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    GH Recap: Aging Gigolo.

    Friday, April 18 2014
    Franco gets a bright idea, Luke gets out of control, and Carlos faces more threats.


    At Wyndemere, Spencer calls Sonny with another message. Since the mobster isn't calling back, he asks his chauffeur to drive him over.

    Luke shows up at Kiki's. She's not happy to see him. He knows she's alone and waves his donuts at her. Luke accuses her of trying to come between him and Tracy so she can have him for herself. When he grabs her hands, she knees him between the legs and shoves him out the door. "You don't deserve my donuts!" he yelps.

    Sonny opens his door. AJ's ghost dances in to taunt him. Olivia shows up. It's uncomfortable. She doesn't want to leave him alone but needs a break. She walks off. Sonny and AJ bicker. The gangster tries to ignore him. Spencer pounds on the door. Sonny yells at him to go away. AJ starts imagining his funeral and what all of this is doing to Michael. He's sure that the guilt will eat Sonny alive.

    At her place, Ava calls Diane and orders her to get on top of Carlos' case. Morgan asks her why Carlos was gunning for AJ. She's evasive and the topic turns to discussing whether anyone realizes they are still together. Even Morgan isn't sure they are. "Are we good?" he wonders. They admit they have residual feelings for Kiki and Silas, but still love each other. They make out on the table until Kiki calls. He runs off to see her.

    At the Quartermaine estate, Ned and Tracy discuss AJ. She thinks of all the chances he blew. Ned shows her an article about Carlos' arrest. He pulls out the pre-nup and asks where the 'aging gigolo' is. Tracy makes it clear that she trusts Luke. Her son is sure that she is being played. She reminds him of her bond with Luke and insists he's devoted to her heart and soul. "Why are you being so dumb?" he shouts. Luke arrives with donuts and announces that he and Tracy don't need the pre-nup. She goes off to get dressed. Luke rips up the pre-nup and tells Ned he will kill him if he tries to prevent the wedding. "You have changed. You weren't always a thug," Ned says. After he walks off, Spencer shows up. "I know all about what you are trying to do to my Uncle Sonny," the kid says to Luke.

    Morgan arrives at Kiki's. She couldn't call Michael because of the funeral. Kiki tells him what happened with Luke. Morgan thinks she needs to call the cops and says he will have a word with Luke himself.

    Franco picks up the paper outside his door and shows Carly the article on Carlos. She takes this as evidence that Ava was behind the shooting. He thinks it's all over but she still wants to know what's going on. She's irritated and he wonders if she's angry at him. Carly shouts about how Ava is threatening her family. She starts to wonder if she can trust Franco and claims she only wants to know the truth. Carly storms out. In the hall, she runs into a distraught Olivia. She invites her in to moan about Sonny. They find Franco painting the walls. "It's wonderful, isn't?" he asks. Carly and Olivia don't feel the same way. Liv storms off to call the cops. Franco tells Carly he's figured out a way to get to Carlos in custody. She's impressed that he got himself arrested for her.

    At the PCPD, Dante and Anna continue to interrogate Carlos. He insists he's innocent. She claims they have DNA evidence that says otherwise. The cops put the pressure on. Diane finally interrupts and kicks the detectives out. Carlos tells her about the break-in. Ava calls Diane, orders her to put Carlos on the line and step out of the room. Once the lawyer is gone, Ava orders him to stay silent. He tells her about the DNA evidence. She warns him that he will be very sorry if he rats her out. "You can't touch me," he says. She threatens to go after his pregnant girlfriend instead.

    Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Spencer faces off with Luke.

    Sabrina surprises Patrick by showing up at Emma's recital.

    Ava threatens Carlos.

    Ric interrupts a close encounter between Liz and Nik.

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    Posted by ldiablo at Friday, April 18 2014 12:09 PM

    Oh tony Montana Jr. U GOT SOME SPLAINING TO DO? Carlitos DNA DON'T LIE!
    Time to start ratting out evil Aj once and for all. WHAT A PIG fake Luke
    is! Thinking Kinko would want to get busy with old father time for some
    bag of donuts? Please, she is not recently lobotamized Tracy Q. A woman
    as classy as Kinko would need some coffee to with them donuts! Oooh ouch
    Good one Kinko with giving him the nutcracker suite heard around the
    world. SO FUNNY I AM STILL CRYING from laughter. While Sonny mentality
    is slowly melting away! I hope he doesn't crack because being sent to Ms.
    Cabbage nuthouse is a death sentence. Did they ever say if the nuts are
    running that place or is it another sweeping under the rug truths from

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, April 18 2014 12:19 PM

    Some Friday cliffhanger. Boring.
    Best part Kiki kneeing Luke in the family jewels.
    Wonder what Ned is going to do after "Luke" threatened him?
    The rest was not worth mentioning.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Friday, April 18 2014 12:34 PM

    "Luke" is totally disgusting. First he tries to put the moves on Kiki, and loved how she handled it. That spark of Starr was much appreciated in today's episode. then he threatens to kill much more of this crap must we endure. Reveal who he is and let's watch him go up in flames...please.

    A.J. was back today, much to my delight...boy, am I going to miss this guy!!! Those twits really blew it when they killed him off. Bernard plays a guilt-ridden man to the hilt. Great performance by this "dimpled don"!

    Ava is going after Carlos. Another threat, this one is on Sabrina. What a cold-blooded biotch. Sorry about the language.

    Oh, Lord, Spencer is going after Luke. Not a good move for one so young. He may think like a Cassadine, but he forgot that he is but a pint-sized version.

    aside from all the threats being leveled, not a bad show. Love me some A.J. Will have A.J. withdrawl when his stint is finally done.

    Posted by ldiablo at Friday, April 18 2014 12:36 PM

    He will run back to DOOL and hide in the Kiriakis mansion like a coward!
    Watch out uncle Vic Justin Kiriakis is coming home!

    Posted by maja at Friday, April 18 2014 12:50 PM

    Awww Geez! Really..How juvenile can RC get..Real knee slapper Kiki kneeing old freak "Luke" and he yelping.."uou don't deserve my doughnuts"..oh ha-ha.Only scenes I look forward to is AJ taunting psycho Sonny.This show is getting close to coming off my DVR.

    Posted by Moo dance at Friday, April 18 2014 01:05 PM

    KiKi should have called the PD, but I guess she knew it may have been a waste of time. Hopefully Tracy will interrupt Spencer's conversation with Luke. What chauffeur is going to listen to a child for direction? Ludicrous!

    BTW where is Alice? Didn't she have a crush on Luke? Just maybe Alice will know that something is not right with him.

    Is Carlos smart enough to confess after he makes a deal with the PD to protect Sabrina?

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, April 18 2014 01:28 PM

    Just a quick post, having company for dinner.
    Go Kiki! She did what every woman on this board would like to do since the skeevy imposter Luke came on board.

    Franco showing Carly how much he loves her by getting arrested so he could work Carrrlos for information. Brilliant. Too bad Ava got to him first, the bird won't be singing, and I have a feeling that with the right incentive, he'll throw himself under the bus.

    The Sonny and AJ scenes were the best though. Fantastic work by both actors.

    Have a great evening everybody.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, April 18 2014 01:38 PM

    Hi everyone on this Good Friday, I guess GH does not count this as a holiday. Anyways, glad Kiki defended herself BUT why oh why does she not report it? She tells Morgan this isn't the time with what Michael is going through. Kiki there is never the right it today. So what if people like Tracy has a fit, maybe something will click in her head.
    I don't think Ned will ignore things as Luke threatened him.
    So we have Kiki, Ned and young Spenser that know something is up with Luke. To bad none of them know Luke very well. Will Alice be at the funeral as she will see something is not right with Luke. Also maybe Bobbie will be there and speak to her brother. My guess is this Luke is Jerry Jax. I want the real Luke back.
    Tired of seeing Sonny so down.
    Gee remember last Easter Franco or was it Todd brought Josyln a huge Easter bunny.
    No one is celebrating Easter..guess on Monday we will see the funeral. Question is who will be coming? Any guesses?

    Posted by Boston Terrier at Friday, April 18 2014 02:36 PM


    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, April 18 2014 02:40 PM

    Today's show should've come with a warning label.

    “BEWARE: Women on the WARPATH!”

    The LINE OF THE DAY goes to Frodd, not for the line itself, but for the implied response.

    Frodd: “It's a funeral, Carly. That IS, by definition, 'Over.'”

    (Implied response): “Not in this town!”

    And Frodd of all people, should know that as well as ANY of the members of the PCZC (Port Charles Zombie Club.)

    It was good to see a glimpse of the old, feisty Carly for the first time since... well, forever! She's like a dog with a bone when she senses a weakness in an enemy, and she always uses her concern for her family to not only fuel her inner fire, but also as an excuse to exploit that weakness, and either destroy, or inflict as much damage as possible on the object of her animosity. This time, Carly's concern for her family is genuine. As if Ava sleeping with Moron, and turning him against Sonny wasn't enough to put Ava in Carly's crosshairs, her suspiciously vague connection to Sonny's involvement in AJ's death is all Carly needs to get to the bottom of this mystery.

    I liked how she wasn't putting up with Frodd's dismissive attitude, and disregard for her instincts, but this business with Frodd conveniently getting his Artistic Mojo back, and purposely destroying his room so he'll be arrested, just so he can help Carly solve the case is a little too cute by half, mainly because we all know it will probably work. After all, we certainly can't have Anna and the Port Charles Police Department be responsible for solving a crime all by themselves, now can we?

    Despite that, what's interesting about Frodd's involvement is that he has all the pieces to the puzzle that Carrllos is missing, and vice-versa. Frodd is pretty sure that it was Ava who was trying to kill him when she accidentally shot Oblivia, and he also knows that Sonny shot AJ, but like Sonny himself, Frodd doesn't know why AJ was threatening Ava.

    Carrllos knows that the answer to that question is that Ava killed Connie, and set AJ up to take the fall. AJ was starting to remember the details of the night in question – something that Michael seems to have completely forgotten – and Ava was determined to eliminate the threat before he went to the police.

    That was one of the two biggest mistakes, or rather “WTF?” decisions by AJ and Ava in this entire storyline. The idea that AJ didn't tell Michael, Anna, Diane, or even Sonny about Ava before he went to confront her alone is ridiculous. AJ was a drunk, but he wasn't stupid. The second big mistake was Ava's. It was an exceedingly bad idea for her to have Carrllos attempt to murder AJ so obviously. She should've had him grab AJ, get him drunk, put him behind the wheel of his own car, and driven it over a cliff. It's not like that hasn't happened before in this town (or has it?), and with AJ's history, nobody would've ever suspected foul play. That clumsy, botched execution will ultimately lead to Ava's undoing.

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