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    GH Recap: Scrumptious.

    Thursday, March 20 2014
    Everyone heads to Wyndemere for the engagement party, Emma has a fight with Spencer and Liz finds some shocking evidence.


    Ric drops by Liz's place to pick her up. He turns on the smarm and hands her a rose. They chat about Cameron and his love for Emma. When Ric picks up an origami valentine, he notices something is written on it. Cam runs in and grabs it. Ric suggests they bring him to the party to see Emma. Liz agrees after some begging. Ric tells her that people can change their minds about going after a Cassadine.

    Alexis and her daughters are at her house and all dressed up for the party. Julian arrives. Sam looks distraught. Her mom puffs up her cleavage. There's an awkward moment. TJ and Silas arrive. Julian suggests that he and TJ put aside their differences.

    Dante and Lulu are at the harbour waiting for the boat. She spots a shooting star and makes a wish. Olivia and Sonny arrive. Dante's surprised that they are going to the party. Sonny blames Spencer. Luke and Tracy are next to appear. They share their engagement news. Later, Alexis, Julian and the others arrive. As they head for the boat, Ric, Cam and Liz rush up to join them.

    At Wyndemere, Spencer answers the door in his smoking jacket and tells Emma she looks 'scrumptious'. He offers her some pigs in blankets. Looking worried, she explains that she has a confession to make. Upstairs, Britt sits in her room and mulls over everything that's happened. She gets changed for the party. Nikolas walks in and drops his jaw at her outfit. They eventually get downstairs in time to greet Luke and Tracy. Luke can't remember meeting Britt before. He stares and hands out compliments. Tracy glares at him. Britt goes on to greet the other guests. Dante and his parents go off to see Ben but Lulu decides not to. As Olivia babbles to Ben, she notices how much the baby looks like Lulu. "C'mon, stop!" says Dante, asking them to cool it on talking like that because it will upset his wife. Back downstairs, Britt and Nik continue welcoming guests. Things are chilly between Julian and the prince. Cam, Liz and Ric are next. When Cam finds the other kids, he finds Emma crying after Spencer has yelled at her for breaking the egg he gave her. Cameron hands her a valentine. She likes it so Spencer has a fit and stomps on the card. Emma doesn't like Spencer anymore and walks off with the other boy. Back down the hall, Ric tells Liz they could be good together again. Sonny interrupts. Things are cold between the half-brothers. Liz slips off to look for her son. She finds the valentine and opens it up. It's Britt's confession. Meanwhile, Brad and Lucas stroll around the mansion. Things get awkward when Lucas starts babbling about Lulu's eggs. Brad is about to say something when Obrecht rears her head. Lucas runs away and the doctor accuses Brad of nearly blabbing. She reminds him that could land him in jail. Meanwhile, Lulu runs into Lucas and they chat about Ben. She's not thrilled when he tells her he's dating Brad. Obrecht slips away to corner her daughter. She warns her about Brad. Britt treks over to see Brad. She suggests he take his own advice: write a confession and burn it. Across the room, Ric tries talking to Sam but Silas shuts that down. Sam tells her boyfriend that she slept with Ric when he was her stepfather. Silas gulps. Off in a corner, Luke and Nikolas chat. The prince thanks him for coming and Luke wishes him well. Nikolas starts coughing when Luke tells him that Britt is "one hot piece of ass."

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Liz learns the secret about Ben.

    Obrecht is furious with Brad.

    Sonny and Alexis team up.

    Luke gets vulgar about Britt.

    Sonny consoles Spencer.

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    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:10 PM

    Where is Spencer learning all this “rich playboy” behavior? He's sure not getting it from Nikolas. Has he been Skyping with Hugh Hefner?

    There really aren't that many women that can pull off the “golden goddess” look without seeming like they're trying too hard, but Britt looks amazing. Not impressed with anyone else, and the men seen particularly under dressed.

    Lucas said there's no way of “magically making” Ben Nulu's, but she DID wish upon a star. Ugh! I'm getting a sugar high.

    Today theme was all about faces. The Best:

    Nikolas' speechless reaction to Britt's amazing entrance was perfect.

    Tracy's looking at DarkLuke drooling over Britt.

    Oblivia's seeing her grandson for the first time. I'm glad that didn't happen off screen. Ben sure looks wide awake to me!

    Emma's getting Cam's heart, and losing her own.

    Slimas' after asking Sam the Question of the Year - “So what's the deal with you and Molly's Dad?” and hearing her answer.

    Nikolas' face when DarkLuke called his fiance a “hot piece of ass” just when they were having a nice moment. He almost choked on his drink!

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:14 PM

    Spencer is a brat, and needs a serious lesson in humility. The manner in which he treated Cameron was deplorable. Frankly, how did he get that way with Leslie and Laura being his mentors before he hit PC? I am sick of this rivalry over Emma. These kids are too young for this garbage, and if this was the only device the writers could come up with for the Ben reveal, Houston, we have a problem!

    Today was boring other than for the final minutes when Liz found the heart. Luke made another inappropriate comment concerning Britt, and Nik's reaction was priceless and much appreciated!

    Tomorrow should be a doozie. Finally!!!

    Posted by pemi at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:19 PM

    How about when Nik almost ripped his eyes out when Spencer told him the night was still young?

    I know a lot of people dont care for Spencer but I think this kid is a great little actor and he's hilarious.

    Posted by adamrocks at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:27 PM

    Ok so Liz now knows the truth. Now we just need to guess what will prevent her from telling, because this has only been going on for a year or so and the writers are absolutely determined to make this the longest storyline in the history of the world. I think she'll fall down and get amnesia. Either that or Britt's Nazi mommy will imprison her in the catacombs and although she'll be tied up with what amounts to a piece of yarn and there isn't even a knot in it, Liz will be unable to escape.

    Posted by phbatl at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:27 PM

    Why are these children at this party? Why is Spencer walking around in a smoking jacket? Really...that child is way over the top. This is the only way we could get Brit's confession letter to the party...sorry writing. No amusing to see children out of place and trying to act like adults.

    Dull show today....

    Posted by LUVANGEL1 at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:39 PM

    I thought Elizabeth looked absolutely beautiful, what with her alabaster skin and her red rose lips, just beautiful; ITA Brit also brought it, so statuesque, she'd make a great pair with Oscar, Gold looks good on her as well. Sam unfortunately looked too old with that do and that particular color dress; Sam to me always looks super sexy. what happened? She's got gorgeous Locks and now would've been appropriate to show some cleavage, everyone else did and not all should have. Just saying.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:43 PM

    The term "affluenza" could've been coined for Spenser (Lil' Hef). That child is unbelievable. A great little actor, but as some say-- too over the top. Would it have cost too much money for Silas & Julian to put on a tie? They looked like they were headed to a hoedown instead of an engagement party at a manse.

    Posted by LUVANGEL1 at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:45 PM

    Spencer is so the MAN, what a little character, I'm such a fan. Ric hasn't aged a minute he's still hot. Silas is one of a few that looked very under dressed. Luke is really asking for a knuckle sandwich, what an AZZZZ.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:48 PM

    Wow, I am just amazed at all the negatives remarks.

    I think it was a very cool way to get Britt's confession into the right hands.
    Yes, Spencer is a brat, but he is a funny one.

    Gosh, Dante this is the 1st time your mother has seen Ben? Really? Should have done it weeks ago.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, March 20 2014 12:50 PM

    Why are things chilly between Julian and Nik?

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