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    GH Recap: Not Paranoid If You’re Right.

    Thursday, February 27 2014
    Carlos is interrupted and injured, Carly and Robin just can't get along, and Sonny pays his brother Ric a visit.


    In the General Hospital elevator Robin tells Patrick that Nikolas doesn’t understand why she’s leaving. The door opens and Sabrina is there. She points out that Patrick missed the baby appointment and Robin excuses herself. Sabrina asks Patrick if everything is okay and he tells her Robin is leaving for Africa, alone. Sabrina can’t believe Robin could leave her family right after she got them back. She asks if it has to do with the baby, but Patrick assures her it doesn’t. Meanwhile, Luke tells Tracy he’s ready to go home and signs the release. Carly hobbles up and Tracy takes her to task for forgetting about Luke finding her. Carly admits being buried alive had her a little scattered. Luke sticks up for Carly and Tracy accuses him of still being high. He insists he’s just tired and wants to go home. Later, Robin runs into Carly. Carly thanks Robin for doing everything she could to save Jason. Carly thinks Jason would like it if they could get along. Robin tells her it won’t be possible because she’s leaving. Carly can’t believe what Robin is doing to her family and takes back wanting to be friends – Robin is the same self-absorbed martyr she has always been. Carly wants an explanation, but Patrick tells her to lay off. She should know better than anyone not to judge without knowing the whole story. Carly thinks Patrick deserves better. Robin thanks him for having her back.

    Sonny walks into Ric’s room at the Metro Court. He insists Ric continue on with his phone call since he's sure it's important. Ric says he was trying to call his daughter, the reason he’s in town. Sonny knows that isn’t the real reason Ric’s in town. Ric says his bad days are over. He holds out his hand but Sonny won’t shake it. Sonny tells Ric to think twice about getting close to him since there is a new game in town after him, Julian Jerome. He lured Morgan to his side by threatening his family. Ric isn’t worried that Julian will come after him. He's been up against some serious adversaries and is still okay. Sonny thinks maybe Ric’s only been lucky until now. Sonny asks Ric how long he’s is in town. "Maybe long enough for you to reconsider that handshake," he says.

    Julian answers Alexis’ door. It’s Shawn, and he pushes himself in. Julian knows Shawn can’t touch him or it makes Danny vulnerable. Alexis walks in just as Shawn is about to punch Julian. She asks Shawn to leave and he tells her to keep Julian from threatening TJ. Julian explains that he only encouraged TJ tell the cops the truth, that Sonny and Shawn were going to kill his associate Carlos. Before he leaves, Shawn asks Alexis not to hold the hotel room incident against TJ. Later, Alexis thinks Julian only told part of the truth and she asks him to leave. Outside, he calls someone and tells them it’s time to meet face to face.

    At Ryan’s, Ava wonders why Delia is trying to get rid of her. Sam sneaks back out before Ava sees her. Ava is distracted by Delia’s wild gestures to Sam and knocks over her drink. Delia steers her to dry off in the bathroom and runs outside to chat with Sam. Delia comes up with a plan to make Ava disappear before Silas and Nakamura show up. Delia runs in and asks Ava to float her a loan, just a couple thousand bucks. Ava storms out and Sam, Silas and Delia decide to go ahead with their plan. Delia is sure Nakamura will be putty in her hands once she shakes her tail feather. Delia gets a call and tells Silas and Sam that Nakamura is dead.

    AJ puts his arms up as Carlos enters the Quartermaine estate, masked and armed. Carlos instructs AJ to get on his knees. AJ offers the safe, anything, but Carlos wants him on the ground. Tracy and Luke enter, smash Carlos with a vase and chase him off before he can get his gun. AJ tells them he seemed intent on killing him. Luke asks who wants him dead. AJ is sure it’s Sonny. Luke doesn’t think Sonny would go back on his word to Michael but AJ does. Luke leaves to talk to Sonny. Tracy asks AJ to think about anyone else who might want him dead.

    Carlos surprises Sabrina at the hospital and asks to be stitched up off the books. She relents and leaves to get help. Ava calls Carlos and he tells her they hit a snag.

    Shawn tells Sonny at Kelly’s about his run-in with Julian. Sonny knows Shawn is frustrated but he thinks he knows who is bankrolling Julian - his brother.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Silas tells Nathan to say what he wants to say.

    Robin tells Liz she’s leaving.

    Britt questions Nik about why Liz was at the house.

    Lulu tells Sonny that Ben is Dante’s but not hers.

    AJ insists to Ava and Dante that the break is was not a burglary. Someone wants him dead.

    Ava wants Carlos to make sure nothing can be traced back to her.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:29 PM

    Apparently, they're trying to squeeze in all the stuff that Robin never got around to doing before she leaves again, that they should've done months ago, instead of having her stuck in a lab all that time. Love scene with Patrick? Check! Face-off with Carly? Check! I have to admit, I really enjoyed the Carly stop on the “Robin Farewell Tour.”

    Carly: “You're still the same self absorbed, self-important martyr that you've always have been. Saint Robin!”

    Robin: “That is crap! If you had ... any idea about why I'm leaving, you would bow down and worship me!”

    Zod (to Superman): “Bow before Zod!”

    I guess you could say Robin has a “Zod Complex.”

    Her answer kinda confirmed what Carly was saying didn't it? Even before Robin ratted out Carly and Michael to AJ, I used to think Carly picked on Robin just because she was jealous of her relationship with Jason, but now I realize that she was just the first one to see Robin's for who she really was. I think Carly was speaking on behalf on viewers like me that have had it with Robin's self-righteous crap, and are tired of her coming and going. She did a great job when she recapped Robin's storyline for the last two years, including calling her a “research monkey,” and I agreed with everything she said including that Patrick deserves better.

    Not only is he forced to lie for Robin now, but she's putting him in the position of coming to her defense! He should've just stood back and let Robin blow her cover herself, and then the “secret” would've been out in the open. We'd see who worships who THEN!
    Sam's ineptitude as a PI is getting comical. Let me get this straight. She didn't listen to a message from the woman she was pinning her hopes on because she didn't think it was IMPORTANT??!! WTF? Even Slimas is starting to see what a mistake all this was. It looks like all they did was get Nakamura killed. Removing yet another person who could clear Slimas.. Way to go Sam!

    I thought a better “plan B” would've been to let Ava and Nakamura run into each other. After all, even though Nakamura said he'd seen her around the hospital twenty years ago, they're not supposed to know each other. It would've been interesting to see how they would've reacted when they saw each other. Too late now.

    Ick is a weasel. Saved once again by Alexis' timely intervention, and of course Ick's always hiding behind Danny, his own grandshield... I mean, grandchild. I KNEW Shawn should've told Alexis about the warehouse incident before now.

    Luke looks paranoid, and he sounds funny. Maybe he is tired, but there's something else going on. I'm looking forward to his meeting with Sonny. Maybe they can put their heads together and figure out what's going on with AJ and Ava, and get to the REAL truth about Connie's murder. It's good to see Luke on the case.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:44 PM

    Odd that right after Det. West called his friend Sully in NYC, that Nakamura turns up dead. Guessing Sully is a cop friend of his and I bet anything he is on the take and Ava is paying him off.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:44 PM

    Anyone think Ava may have been multi tasking while she was in NY? Establish alibi, and get rid of a witness?

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:46 PM

    I actually think someone from Nina's family that is out to get Silas and Ava, whacked Nakumura, a witness that could have cleared Silas.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:55 PM

    The blasted doorbell rang just when Tracy & Luke came in. Did Luke clock Carrlos with his own gun or did Carrlos get the head injury from running into something?

    Posted by marsh1 at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:59 PM

    I don't understand Ms Goodie Alexis before not wanting to be involved with Shawn and now she is ready to sleep with Julian. Is this for Danny?

    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, February 27 2014 01:01 PM

    Hi everyone

    I can see right now Sabrina will be there for Patrick and Emma. Patrick will need his friends as I do not want him so depressed like the last time Robin left.
    Carly and Robin's scenes were good. I think Robin wanted to tell Carly the truth, good thing Patrick came along.
    AJ, would it be such a bad thing if you were shot? I would not miss you.
    Silas and Sam's storyline a bit boring for me.
    Liked Sonny and Ric's scenes.
    I do think Julian is using Alexis, she better be careful. For someone that is to be looking after Danny she sure goes out a lot.

    Posted by gmahoma at Thursday, February 27 2014 01:09 PM

    Scrimmage- you should be BOWING DOWN, WORSHIPPING... no,not Robbin'(new spelling for what she's doing to Patrick and Emma)...but ...CARLY! For saying EVERYTHING to Robbin's FACE you and MANY OTHERS, myself included, wanted to say!

    Now, THAT'S why I love Carly! She doesn't mince words, she just SAYS it!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, February 27 2014 01:09 PM

    Bayou ~ The recap says Luke smacked Carlos with a vase, and Carlos dropped his gun and ran out.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, February 27 2014 01:11 PM

    Bayou ~ Did you see the spoiler video on GH Happenings?
    Next week should be interesting.

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