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    GH Recap: Charismatic Thug.

    Monday, March 24 2014
    Lulu gets the truth, Julian meets with Luke and Brad gets a threat.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, March 24 2014 05:09 PM

    4ever - I understand, but I hope you don't close to your heart to the idea. When our cat adopted us, we hadn't wanted another pet, but he was persistent and kept showing up in our back yard and sleeping on front porch couch. Now I can't imagine not having him jump on the bed at 5:30 am even though I don't have to get up that early now that I'm retired.

    Posted by Casey1 at Monday, March 24 2014 05:14 PM

    Good show today, the only problem is that there are so many s/l's going on at the same time, there's so much information to take in, scenes are too short, and of course it delays the moment many of us have been waiting for.
    I enjoyed the scenes with Liz and Lulu. Once Lulu finally read the letter, her joy and relief was very emotional.
    I think I understand now why Nik looked so glum at his own engagement party, he obviously was bothered by the fact that Liz might be holed up somewhere with Ric.
    Of all the people to ask, I don't know why Nik would ask Sam if she had seen Liz.
    If I understood the awkward conversation between Nik and Silas/Sam about how great the property is, especially the stables, they weren't checking out the horses, and I hope Spencer didn't get a front row seat to the event.
    Speaking of Spencer. It's quite obvious TPTB are taken with this little guy and will have a pivotal part in this mob war, I just hope he won't be in any danger.

    As sure it seems that the decks are stacked against Sonny with so many villains working together to "take him down" there is a little, even reluctant in the case of Tracy, line forming of characters that could actually be beneficial to him in this mob war. Ric could also be a surprising twist in the end who will side with Sonny.

    So will Dr.O throw Britt over the parapet like she did Brad when she realizes her daughter sabotaged her own happiness and quite possibly their careers?
    I would call that justice served, especially if Dr.O followed Britt off the parapet.
    That would be too good to be true, so that isn't happening. Everybody else must pay instead.

    Posted by smallworld at Monday, March 24 2014 05:16 PM

    Where is the real Luke? Is he still at Miscavage, being mistreated by Heather. Now that we can surmise this is not Luke, why not show him, and whatever ordeal he is facing.

    Wow Liz with a friend like you, Nick sure doesn't need any enemies. Not only did she hurt him in the worst possible way, she humiliated him in the presence of friends and family. I hope his appreciation of her actions are properly conveyed in a confrontation that ends all ties.

    When the dust settles, we will have to endure yet another custody battle. I am not looking forward to more courtroom antics.

    Posted by pemi at Monday, March 24 2014 05:23 PM

    First let me say that I really like Luke, but would it be that much of a stretch it this dark Luke was the real one? We know that he was never really a totally upstanding guy and has had many questionable things, and dealings with many shady types in his past, so what if he has been nursing this plan all along for many years and the Luke we've seen all along has been a false front? Just another idea to kick around but who knows? Anything can happen!

    Posted by poodles at Monday, March 24 2014 05:26 PM

    Lily- Thanks for the background on Bill Eckert. Maybe being murdered, frozen and then thawed made him into a bad guy. LOL. It's amazing that cousin could look identical to another cousin, so much so, even a spouse/lover couldn't tell.

    Cbru- relieved to know you're doing well. Will continue to keep you and the mudslide victims and family members in my thoughts and prayers.

    4everGH- It is hard to believe a year has gone by since you lost Susie and I found Showboat. We are planning on visiting him soon as the weather get warmer. I hear from his family often, their daughter is now attending college here in Chicago. I'm so sorry about Sam, they become our furry children.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 24 2014 05:27 PM

    Smallworld ~ Why do you think Nic would throw Liz under the bus. All she did s keep him from making a huge mistake in marrying Britt. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it needs to come out. Don't shoot the messenger.

    Posted by The-Royal-One at Monday, March 24 2014 05:29 PM

    @gmahoma, I agree with you about Britt. She is to blame. She went along with her mother's plan and she consistently failed to do the right thing in spite of the pain she knew it was causing Lulu. I hope someone gets Ben away from her and Lulu knocks her three days from Sunday. What britt has done is not cool at all.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Monday, March 24 2014 05:31 PM


    4evergh, I certainly understand why you would want to make the decision to forgo getting another dog. Your Sam sounds like he's a very sweet fella. The last 3 months of my Abbie's life were so hard on all of us. We had to carry her out to do her thing, because her back laegs would just give out, and she refused to just let go. It was the hardest goodbye of all to date, as this dog was my shadow. I had another Golden before her who almost made it to 15. She too had cancer, but her cancer was inoperable. My hubby aid no more...well, two weeks went by, and I couldn't live without a dog. I begged him to let me go to the shelter and get a smaller dog...just a mutt. He finally agreed, and my "small" dog turned out to weigh 45 pounds. She is the light of our lives. She's part Border Collie and Lhasa Apso. She's incredibly smart and so darned sweet. I should have trained her for agility because I never had a dog that could leap after a frisbee with such ease, or jump over ottomans like they were 6 inches high. I got her as a 4 month old pup, and by the end of the first week, she was going to the door to go out to do her thing. She was totally house-broken in a couple of months. She made me look good! So, what I am saying is, sometimes we say one thing and do just the opposite. This dog has brought us nothing but joy. Maybe, there will be a maybe in your future! Hang in there, you will know when it's time, and I will keep you and Sam in my thoughts and prayers.

    Posted by toppriority280 at Monday, March 24 2014 05:44 PM


    Who is Bill Eckert please refresh my memory.I think GH has gotten to stupid for words.I like to little kids but the teenagers all need to go away.I will not let my grand daughter watch anymore she thought she could act like that until I reached out and touched her and she understands that bad behaving kids on tv are not exceptable.NOW GIVE LULU HER BABY ALREADY!!!!!!!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, March 24 2014 05:44 PM

    lovesdogs - I know you didn't address your question to me, but I'd like to provide my opinion. Nik runs the Cassadine empire, so I'm sure he's not an idiot. When Liz and Nik had their fling, betraying not only Lucky, but Rebecca as well, Nik was all in. Unfortunately, Liz was not and tried to get Lucky back. When Nik recovered from the rejection, and started a relationship with Brooklyn, Liz was back at the door with Aiden every chance she got. At the same time Lucky got married to Siobahn. Finally Nik decided that he was going all in again with Liz and Aiden, then Liz produced the paternity test. Nik bowed out. Liz went after Lucky again and eventually he left town to honor his deceased wife, despite the fact that Aiden was his son. Why wouldn't Nik be upset with Liz for her latest interference in his life. After all ignorance is bliss.

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