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    GH Recap: Charismatic Thug.

    Monday, March 24 2014
    Lulu gets the truth, Julian meets with Luke and Brad gets a threat.

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    Posted by Casey1 at Monday, March 24 2014 05:47 PM

    Bayoubtr...I agree that the last few days have felt more like sweeps then Feb. sweeps. Each episode seems to end in a cliffhanger, ensuring we're going to tune in the following day to catch all the drama.

    Pemi...I could definitely see that the people in the room will think Lulu's finally lost it, but hopefully not for long.

    Rottymom...I wouldn't put any money on it, but "Luke" seems like Anthony Zacchara to me too.

    Scrimmage....You don't sound disappointed and bitter at all in your post on pg.4. and you're still blaming Liz like she set out to find what evidence she could to break up Britt and Nik so she could have Nik for himself, rather than pointing the finger where it belongs.


    4evergh...I'm so sorry Sam is having such a difficult time, and I certainly understand how you're feeling right now with what you may be facing.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 24 2014 05:53 PM

    Lily Hunter ~ I think Nic will be angry about the reveal, but most of his anger will be directed toward Britt. Bottom line is Nic never stopped loving Liz, and that will override his anger toward Liz.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, March 24 2014 06:03 PM

    lovesdogs - You're probably right.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, March 24 2014 06:11 PM

    Lovesdogs-- You're right. Nik will definitely be angry, but I think most of his anger will be directed at himself. He has told Brit on many occasions to just tell him the truth, but she chose another road.

    Posted by cbru at Monday, March 24 2014 06:17 PM


    Thanks bayou, poodles, and lily.

    the latest: 14 dead. They also said the mud is still moving and up to 20 feet deep in places. I think most of the families are resigned to their losses. God only knows how long it will take to get this cleared and loved ones found.

    Oh yes, lily-I definitely would like to be doing other things but at least I should be all set for when school gets out.

    I think spring has finally sprung here at home. Still frosty and needing heat early in the am but it also got up into the 60's today. We are supposed to have a very hot summer too.

    Posted by luvtofly at Monday, March 24 2014 06:17 PM

    I doubt if Wed will be the day. after all it's taken the writer's a year to come up with this much after all they haven't solved any other mysteries. It would be great for him to find out that AJ didn't shoot Connie, I think that would do more to bring him down then anything Julian could do, the guilt along would do him in.

    Posted by shela2much at Monday, March 24 2014 07:07 PM

    Oh Scrimmage, I beg to differ. Ms Rylan's portrayal of Lulu was spot on. She did what a mother would do "Gimme My Baby"!The letter and dna tests could be provided later. She's a great actress with lots of experience, and she cries real tears. Nululu and(Maura West), who portrays Ava have brought new life to General Hospital with their acting skills. I also love "Emma", "Cameron", "Spencer" and "Carlos".

    Posted by Lindylula at Monday, March 24 2014 07:20 PM


    I never knew the Bill Eckert character. But Anthony Z always had a thing for the ladies both crude and charming when he wanted to be, and he always said "I'm the boss" . and you know the writers can bring anyone back. That's why it's called a soap

    But a good twist if it is Bill....maybe real Luke died back then and Bill had amnesia and thought he was Luke until his stint at Miscavige brought his old life that's a soap sl

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, March 24 2014 07:23 PM

    Casey1 – Thanks! The reason I am neither bitter, disappointed, nor surprised by this turn of events, is because, like I said, as soon as Nikolas suggested the engagement party, I saw this playing out almost exactly this way, right down to the Toastus Interruptus! All the silly little dreams and wishes, and comments about Nulu's resemblance to Ben, were obvious hints that things were coming to a head. It pretty much eliminated any shock value that today's revelation might've otherwise had, especially after they came up with the cockamamie idea of having Britt write that letter to Nulu confessing her sins. How stupid was THAT? You'd have be be new to the planet not to have known that it would end up in Nulu's hands at the party.

    Talk about literally writing themselves out of a corner, TPTB must've realized that in reality, Britt could've gotten away with keeping Ben's maternity a secret for YEARS, so once again they dumb down a supposedly intelligent woman, and have her do something uncharacteristically idiotic, just to advance the plot. They always seem to do that when they run out of time and original ideas. After all, they couldn't very well have Nulu confront Britt on the basis of a couple of dreams and a passing resemblance, now could they?

    My criticism of Elizabeth isn't that she came forward with the truth, but with the time, place, and manner that she CHOSE to do so. This is as personal, and as intimate of a family matter as anyone could imagine, and despite knowing what a private person Nikolas is, Elizabeth was practically vibrating at the opportunity to expose and humiliate Britt as publicly as possible, because it suited her agenda to do so. There is a term for the pleasure someone like Elizabeth derives from the pain and misfortune of others. It's called schadenfreude.

    Ironically, I think that's one of several traits Liz shares with Frau Blücher, along with a misguided sense of moral superiority, and a disastrous love life, rooted in fantasy. If Liz ever gave in to her true self – the Bad Girl – the part of herself that she lost touch with after that tragic Valentine's Day in the park so many years ago, she could be just as dangerous as Frau Blücher, or even Helena herself. I've always said that if she ever embraced her dark side, Evilizabeth has the potential to be the Baddest B!tch on the Block. With those incredible looks, her situational morality, and her uncanny ability to lie so convincingly that even SHE believes what she's saying, she'd be a match for ANY Soap Vixen. Look at all the chaos she caused, and the number of lives she's disrupted (if not ruined) when she wasn't even trying! Think of the damage she could do if she just put her mind to it, and OWNED her selfish impulses and desires, much like her potential role model, Frau Blücher!

    I hope this is just Round 2 in a long feud between Elizabeth and Britt. It's soapy good fun, even if it IS a little predictable.

    Posted by shela2much at Monday, March 24 2014 07:27 PM

    sfcom, ITA with the change in Tony Geary's part. Your 2:29 post.

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