeth listened to Dianne. I know that they're gonna find out that Rick had been set up, and for once, he is innocent.

    Speaking of Rick's innocence, you can't falt Molly for wanting to believe her father's innocent, especially seeing as how hypocritical her mother is. I mean, Alexis is so quick to defend Sonny or anyone having to do with Kristina or Sam, but what about Molly. Is she just supposed to come to her own conclusions by herself? Well, I hope that both Molly and Elizabeth will be able to work together and prove Rick's innocence. If nothing else, or if they can't, now that Anna knows that there's a problem, she'll be able to get Rick off or at least out of Jail. I don't like Elizabeth and Rick, but Rick needs to be set free, because for once in his miserable life, he's done nothing wrong.

    Other than that, not much to really comment on.

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