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    GH Recap: Charismatic Thug.

    Monday, March 24 2014
    Lulu gets the truth, Julian meets with Luke and Brad gets a threat.

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    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 24 2014 12:49 PM

    lovesdogs: No, I didn't see it. over 200 posts scared me tell.....

    Posted by poodles at Monday, March 24 2014 12:55 PM

    I sure hope Lulu will be believed. I'm afraid her backup (Liz) might meet with foul play before she can corroborate her story. Of course anyone with half a brain would believe her, given Ben's the background of Ben's conception . Go Lulu!

    I was hoping Dr. O was going to throw Lucas off the building, but no such luck.

    **off topic**

    Cbru - I was reading about the Washington mudslides, hope all is well with you. What's terrible tragedy.

    Posted by pemi at Monday, March 24 2014 12:58 PM

    Very entertaining today! Really thought Brad was a goner for a moment there. DR.O was positively gleeful while making her threats,and Brad did a pretty good job of fearing for his life so I was surprised when he turned up in the haystack. I guess that will serve to make him keep his mouth shut. If only O knew Brad wasnt the one she had to worry about.

    I thought Liz would never spit out the truth. I found myself yelling "just say it!" Im glad that she finally did but I got a feeling that everyone will think that Lulu has lost her mind. For a little while anyways.

    It seems to me that whoever this Luke is, many people are going to be drawn into this plot.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 24 2014 01:03 PM

    Ransomha ~ Here is the post


    Luke is Bill Eckert (Oh Yay another RC back from the dead person with no explanation)) He wants to set up his own cartel in PC and take Sonny down and establish the Jeromes as the new Family in PC
    Bill is the backer and calls the shots, Rick is just a tool to feed info and money to Julian.
    This courtesy of the Daytime Dish Insiders Lounge II.

    So tired of RC totally rewriting the history of PC to suit his own needs. I think Port Charles should be called Fantasyland.

    Posted by poodles at Monday, March 24 2014 01:20 PM

    ** spoiler**

    Lovesdog- if this isn't the real Luke, why did he continue the pretense while talking with Luke? Also, how can he look and SOUND just like him? I'm so sick of these back from the dead & looking just like someone else s/L's

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 24 2014 01:20 PM

    lovesdogs: Nooooo, not again.....but thanks for the info......

    Posted by Boston Terrier at Monday, March 24 2014 01:22 PM

    Today's show was really good! I don't mind the brief recap at the beginning, because I see it as a courtesy to those who couldn't watch yesterday's epi. Dr. O really gets off on making others squirm with fear. I'm thinking she might do very well in the next reprised sequel featuring Cat Woman. Whip it! Whip it good! In the meantime, Brad better ask his boyfriend's father for protection!
    I'm hoping that if guests initially think Lulu is Lu-nee, Elizabeth and Even Ric can testify about the letter. Then we can all play a rousing game of What If with Britt. What if you either had to leave the country on the next flight out and never return, OR get thrown into that great big fireplace that you thought would keep your trechery a secret?

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Monday, March 24 2014 01:25 PM

    lovedogs980, that's what I kept thinking all funny masks, no plastic surgery, just a different hair color and voila...the spitting image. Dr. O may have worked her magic on him in the past for Helena, but for the life of me, I don't know why.

    Maybe Spencer will have his Uncle's back. Time will tell, but I sure hope he spills the beans soon, as this Luke appears to be cold and cruel. I really do fear for Tracy now, more than ever. She may be pulling for sonny beofre this is all said and done. She may have to hold her nose, but it appears that he may be the lesser of the two evils.

    Finally, poor Lulu knows the truth. Now, what mechinations will Britt and Frau Evil cook up for all the folks involved??? Neither of these women will go down easily.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 24 2014 01:29 PM


    *********************SPOILER/RUMOR *************************

    Bill Ekert was Luke's cousin and looked just like him.
    He was supposedly killed by mistake by Frank Smith. But as RC never met a dead person that he couldn't bring back to life we get this baloney. They must have switched out Luke for Bill at Miscavage. The reason for using the Luke persona is that he can move around PC freely and no one will be the wiser.

    Posted by Lindylula at Monday, March 24 2014 01:32 PM

    JMO I figured out who "Luke" is...anyone else catch it? probably should put spoiler so..

    SPOILERISH ALERT.".."...."....

    Luke is no other than risen again Anthony Zaccharra. He has the same mannerisms and it's a good way to get Johnny out of prison if he's coming back. That is JMO

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