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    GH Recap: Party's Over.

    Tuesday, March 25 2014
    The engagement party explodes, Alexis and Julian get steamy, and Silas’ apartment is broken into.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:01 PM

    Other Random Observations:

    Ick may have been polite, but he's a TERRIBLE excuse for a newspaper man. He just walked away from his next headline.

    They were trying really hard to show us what was going through Britt's mind when she was confronted by Nulu. We saw how she remembered burning the envelope with what she thought was her confession inside, which is why she decided to double down on her denials until Liz called her bluff. The funniest part of the whole show was right then, when Britt looked at the fireplace as if she was blaming IT for letting her down. Nulu threatening to “break” Dr. O was laugh out loud funny, and I could picture Britt holding Ben in one arm while holding a wildly swinging Nulu at bay by putting her other hand on Nulu's forehead.

    Britt's acting today was FAR more convincing in portraying her panic, guilt, and her anguish over losing Ben than anything we've seen out of Nulu the last couple of days. When she was struggling with Nikolas, begging them not to take Ben, I was thinking “Now THAT'S how an actress is supposed to EMOTE!” She seemed genuinely terrified and heartbroken, not that it's going to gain her any sympathy. Still, it was some top notch acting by Kelly T. in a thankless role.

    On a completely shallow note, I thought Britt and Elizabeth's makeup had been redone, and they both looked absolutely gorgeous today. I didn't care for Elizabeth's dress, but I thought she looked great in it, if that makes any sense. I also thought Oblivia's hair was much improved, although it just looked as if someone had run a brush through it.

    I thought for sure Sonny would've been suspicious of DarkLuke's meeting with Ick, but he couldn't put two and two together. Math has never been one of Sonny's strengths.

    Too bad the first time we see Slimas' place it's all trashed out. It would've been funny if Slimas had told Sam that it always looked like that because he was abnormally messy. That scene took a nosedive as soon as Nothin showed up, but before he did there were some good moments of comic relief between Sam and Slimas. As much as I dislike Sam as the “World's Worst TV PI,” I love seeing her in “Action Sam” mode, with a gun in her hand drawn from her hoo-hah holster. I think the idea that Slimas had his junk next to Sam's firearm when they were riding Nikolas' saddle in the stable made him a little nauseous, but his face was hilarious.

    Posted by grandmanean at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:05 PM

    Crikey ! Alexis sounded like she needed a hit on my inhaler ! ;-)

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:10 PM

    I don't think there's any way Nikolas will ever be with Elizabeth again after this. This was the last nail in the Niz coffin. Nobody holds a grudge like a Russian, and no Russian holds a grudge like a Cassadine. As far as Nikolas is concerned, Liz is dead to him now. I think he's far more likely to forgive Britt for lying to keep a child she loves than he would be to forgive Elizabeth for purposely blowing his life apart in public out of spite and jealousy.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:11 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I have to award the best line of the day to Sam when Silas asked her about her garter holster and why he didn't notice it when they had sex in the stable. Her concise answer: " I'm very good" was the first spark I've seen in Sam for a very long time. I guess we're going back to Nina Land now and Silas made the same mistake that Liz made - giving out too much information.

    So I imagine that many would like to know exactly what I mean about Liz giving out too information. It's not about the letter, it's the fact that she was on such victory high that she told Dr. O about the letter in her hand. She's very lucky that Ric was in the room and Dr. O was holding Ben. Now Ben is missing from his crib and Liz was thrown out of Nik's house. By the way, did it surprise anyone that Nik called her St. Elizabeth and accused her of looking down on everyone else? I believe that title was given to her by someone who used to comment on this board in the same way...

    Look out Julian, Alexis plays rough.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:21 PM

    So creepy Rafe is babysitting Danny at Sam's PH? Wouldn't Danny be safer with Grandma Monica? I'm really not interesting in these baby SL's because as soon as they're over, the baby goes back into the dresser drawer. Ben will be there soon.

    I have no idea who Luke really is, but I was surprised to hear him suggest that Sonny take Ric out first. I guess I'll take Trevor Lansing off the table as the new Luke. Of course Trevor had ice water running through his veins, so he might be able to take Ric out the org. chart, just to attempt to put Sonny away.

    The Brad and Lucas romance is a non-starter for me. Lucas seems to be taking on some of his father's personality.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:28 PM

    Alexis must really be desperate for a man. Julian tells her to go to hell, and she's still ready to rip his clothes off. What self-respecting woman acts like that? Maybe they deserve each other.

    Posted by Golden Canuck at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:30 PM

    Hi TipsyTess. I'm from "Mother Nature forgot it's spring" Montreal.

    Hey Aussie, maybe we should exchange your sunglasses for my parka because you have been watching the Jason show through rose coloured lenses Everytime there was a blip with Sam, he would turn right back to Liz. He bounced from one to the other like a ping pong ball. The girls practically sold their soul to the devil to get him. I don't believe he deserved that kind of devotion.... Not healthy . Besides, as someone posted previously, Sam seems to have gotten her "mojo" back since she hooked up with Silas (just wished this s/l would include other characters that we already now). As for Liz, I always wished she would have a bit more of the late Amy Vining personality traits. At least then we could really accuse her of being the town gossip.

    Posted by gmahoma at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:32 PM

    Lindylula- didn't Molly text or call Alexis to say they were at Kelly's?...think that's how they knew the coast was clear...well,for awhile!

    Posted by jaybee23 at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:37 PM

    BlueCow: You are on to something with your Bill Eckert theory. Genius.

    Posted by gmahoma at Tuesday, March 25 2014 04:38 PM

    bayou- if Nik stays with Brit AFTER THIS- well,...he will lose his sister and.... THIS cheerleader!lol!

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