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    GH Recap: My Mother Is Having My Ex-Husband's Baby?

    Friday, June 06 2014
    Olivia gets some unwelcome news, Nina has a lot of questions, and Carly asks Franco to do something.


    Franco is in the park trying to get people to let him sketch them. Olivia shows up and swipes the money in his hat to pay for the damage he did to her hotel. She runs off. He has a fit and rips up his drawings. Carly shows up. She's been worrying about Morgan and fills him in about the Ava situation. Franco complains about Liv stealing the money he made from painting blind kids. She sits for her caricature. He thinks it sucks. She's shocked that it's a perfect likeness of Olivia. Franco feels worthless. She doesn't care what he does for work, she just loves him. Carly asks him to move in with her so he can start over again. They kiss.

    Morgan drops by his brother's place to see Kiki. She senses something is wrong. It's her mother. He breaks the pregnancy news. Kiki has to sit down. "My mother is having my ex-husband's baby?" she asks. He points out it could be Sonny's. Kiki gets nauseous. She wonders if he can forgive her mom for the sake of the baby.

    At Maxie's, Nathan runs out of the shower to get his phone. It's just a telemarketer. He's miffed. He thought it was his sister. He spills the sister/cousin news to Maxie. She thanks him for going out of his way to help her at the courthouse and wishes she could help him. Levi interrupts and complains about the cop dripping on the floor. Nathan goes off to get dressed and Maxie tells Levi that she has changed her mind about seeing her daughter. They argue about this and she tells him what a help the cop has been. Levi can't believe she lied to a judge. "I did," Nathan points out as he interrupts. After the cop leaves, Levi asks Maxie if something is going on between them. She insists there isn't.

    Over the phone, Silas tells Sam that he needs to tell Nina about them. He gets off the line when Nina wheels into his living room. She wonders why Silas wasn't in bed with her. He starts making coffee and she talks about how much things have changed. The doctor suggests they call her brother but she's not ready for that. "We loved each other right?" she asks. He confirms it and she asks him to help her onto the sofa. As he holds her up, they nearly kiss. Rafe interrupts. Silas explains who he is and Rafe offers to stay at Sam's for awhile. After Rafe leaves, Nina wonders if there is something she needs to know about Sam. He's about to explain when Kiki shows up. The doctor has to explain that she's his daughter.

    Alexis and Julian have lunch with Sam and Danny at Kelly's. They rehash the Nina situation. Julian complains. He apologizes to Sam for not being there as her father but hopes she'll let him try. She agrees and he leaves. Nathan walks in and Sam tips him off about Nina being alive.

    Max drags Ava into Sonny's front room. He wanders off and the mob boss tells her she's moving in and Max will be her shadow until the baby is born. "Then I'm going to kill you," he says. He lets her leave with Max to get her stuff. Later, Olivia shows up. She tells Sonny they need to find a way to be around each other for Dante's sake. The mobster wants her back. Liv still loves him but doubts they can make it work. He takes her hand and pulls her close. She says they can't rush things. Sonny starts to explain there is a complication. Ava saunters in and announces she's moving in. This doesn't go over well and the pregnancy news makes it worse. Sonny doesn't see the big deal. Liv tells him to go to Hell and storms out. "It was all your idea. I'm going to make myself at home," Ava says. A little later, Morgan shows up and tells his father that he's off the hook. He still cares about Ava and wants to do right by the baby. Ava strolls back in complaining about the lack of closet space. Morgan looks confused.

    Rafe goes to the park and buys a gram from a drug dealer.

    Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Julian feels conflicted again.

    Jordan wants to come clean.

    Sonny and Ava bicker.

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    Posted by jumps at Friday, June 06 2014 12:22 PM

    Is Sonny really that naive or he is just too stupid?

    Posted by jumps at Friday, June 06 2014 12:22 PM

    Poor Silas, he really tried to tell Nina about Sam, but kept getting interrupted.

    Posted by ladyofhearts at Friday, June 06 2014 12:33 PM

    Thanks, writers, for now making another savvy woman on GH a total idiot. Moving nuFranco in with you and Joss? No brains, Carly. Jax will have something to say about that. And Jason would kick your butt to Timbuktu.

    Sam, Silas, and Nina...yawn. I have nothing invested in these characters. Who cares? Michelle, you left Y&R for this?

    I have NEVER liked Sonny (the character). Mob bosses and their hit men should have to pay for their crimes, even in Soapland and they never do on GH....His "I don't see the big deal" to Oblivia? That's your problem, Sonny. You wreck people's lives and act like it's no big deal. Run, Oblivia, run!

    Posted by zphib_96 at Friday, June 06 2014 12:39 PM

    First off, why wasn't Danny in a BOOSTER CHAIR instead of a HIGH CHAIR? He was so uncomfortable and looked like an overstuffed kid in that high chair. I'm sure the child playing Danny couldn't wait for his scenes to be done.

    When Julian kissed Sam before leaving, Alexis was beaming. I swear when all of the lies come crashing down on her, she's going to feel like a complete idiot.

    When does Levi exit left? He's boring and I don't see why he's still around. Now that Maxie told him that Nathan lied to the judge, I wonder if Levi will use that bit of information against Nathan?

    Sonny...why oh why didn't you just come out and tell Olivia that Ava shot Connie and THAT'S the real reason you're keeping her around. Yeah she's pregnant and you don't know if you're the baby daddy but c'mon! Quit being so secretive! And Morgan needs to know about Connie, too. Sonny isn't looking to "mobster" these days; more like SLOW.

    Scrimmage you called it yesterday when you said Nina and Silas have ZERO chemistry. I thought the same thing and today really confirmed it. When they did the "almost" kiss I saw NOTHING between them. Nina's taking everything about Silas' past all in and again, like I said yesterday, once she does, Michelle Stafford is going to take the character from "nice" to "b!tch" in 1 second. Sam better get her "groove" back in place because she's going to need it against Nina.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, June 06 2014 12:48 PM

    IMHO, the reason Sonny is not telling the truth is that he does NOT want to go to jail for killing AJ. Period. End of story! He is saving his backside!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, June 06 2014 12:50 PM

    Gotta disagree. IMHO, everyone has chemistry with Michael Easton, even Michelle Stafford.

    Posted by zphib_96 at Friday, June 06 2014 12:51 PM

    Oh yeah, forgot about Carly and Franco. I'm not a lover of their coupling; I actually thought she was better with Shawn but oh well. Anyway, her relationship with him seems "thirsty" (desperate). And now she's moving him in with her, a man who has no job, no nothing. Yep, welcome to the "thirsty club" Carly.

    Posted by wide awake in sleepy eye at Friday, June 06 2014 12:51 PM

    LOVED almost everything about the episode today. Good story-lines, good dialogues, great acting. If this show was written like this every day; the ratings would sky rocket. I loved it when Smoldering Sonny "bit the bullet"---metoforically speaking only!---and told Olivia regretfully about Ava's pregnancy (usually this kind of news would take several episodes in soap opera days before this secret could be revealed because of phone calls, door bells, or other annoying interuptions that rarey happen in "real" life when somebody is trying to tell the truth- so kudos to the writing team for that.)And kind,loving, forgiving,Olivia was almost ready to forgive and forget until Ava decided to make Sonny squirm a little more and inform Olivia tht she's moving in with Sonny. Loved Olivia's best line of the day delivery: "If you think I'm going to let your baby mama-grandma live here, you can go to hell!

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, June 06 2014 12:56 PM

    Not a cliffhanger Friday, but definitely an episode with drama, fireworks and comedy. It also looks like Max may be back. I hope to see at least one scene with Max and Diane.
    Carly and Franco were in top form today, and I think life is going to get interesting for Franco, or at best a challenge, now that he's going to move into Carly's house.

    I found it a little hard to swallow that Olivia would even consider getting back with Sonny, and I don't know what scenario Sonny was picturing inviting Olivia to come back to live with him, and the woman who could possibly be carrying his child.
    Glad that plan was blown all to pieces.

    What a cute little Jerome family breakfast at Kelly's, but the only thought I had, is what a fake Julian is, and how foolish Alexis is going to feel when she learns the truth. On a shallow note, I also thought Sam looked well put together today.

    I'm also betting Sam will just forget about the missing money in her wallet, or just brush it off all together.

    The timely interruptions are prolonging Silas telling Nina the truth about his relationship with Sam. I also can't take much more of Nina's syrupy sweet talk.

    Maxie found her backbone, but I wish she hadn't given Levi all the facts about facing the judge. I can see Levi using the information against Maxie if he doesn't get what he wants, or thinks Nathan is stepping on his turf. Levi has to go.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, June 06 2014 01:01 PM

    I forgot about Kiki living with Silas. That will probably tick Nina off that Silas and Ava have a daughter

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