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    GH Recap: Charismatic Thug.

    Monday, March 24 2014
    Lulu gets the truth, Julian meets with Luke and Brad gets a threat.

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    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Monday, March 24 2014 02:42 PM

    Bayou ~ you are your characteristic 'voice of reason'. Indeed Britt orchestrated this train wreck. She's gonna poop her own party. And let's see how loving and supportive Mommy Dearest is towards Britta when the letter is displayed. I'm pretty sure Frau Blucher holds anything 'touchy feely', psychic, zen crytal, heal thyself via letters to yourself, as so much clap trap bull sh!t. When she sees that Britta stupidly engaged in such primitive hogwash, she'll explode !!! But you're right... first she might toss Britta off the parapet.

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, March 24 2014 02:43 PM

    ot Lily from Fri thank you sam was really bad this weekend and we decided to take him to the vet to end it but he is better today. he was dragging his back legs and we had to hold him up to do his job as he could not stand at all. so it is one day at a time. Our SIL has a cart that he used on his dog that had been hit by a car but she was much bigger than Sam so don't know if it would work or not. If he would continue to improve which at this point I doubt we would try that. It sucks to get old. Human or animal.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Monday, March 24 2014 02:45 PM

    I say if they are ever going to bring back another person back from death let it be Anthony Z. , I loved the nutty character anyway and it would Free Johnny Z. , Free Johnny Z. 😀

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, March 24 2014 02:47 PM

    lovesdogs spoiler talk.

    I missed a lot of GH over the years working two jobs at a time. so it makes sense if this Bill was TG playing another part looking like him then no mask etc.
    but I also tire of the constant zombie comeback to life characters.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Monday, March 24 2014 02:49 PM

    Did Julian let on that this Luke or someone else looking like Luke? I missed most of the show today.

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, March 24 2014 02:55 PM

    lovelymarlena I agree with you on both z's JZ and AZ I like both of them. I always loved AZ (cant remember his real name ... Bruce.something.) when he was on Hill Street Blues. He always looked like he just crawled out of a trash can as an undercover detective. Loved that show.

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, March 24 2014 02:56 PM

    wow don't know if I will ever get caught up on last Fri posts, way over 200 Have a good night everyone.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, March 24 2014 02:59 PM

    I am SO hooked on this DarkLuke storyline! I can't tell you how exciting it is to see TG front and center, and not sick or helpless, even if he's not playing the real Luke Spencer. At least we can safely assume now that DarkLuke isn't Luke, and he isn't Victor Jerome either, as I had previously speculated, because of his references to Lucas, Ava, and Kinky as part of Ick's family, and not his own. I was right about the motive behind his sudden, out of the blue proposal to Tracy, but I have no clue as to whether this guy is an evil twin, or some old villain after plastic surgery, or wearing a disguise. I still have some kinks to work out about my theory on when the switch actually took place, depending on the nature of the disguise, but I realize now that when Luke disappeared, claiming he was going to see Sonny, he was actually the one meeting with Ick on the docks, not Ric. That's why I'm also leaning toward the idea that Ric may be on the up and up this time around. I just love a good mystery.

    The idea that thanks to Tracy, Luke is now a suspect in Sonny's eyes is a WONDERFUL twist, but I'm not particularly thrilled with the idea of Spencer, or any of the children being involved in this storyline at all, much less having the fates of two criminal empires in their sticky little hands, but it is what it is, and for the most part, it's been pretty good so far.

    Sonny's right about Alexis falling down on the job, and giving Ric more information than she's getting out of Ick. Now we know where Sam inherited her investigative instincts that earned her the title: “World's Worst TV PI.” If Alexis had simply kept her eyes on her date, she might've learned something.

    Finally, for me, Tracy's verbal smackdown of Sonny was the highlight of a very eventful episode. Even Sonny couldn't argue with anything she said, and when the truth about who shot AJ comes out, he should remember this little encounter. I think Tracy will make it her business to make Sonny pay for all the pain he's caused her family over the years, and she would probably even volunteer to pull the switch for Sonny's execution if she could. She is every bit as deadly as he is, and Sonny would do well not to underestimate her. DarkLuke might not realize it, but he could very well be engaged to his most potent weapon against Sonny.

    I wonder what "drastic measures" he's ordered Ick to undertake against Sonny. Maybe he'll kidnap Sonny, and have his dimples surgically removed perhaps?

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, March 24 2014 03:03 PM

    Happy Monday Everyone,

    I was laughing watching "Luke" conducting Julian's performance review in the stable. I guess Julian hasn't gotten any better at the mob business than he was during his first go around. Although I know this isn't the real Luke, it was a bit disconcerting to hear him say that he wanted to take Sonny down. RC throws the phrase "take (insert name here) so much that I wonder if his writing program just inserts it into the script while he's staring out the window. In any case, I'm sure discovering just who is masquerading as Luke will take months, unless Tracy keeps popping up to eavesdrop.

    Speaking of Tracy, I enjoyed her tit for tat exchange with Sonny. Yes, on some levels Sonny is a thug, but he's more charismatic than thuggy, and those dimples never disappoint. Sonny now has Olivia to reign him in, that is if she can get rid of the snake.

    Didn't we all know that Alexis would fail to get any information out of Julian? The bickering with Ric, although amusing, tipped Sonny's hand. Perhaps he should have asked Liz to do the job.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, March 24 2014 03:17 PM

    I hope Brad brought a change of clothes, because I'm sure no one would want to stand next to someone who was wearing wet pants. I know most of you are clamoring for Dr. O's head, but I admire an evil genius with a heart of gold, a sense of humor, and Helena's dagger. Interesting that she brought up Katherine Bell. Wasn't she the SIL of Dominque whose ex-husband formed the Cartel? Brad should be scared of her. After all, she could throw him off the parapet, kill him, and then bring him back to life (rinse and repeat).

    Liz was so excited to tell Lulu that she was Ben's mother her hands were shaking. She was proverbial cat who ate the canary. It was interesting that she didn't tell Lulu to take Britt's letter, but instead was still holding on to it when Ric joined her. I have a feeling that the letter is going to go missing...I'm also thinking that Lulu is going to look like she's gone off the rails again.

    I'm thinking that Spencer will tell Uncle Sonny what he overheard in the stable. The little prince could have a future in the family business on both sides of the family.

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