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    GH Recap: Charismatic Thug.

    Monday, March 24 2014
    Lulu gets the truth, Julian meets with Luke and Brad gets a threat.

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    Posted by LUVANGEL1 at Monday, March 24 2014 02:17 PM

    JMO, Y is Sonny's dimples such a big deal to some, it's not like he's the only person whose ever had dimples they even had Tracy mentioned it, frankly not only do I not care for this character as I've said on my few posting rants but, really dimples, OY? I can see the fans running me down now, Oh no, Mr. Billlll:)

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, March 24 2014 02:26 PM

    The person who put all of this in motion was Britt. She just had to listen to Brad and write it all down. Then she was too distracted to make sure she grabbed the right letter. How is the catharsis going now, Britt? Dr. O. should be throwing her own stupid daughter over the parapet.

    Posted by sfcom at Monday, March 24 2014 02:29 PM


    so "Luke" drove Barrett enterprises dry. makes lots of bad financial choices. why didn't Shawn find out barretts is in the red. the new "Luke" was needed to show it's not the Luke we know.

    I think the change in "Luke" gives Tony Geary the possibility of spreading his acting wings.

    GO GET 'EM LULU!!!

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Monday, March 24 2014 02:30 PM

    I just skim read the recap....didn't notice this detail. One poster mentions that LuLu doesn't have Britt's confession letter in her hand. Please tell me Liz has it in her hand, and that it didn't get left back in the nursery for someone else to find and destroy. Please advise.

    Posted by Jeanj at Monday, March 24 2014 02:34 PM

    This is very confusing. What is up with Luke? Not liking it. Alter egos, plastic surgery, hypnosis. Luke probably thinks he is someone else.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 24 2014 02:36 PM

    4ever ~ Spoilerish

    If you go out on wikpedia and search for Bill Eckert you will find a character analysis and story lines that he was involved in. It will give you some background.

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, March 24 2014 02:37 PM

    ot lovesthosedimples I just now am getting caught up on Fri posts

    thank you for the suggestions on Sam. He is 14 a lab and greyhound mix. Sad thing is it was just a year ago that we had to put our 30+ year old horse Susie down as she had fallen and we had to use the tractor to get her up, she never ate or drank after that and a snow storm was coming in so we called the vet. Sam always teased her but when she was gone he went up and licked her nose, I think he was trying to make her better.
    Sam will be our last animal cant take it any more.

    Ot Poodles
    The good thing about Susie was that Poodles decided to find her horse Showboat and did cant believe it has been a year.

    Posted by aussie1 at Monday, March 24 2014 02:40 PM

    Good morning everyone.....

    One thing that irritates me about Silas (well, more than one thing) is that hardly interracts with anyone but Sam. They've limited his likability.

    Britch really is a piece of work. I don't even know what Brad looks like so I'm just trying to picture her threatening him.

    Well well well, of all people to open their big mouth, Lizzzzz doesn't disappoint. What a twit!

    Off topic: how sad they found some debris from the Malaysian plane wreckage that's been missing. At least the relatives have answers.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Posted by gmahoma at Monday, March 24 2014 02:42 PM

    Ok,Scrimmage...stop right there! Just started reading your comment...the one where you blame LIZ for RUINING the party... NO,darling...that would be BRIT who RUINED EVERYTHING, party included, with her LIES!

    Posted by rootbeer at Monday, March 24 2014 02:42 PM

    I guess my prediction about Luke being the latest "back from the dead" Bill Eckert wasn't so crazy after all. I Considered Anthony Z but then remembered that both Luke and Tracy found him on the Q terrace propped up with a hat and sunglasses on to disguise the fact that he was dead. They both checked him for a pulse and found none and then crazy Heather found Anthony and fearing that Luke had killed him, hijacked Anthony's dead body where we saw her dragging it to the woods, with the aid of a wheel barrel, and buried him. Considering it took her what seemed like a week to get him to the woods, I'm pretty sure there was no way he was still alive which is why the Anthony Z theory is just way out there.

    Meanwhile at the party.......Alexis proved that while she may be a great lawyer, she's a terrible spy. Once Sonny walked in on her and Ric, she just couldn't keep her mouth shut. Loose lips do sink ships after all.

    Seeing Spencer crawl out from behind the haystack was certainly a surprise. I guess we know how Sonny is going to connect the dots now but is there no reliable person who can keep an eye on that kid?

    Lulu finally know the truth about Ben. Too bad some people think she's losing her mind. She burst in on Nik's toast and announces that Britt hijacked her embryo's, with the help of her mother, and gave birth to her's and Dante's child. She even has the letter Britt wrote to prove it. Oh wait, Elizabeth still has the letter, which I don't understand since Lulu had it when she left the nursery to get her baby back. Anyway, when Lulu tells everyone that she got her information from Elizabeth, it will be Britt's opportunity to tell everyone that Elizabeth wrote this so-called confession as a last ditch attempt to get Nik back. That will give her and mommy dearest a chance to come up with some convoluted plan to make it look like Lulu has lost her mind deal with Elizabeth and her meddling. A paternity test you say. Sure but it seems the only place in all of New York to get a paternity test done is at General Hospital which of course Dr. Obrecht controls. I see a stay at the looney bin in Lulu's future where she will no doubt discover her real father is being held and they team up to get the "h" out of there just in time for May sweeps where the writer's will no doubt bring the parallel storylines of Ben's real paternity and darkluke together and tie them up in one neat little package.

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