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    GH Recap: Prince Prig.

    Friday, March 21 2014
    Liz makes a shocking discovery, Sonny gives Spencer some advice, and Obrecht tries doing damage control.

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    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, March 21 2014 03:44 PM

    ot lovesdogs thanks good idea

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, March 21 2014 03:45 PM

    Why do I get the impression that something is going to stop Liz from reaching Lulu with her Golden Ticket, oh I meant Britt's confession? When last seen Dr. O had Brad shoved up against the infamous parapet just outside Nik's secret tower room. I'm thinking a body falling past the window might take the attention away from what ever Liz has to say. Perhaps if Dr. O can put a good angle on her shove, Brad just might come crashing through the window of Nik's bedroom, or the hallway window where Liz is standing. After all, has there ever been a party at Wyndemere that hasn't ended with someone shoved off the parapet or thrown into a pit?

    Great hip check by Alexis. Too bad she didn't tell Sonny the phone number she saw on Julian's phone.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Friday, March 21 2014 03:46 PM

    lily hunter ~ WOW....all of those speculations are fascinating. Seriously.

    I think they are going to wrap up the Ben saga next week, because clearly with this bombshell cliffhanger...there's bigger fish to fry. I think the stars and planets are starting to align for May Sweeps, and if one of Lily's specs plays out....WOW.

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, March 21 2014 03:51 PM

    Good show today. It looked to me like Nik would like to be somewhere besides his own engagement party, he seemed disinterested. The scene when Sonny went up to speak to Nik about Spencer was strange, it seemed like he was talking to himself.
    Sonny was great with Spencer, as Ric was with Cam. So much potential with both of these men, it's such a waste of talent.

    Tracy is another one who has a surprisingly sweet side that comes out from time to time, her relationship with Lulu is one of the best on this show.

    So relieved that the next part of the Ben reveal is gaining wheels, it's taken so looong to get to this stage, I just want it to be over, Ben returned to his rightful parents,and the characters move on to the next story.

    So, Luke is Julian's backer? Didn't expect that. How did whoever is behind this know that Luke was bring held at Miscavige to be able to pull this off?

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, March 21 2014 03:57 PM

    Sonny has been at his best for the last two days. It's touching to see his relationship with Spencer, especially the time he took to listen to Spencer and offer him some advice on good women based on his own experience. I'm giving Sonny the line of day telling Spencer: " You made a mistake, make sure that you're better next time". Now if on Sonny can take his own advice and get rid of the snake that's latched onto him, he might have a shot at cooking Sunday family dinners with Olivia the good woman in his life.

    I guess the stable was as good as any spot for Sam to tell Silas the rest of her story. I was surprised to hear that she already told him about Sonny and baby Lila. It's too bad she didn't provide full disclosure, but I guess she's saving that part for the return of the Jerry Jax.

    Dr. O needs a new male companion. I wonder if Noah Drake will be coming back for the Nurse's Ball. After all, Rick Springfield seemed to get her groove back last year.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Friday, March 21 2014 04:06 PM


    4everghm I am sorry to hear about your dog, Making the kind of decision you may face is never an easy one. Have you had a blood panel done of your dog lately? My dog drank excessive amounts of water when she was diagnosed with early renal disease. I had nursed my Golden through 3 cancerous tumor sugeries starting when she was ten. The last two years of her life she had the onset of kidney failure and her back legs were giving out on her. I made a special meatloaf for her with ground turkey, oatmeal, grated carrots, no sodium tomato sauce and egg whites when she refused the special dogfood for kidney disease. She ate that for a time and of all things, boca burgers. She lived to be 15, and I still miss her sweet face. I hope your sweet fur baby snaps back for you.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, March 21 2014 04:18 PM

    4ever - I'm so thrilled that you're 5 years healthy. I'm sending Sam prayers of healing. I've gotten attached to your dog just by reading your descriptions of him. So good to hear from you again. Blessings to your hubs.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, March 21 2014 04:40 PM

    Lily Hunter ~ I think Liz gives Lulu the news if the spoiler video that is up on GH Happenings is any indication.
    Looked like the fertilizer has hit the air circulator.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, March 21 2014 04:43 PM

    Soap Bubbles - I have another speculation, but I needed to check on Trevor Lansing's "death" in 2009 during the toxic balls SL. It appears that he fell off the GH roof, so that put's him in play to be the surgically altered Luke as well. IMO Trevor would be the best candidate, as he was a player in the NY social set and could very well have known Madeline and her mysterious husband. That takes me back to my theory about Nathan being Ric and Nina's son.

    Posted by ttoyou at Friday, March 21 2014 04:44 PM

    Has anyone seen Scott Baldwin lately? My money is on Scott being Luke and Luke being Scott.( if we ever see him). However, haven't figured out what the connection would be. But something was done to the when they were locked up. Who did it or why I don't know.
    Love that little Spencer kid. The little actor is superb.
    Also thrilled that Liz found the note and made it clear to us that the whole note was there and not torn into little pieces. Hurry and get the kid to Lulu.

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