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    GH Recap: Ask My Dad.

    Monday, April 28 2014
    Carlos confesses, Sonny and Morgan argue, and Michael asks Kiki for a favor.

    At the PCPD, Franco and Carly tell Anna that he has something on Ava. She sends them into her office to wait while she talks to Nathan. He buys the story Britt told him about the crash. She's not totally convinced and orders him to take a hard line. He's about to tell her that the doctor is his sister when Franco and Carly call her in. In the cells, Carlos accuses Ava of running Sabrina off the road. She thinks his senses are warped. They argue. She accuses him of blabbing to Franco. He claims he said 'nada'. Ava suggests that she was behind the crash and issues another threat. After she leaves, he heads upstairs to talk to Anna before she's actually managed to talk to Franco. She won't let him talk to Sabrina until he gives her what she wants. Outside, Franco tells Carly that he's sure Carlos must be confessing. They spot Ava leaving the building. That doesn't bode well. Anna comes out and tells Nathan that Carlos just confessed to killing AJ.

    At the hospital, Sabrina cries to Felix for news about her baby. Epiphany comes in and assures her that 'a team of geniuses' is fighting to save the baby. Felix follows the head nurse out and questions her about the baby. She's vague and tells him to look after Sabrina. He goes back and tries keeping Sabrina in bed. She cries about her baby and begs for a chance to see him. Felix gets her a wheelchair. Down the hall, Patrick paces and relives the crash. He prays for his son's life. Britt arrives and gives him a hug. She checks in on the baby and then tells the father that the kid's chances are 50-50. Felix wheels Sabrina in. After she and Patrick go in to see the baby, Felix thanks Britt for helping his friend.

    Kiki drops by the mausoleum to see Michael. She tells him how much everyone cares about him. It's amazing to her that he's reconciled with his brother. He's anxious to catch his father's killer and urges her to try getting some answers out of Ava. She doesn't see how her mother could have been involved in this but agrees to try. The killing seems like it was personal to her. On the way out, she notices the earring on the floor.

    Morgan stumbles into the Metro Court to see Olivia. Sonny stalks in after him. Olivia wonders what's going on. "He completely destroyed my relationship with Ava," Morgan says. Sonny tries to stop him but Morgan rants. He prompts his father to explain everything to Olivia. The cops call and Liv leaves to take it. Sonny corners his son and Morgan taunts him. The mobster makes excuses and tells him not to hurt Olivia. Morgan thinks he's pathetic. Olivia returns and wants to know what's going on. "Ask my dad," Morgan says before walking away. Sonny claims that he just stepped in and ended their relationship. Liv doesn't understand how he did that.

    Ava heads back to her room. She calls Morgan and assures him that she loves him and what happened with Sonny was meaningless. She notices she's missing an earring.

    Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly and Franco remain determined to find out what Ava is hiding.

    Julian and Alexis share a romantic dinner but are interrupted by Morgan.

    Kiki probes Ava about Carlos.

    Shawn threatens to tell TJ about Jordan's past.

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    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Monday, April 28 2014 12:24 PM

    Carlos made the ultimate scrifice for the safety of Sabrina and her baby. He is most definitely a character that we could root for, to earn redemption for the things he may have done in the past for the Jeromes. That witch Ava glided out like a vampire getting ready to find new prey. Sonny, look out, you're next. She'll twist and turn her fangs into him, until he's a shell of the man he once was. Poor Olivia, find somebody else, because there is nothing Sonny can do to earn your forgiveness, as I think where he's concerned, you're all tapped out.

    Michael knows something isn't right with Ava concerning her part in the A.J.'s demise. Keep digging Michael, be like your mom, don't stop until you have the goods on her.

    I wish somebody would teach Teresa how to make he sobs sound more realist...when she does her spiel, it's like chalk scraping across a chalkboard to me.


    If you are in the path of the impending tornadoes, please be safe!

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Monday, April 28 2014 12:35 PM

    s/b: realistic

    Posted by Moo dance at Monday, April 28 2014 12:42 PM

    Morgan should have told Olivia and I was hopeful that was going to happen but instead more dragging. KiKi may figure it out since she found Ava's earring. I think Morgan will tell KiKi.

    How many interruptions did Anna have? Ridiculous! In one second Nathan could have said Britt is my sister. When is the PCPD going to solve a case???

    Posted by jumps at Monday, April 28 2014 12:45 PM

    Missed the show due to tornado warnings and watches.

    Amazes me how Sonny skates around everything!

    Posted by bikette at Monday, April 28 2014 12:56 PM

    OMG has Olivia always been this clueless?

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, April 28 2014 01:08 PM

    So what's the big deal about the earring? Ava can say she was there looking for Kiki. Or there paying her respects.

    Can't Patrick clear Britt? He saw the car in his mirror. Was it a man or woman? was it Britt's car?

    Britt is being redeemed with every one thanking her and hugging her.

    Stay safe everyone!

    Posted by HM Queen Cheryl at Monday, April 28 2014 01:10 PM

    Patrick I feel bad for you. You got your wife back only for her to leave. You're basically stuck with Sabrina the teenage nurse. Good luck with that.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Monday, April 28 2014 01:12 PM


    jumps, our cable went out, yet I still have internet sevice. I live in the south, and a tornado was spotted about 60 miles south of where I live. We are under a flood watch and severe thunderstorm watch right now. Be safe!

    Posted by jumps at Monday, April 28 2014 01:19 PM

    Off Topic....lovethosedimples....stay safe. Ok so far where I live, but north of me is getting hit hard.

    Posted by bikette at Monday, April 28 2014 01:21 PM

    Anna didn't want Nathan to question Britt if he was boinking her. But Nat thinks Anna will be OK with him questioning her now that he knows she is his sister. Wouldn't that be an even bigger conflict of interest? SMH.

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