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    GH Recap: Party's Over.

    Tuesday, March 25 2014
    The engagement party explodes, Alexis and Julian get steamy, and Silas’ apartment is broken into.

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    Posted by RobinLee at Tuesday, March 25 2014 02:39 PM

    Great show today! I have concerns. Where did I read that Dr. O said Lulus embryos needed help and she used some of Brit's stuff (for lack of a better word) to help it along? Was it speculation on another posters part? Will the baby belong to Brit and Lulu? The other thing confusing me is it was stated somewhere that Lulu would not find out Ben was hers until May. That is what is making me think this is not over. I want it to be done, it's gone on too long. It just seems to good to be true that it is truly over.

    Posted by KillerQueen at Tuesday, March 25 2014 02:42 PM

    Regardless of what Liz s reasons were she DID do the right thing in telling Lulu the thruth about Ben. I get it Liz is no saint SO WHAT she did the right thing..why let Lulu go another minute with out knowing she has a baby. Lulu was more the justified in storming into that room and yelling. The woman has been lied to her face for over a year..I was beganing to think Ben would be 40 before his mother got to know she was indeed a mother. I CAN NOT feel bad for Britt in THIS situlation. No one to blame other the Britt and mommie dearist

    Posted by 4evergh at Tuesday, March 25 2014 02:53 PM

    off topic need to leave soon but wanted to say to all who have been praying for Sam he is doing better. We got some new pills at the farm store and have been giving him a double dose + low dose asprin. He still is not good but he has improved so we are going to wait and see a little longer, hoping if this dang weather would ever straighten out, that he can get outside and move around a little. we will leave the final decision to our vet thanks again for the prayers.

    Posted by aussie1 at Tuesday, March 25 2014 02:54 PM

    Good morning all and happy Wednesday!

    Whose side in Nik on? The princely playboy needs to support his sister, not his current flavour of the month. On the other side of the spectrum, go Nik for calling out Lizzzzzz. Yes, the pillar of virtue and Saint Elizabeth looking down on everyone from her little pedestal.

    If Lizzzz believes Ric’s claim about getting closer to Sonny, well then I have a beachfront property to sell her in the Australian Outback. She’s one dumb nurse!

    Inspector Gadget is still on the case. Will this ever get solved?

    ladysmom wrote:
    Sam, you forgot to tell Silas that Alexis had cancer at the time you were sleeping with her husband. Just a little point, but it certainly made the whole situation even worse!

    Just to clarify, Sam slept w/ Ric on Aug 11, 2006 and she found out Alexis had cancer on Aug 21, 2006. Not that I’m excusing what she did as I thought the whole Summer of Sleaze storyline was disgusting. Sam was hurting from Jason’s rejection, Jason was hurting seeing Sam w/ Ric hence his drunken one-night-stand w/ Lizzzzzz. Just a little point.

    Just a heads up, if anyone is going to try and convince me Jason wasn’t drunk, don’t bother. He had an almost empty bottle in his hand when Miss Twit knocked on the door.

    raineysmom, it’s the season finale of When Calls the Heart this week. I can’t wait to see what happens and I’m trying to find out when it’s returning. If it’s returning.

    shela2much, welcome!

    Have a great day everyone.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Tuesday, March 25 2014 02:54 PM

    Can't wait to watch this installment. It sounds like GH in days of yore. Soapy drama par excellence. The primary debate seems to center on how the 'show down' played out. Should it have taken place in such a public Liz the real villain of the piece, etc. Here's my two cents.

    When you consider how looooooonnnngggg this torturous SL has been playing out, all the way back to the beginning of the fertility treatment quest with Maxie, I am not only relieved to have the reveal occur, but that it occurred in record REAL TIME. It rolled out all in one evening at a gala event. And it was realistic...Liz finds the letter; quick consult with Ric; Liz does the right thing and goes to the right person,LuLu; they have an efficient quick chat; LuLu decides to waste no time and take no chances and cuts to the chase to claim her son. How appropriate that this is all taking place in a creepy ass castle with a history of evil, mutter Medusa skulking about in the background, and Britta literally holding court downstairs...LuLu's precious baby in her arms. LuLu did exactly the right thing in this situation...nice guys finish last, and leave themselves open for yet another screwing. Manners be damned...give her that baby, GDI. The whole towns going to find out the sordid details sooner or later...that they found out as a group is more efficient. And Nik is going to have to have a 'come to Jesus' and figure it out for himself, whether this happens publically or in private. Actually enduring this public shame...he stands a better chance of not being manipulated by Britt yet again. And as to Liz...don't kill the messenger. I am neither a fan nor a foe of Liz....I understand she is not a perfect human being...but in this instance, I'm glad she too cut to the chase, rather than dilly dally around for two more weeks.

    Hat tip to the cast and crew for delivering a tour de force performance.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, March 25 2014 02:56 PM


    4ever ~ Happy to hear Sam is dong a little better. Do you have a heated pad for him to lay on? Sometimes this is very helpful when the weather is so cold and they have aching old bones.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, March 25 2014 03:02 PM

    Loved DZ's scenes demanding the truth and then telling how Britt's lies almost destroyed their marriage. Hope they get Ben back soon.

    Posted by 4evergh at Tuesday, March 25 2014 03:10 PM

    ot lovesdogs he sleeps on a big pillow in the heated garage then when the sun is out he sprawls out in the sunshine, will stay there panting even though he can get in the shade but he loves the sun on his old bones. he drags his one foot so we have to change out an old sock each day to keep him from licking the medicine off the bare skin, bitter apple did not stop him from licking. atleast he leaves the sock alone.

    Posted by Gh64 at Tuesday, March 25 2014 03:10 PM

    Elizabeth is bad, but Carly, Sam, Brit, Maxie, are multi-faceted and interesting and justified. Not! Elizabeth is, in fact, multi-faceted, interesting and equally justified as all other good soapy women.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, March 25 2014 03:14 PM

    I think this was the best acting I've ever seen out of Tyler Christopher. His anger and indignation was palpable! His pain was all over his face, and when he threatened to snap Brad's neck, you just KNEW he meant it. When you add to this performance his heart wrenching scene with Ghost Emily, when he went from funny, to tender, and then overcome with grief all in the space of a few short minutes, it's undeniable that TC is in coming into his own as an actor.

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