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    GH Recap: Wrong Business.

    Monday, March 31 2014
    Kiki tells Tracy the truth about Luke’s come-ons, Luke encourages Julian to test the product they are going to push, Sam has a plan to flush out Ava’s involvement in Nina’s murder, and AJ dies.


    At Liz’s house, Liesl is confident Britt will be released soon. Nik arrives to talk and refuses to leave. Liesl takes the baby to lie dawn and instructs Liz to get rid of Nik, no funny stuff. Liz opens the door but won’t let Nik in. Liesl listens in as Nik tells Liz about the kidnapping. He begs to come in. Liz is his oldest friend and he should have been grateful to her but he lashed out instead. Liz begs him to leave and he can’t believe she won’t listen to his apology. She relents and lets him in, but fidgets as he apologizes. He hopes she can forgive him. She agrees and tries to rush him out. Liesl grips a gun and makes a noise. Nik realizes someone else is there and assumes its Ric. Before he leaves Liz grabs him and tells him to tell Lulu everything will be okay. After he leaves, Liesl is upset about Nik sniffing around after breaking Britt’s heart and asks who Ric is.

    At the hospital, Sam has an idea about how to bring Ava down. The key is Nakamura and she wants Ava to think he could still implicate her. After she lays out her plan Nathan is impressed. Silas wants to know how to feed Ava the false story and Sam suggests Julian. Meanwhile, Tracy finds Kiki and tells her that Luke told her Kiki made a pass at him. Kiki sets her straight and says Luke is the one who made a pass at her. Tracy thinks that’s ridiculous but Kiki stands by her story. Silas scares Tracy off. Kiki tells Silas that Tracy doesn’t like what her fiancé did behind her back. He tells Kiki that Nina passed away and they hug before she returns to Michael. Meanwhile, Ava is nervous about Silas’ murder mystery. Sonny asks Ava if she killed Silas’ wife and she tells him they have bigger things to worry about. He is worried that Monica is on to him. He promised Michael he wouldn’t kill him. He has four kids and Michael was the only one who grew up with him. Sonny cries as he talks about raising Michael from a boy. He is tortured about breaking his word. Meanwhile, AJ crashes in ICU while Monica pumps his chest. AJ flatlines and they call time of death. Monica goes to AJ and strokes her son’s hair. Carly leads Michael out and tells him that AJ wanted Michael to know he loved him. She holds him and tells him how sorry she is. He goes back to AJ and Carly leaves to find Sonny.

    Luke visits Julian at the gallery and tells him today is the day they put Sonny out of business. He drops a package of drugs on the table and says they will be selling a higher quality Columbian product than Sonny’s coffee beans. They discuss how much Sonny hates drugs and cuts out people who even bring them into his turf. Julian also thinks there are other ways to make money but Luke is not budging. He rolls up a bill for them both to taste the merchandise. Luke indulges but Julian declines. Luke tells him it isn’t optional. Just then Sam enters. She’s surprised to see Luke and he acts as if he is shopping for art for Tracy. He hits on Sam a bit and Julian gets him to leave. Alone, Sam notes Luke’s strange behavior and tells Julian she needs his help pinning Ava to Nina’s murder. He agrees.

    Madeline visits Nathan at PCPD and she tells him the only important thing is that Silas pays. Nathan tells her about his doubts. Silas has said from the beginning Ava was at fault and he signed the papers. She doesn’t think that means he didn’t try to kill Nina to be with Ava. He thinks Ava could really be the guilty party and has something in the works.

    Luke finds Tracy at the hospital and she tells him that she confronted Kiki about making a pass at him and she said he was the one who made a pass. He laughs and can’t imagine she would say anything else. He calls Kiki a liar. Meanwhile, Ava tells Sonny there are plenty of things she regrets as she thinks about shooting Connie. Carly finds them and tells them AJ is dead. Carly asks for a moment alone with Sonny and tells him AJ told her he shot him. Later, Silas goes to the chapel and promises to get justice for Nina. Kiki finds Monica in tears and holds her while she cries about AJ. Later, Michael tells AJ he loves him and whoever did this will pay.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Monica is visited by past loved ones during the show’s 51st Anniversary episode.

    Sonny and Carly reflect on their tumultuous past.

    Bobbie and Lucy face broken hearts.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by phbatl at Monday, March 31 2014 12:26 PM

    Wow Monica… AJ is your son that just died…..can you be anymore calm? Poor Michael…feel so sorry for you. With your lying mother and Sonny…I hope you pull thru this.

    This is one time I want Sonny to get what’s coming to him. Let’s see if he goes into one of his downward spirals over this…not. He is just going to keep lying to Michael’s face. We all know the PCPD won’t do anything to find out who actually shot AJ. Let’s see how many open cases is that now? Olivia getting shot for Sonny, Connie, Dr. O baby kidnapping, AJ. I’m sure I’m missing something.

    Det. West...what type of brother are you? Did you never, ever visit your own sister. Can't you tell when someone is lying to you? You're supposed to be a detective for goodness This s/l is ridiculous

    Posted by Midas at Monday, March 31 2014 12:33 PM

    GH Recap LINES of the day:

    AJ Flatlines.
    'LUKE' Does a line(of coke).
    KIKI lays it on the line(to Tracy about Luke).
    AVA spins Sonny a line to keep him in line.
    'LUKE' and his blurred lines where Kiki is concerned.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Monday, March 31 2014 12:34 PM

    R.I.P, A.J., the writers did you wrong, and failed to allow you to grow and to reach a point in which you could have achieved remdemption, while proving that you were the right Q to revive a tottering ELQ. There IS still an ELQ, right?

    Carly kept her mouth shut to Michael, but let Sonny know what she was told? The look on his face was pricelss, and what he comes up with in response should be disgusting. She's holding the cards now.

    Nik got to see Liz...surely he can tell soemthing is amiss.

    Kiki told Tracy the truth about who mad a pass at whom. Now, who will she actually believe???

    Silas, Sam, Maddie and Nathan...yawn.

    Ava, conniving as usual, as her eyes are darting left and right as usual. Sonny is about to cycle out-of-control being spurred on by his guilt. It doesn't take much for one who has his condition, to have a full-blown come-apart. Frankly, he looks like the glue holding him together is quickly losing its stickiness.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 31 2014 12:36 PM

    This seemed like a so so episode. Liked seeing Rick Springsteen on Drop Dead Diva last night. It was a good show.

    Posted by pemi at Monday, March 31 2014 12:37 PM

    I have to say that up until today I was holding out hope that AJ would somehow survive this. Such wasted potential..Anyhow I am surprised that Ava didnt break out into a dance when she heard the news. Sonny on the other hand never looked so miserable, as he should be. I'm pretty sure Carly is going to let him have it over what she just found out but sadly I think she will hold onto the secret and protect Sonny, at least for a little while. Its amazing how the two of them can keep looking their son in the eye and lying when they both claim to love him so much. Poor AJ never got another chance. I dont think he was the terrible person they all made him out to be but now we'll never know.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, March 31 2014 12:37 PM

    I am surprised that they killed AJ again I knew SK was leaving but I thought he would go into coma and be put in a hospital like Nina. Maybe he really isn't dead after all.
    The shows anniversary is this week Ned will return but don't know of any others.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 31 2014 12:41 PM

    Midas ~ Great Recap of Lines.
    A.J. flat lining seemed kind of anti-climatic. It's been dragging on for days. His character never really caught on and he went out with a whimper.

    Posted by pemi at Monday, March 31 2014 12:42 PM

    Sam has yet another brilliant idea to help Silas. Wonder how this one will backfire on them!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 31 2014 12:44 PM

    Diana8254 ~ Anything is possible with the current writers. They haven't met a dead person that they couldn't bring back. He went out the same way before and was declared dead, and then he came back and Monica smuggled him out of the country. They could always do that again.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, March 31 2014 12:46 PM

    I think if I was Liz I could have found a way to convey to Nik the direness of the situation without words. Like maybe my forefinger & thumb to my head. Anything.

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