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    GH Recap: Party's Over.

    Tuesday, March 25 2014
    The engagement party explodes, Alexis and Julian get steamy, and Silas’ apartment is broken into.

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    Posted by LSUtiger at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:05 PM

    SPECULATION ------

    Also I've been thinking maybe with this breaking the possible romantic relationship between with Brad and Lucas (unless he forgives him which would be a slap to Lulu) could this help Felix and Lucas get together since he lied to both of them and played them?

    Posted by gmahoma at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:06 PM

    Wow! When did Brit get her cast off? Hey, Nik, careful, you might hurt Brit!( I can WISH!)

    ALL the cast,,Brit included, did a jam up GREAT JOB today! Left me wishing the show WASN'T over! I guess it's safe to say...we will ALL be back tomorrow!

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:10 PM

    To the poster who posted about GH being like the old GH: I agree. These past few days have been really good. It wasn't so mob centric that it was borring, but I'm sure that after this blows over, it will go back to being borring.

    I agree with the two people who were defending Elizabeth, but Nikolas could see right through her. While I was cheering her on in thanks for giving the letter as proof, because everyone was too quick to say that Lulu was crazy and losing her mind, Elizabeth was hoping for Nikolas to immediately break up with Brit and swoop to her, and he pointed out that she was glotingabout it. As much as I wanted the truth to come out and loved what Elizabeth did, it wasn't right for her to act all high and mity about it. Nikolas had no right to take his anger out on Elizabeth though. She had warned him countless times,and though he should have found it out himself, Elizabeth was right. I loved what she said to Nikolas about Brit. She does have trouble owning up to what she's done, and I say cootos to Elizabeth!Whether you love or hate Elizabeth, the hate should be on brit and not Elizabeth. Did she intend for this to happen this way? No, but when Lulu rightfully confronted Brit, and when Lulu realized that she had forgotten the letter as proof, Elizabeth was there and gave it to nikolas. He was wrong to tell Elizabeth not to find a panic room as she left.

    I just want Lante to get their son back,before Dr. O kidnaps him. It's high time they get their child back where he belongs, and it's not with Brit.

    Did I mention despite how things went down, everyone, with the exception of Brit in my opinion rocked their scenes today!

    Sonny's going to be in for a surprise, when he finds out that his old and best friend, Luke was bankrolling Julian, and wants to take him down. Sonny will hopefully get two slaps in the face. Finding out about Luke, and losing Michael, when (and he will) he finds out that he was responsible for shooting AJ.

    Sam and Silas were cute too, and as I've said, I think Michael Easten brings out the old, edgier feistier Sam and that's been refreshing to see.

    It's so obvious that Alexis is attracted to Julian, no matter how much she tryes to deny it, so stop fighting it!

    awesome show today, and can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:11 PM

    Gmahoma-- Britt had the cast on earlier in the day, but by party time it was off. Must have clashed with her dress.

    Posted by david grey at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:12 PM

    Ive figured it out,,The imposter Luke is really Tracy s ex boyfriend,,mobster Joe Scully,,all the clues r there,,plus the connection to it

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:13 PM

    I meant it was Lulu's decision to confront Britt.
    Everyone is so down on Liz. I'm glad she showed
    Lulu the letter even if no one else does. Lulu
    needs her baby back. I don't feel sorry for Britt
    because she carried the baby. She should never have
    stolen the embryos.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:14 PM

    Britt mentioned that she had to go to the hospital earlier in the day to get her cast off.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:17 PM

    Cynic, I agree, Dante and Lulu should have demanded a DNA test as soon as it was disclosed that Dante was Ben's father, and had even suggested that at the time, however, I would have demanded the test take place in any place except GH, where the results more than likely would have been tampered with as so many before had been. I mean, with Liesl being COS, who could ever trust anything coming from that lab? Lulu acted as any mother, who just found out she was in fact a mom, would behave to the devil who stole her child. She has already been deprived for far too long. It is unforunate that it happened as it did, but I am so glad that the truth is finally out there. Now what happens to Britt and Liesl???? Can they just walk away as though they did nothing wrong???

    Posted by LSUtiger at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:20 PM

    I hope Julian and Alexis moved the fun to another room. Telling your daughter not to have sex because of hormones and what you feel is love would come out hypocritical. Lol what am I saying Alexis picture is next to the word in the dictionary.

    I found it hilarious when Sam took her gun out and Silas was like where did that come from.

    I agree Britt should be accountable as well as her mother. Yet the public scene should go to Liz. She may have not yelled it like Lulu, but she indirectly caused it. Like I posted earlier she should have called everyone away to talk about the truth that way everything came out without being completely humiliated infront of a room of your closest friends and family.

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, March 25 2014 01:21 PM

    Cynic... A DNA test at GH? Really? And what would the board do? They appointed freakin Obrecht as COS with a gun to THEIR heads - what would THEY do about it?

    Liz didn't plan for the truth to come out the way it did. Lulu was the one who made a public scene, not Liz. Lulu could have gone to Dante first and filled him in, but she instead chose to air everything out right there in front of everyone. (Not saying Britt didn't have THAT coming)

    Yeah, Liz was smug about it. Who wouldn't be, upon their suspicions/opinion being vindicated? It wasn't attractive, but human nonetheless.

    Nik also could have put a stop to the spectacle by dragging Britt, Dante and Lulu from the room to someplace more private. So he is as much of a hypocrite as the rest of Port Chuckians.

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