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    GH Recap: The Whole Story.

    Tuesday, February 25 2014
    Ava tells Carlos what really happened the night Connie was killed, Alexis interrupts an amorous Molly and TJ, and Sam and Silas get Delia on their side.


    Sam and Silas hit up Ryan’s Bar in New York to see Ava’s mother Delia. They tell her Ava is setting Silas up to take the fall for his wife’s attempted murder, and she readily agrees to help. Ava didn’t want anything to do with Delia after she found out she was a Jerome and wouldn’t let her see her granddaughter. Silas offers to help connect Delia with Kiki and she is glad. Sam and Silas explain that they think the pharmacist Nakamura lied for Ava. He has a weakness for beautiful blondes, so Sam has set up a dating page for Delia. They need her to go on a date with Nakamura and get him to admit on tape he is in the cahoots with Ava. "Let’s do this thing," Delia says. Sam steps away and Delia asks Silas why he doesn’t get a divorce. Sam returns before he can answer. Delia sets a date with Nakamura to meet her at Ryan’s the next night. If Ava is guilty, then prison is where she belongs.

    TJ and Molly’s make out session in the hotel room is interrupted by a knock at the door. TJ thinks it’s room service, but it is really Alexis and Julian. "Where is my daughter?" demands Alexis. She pushes past TJ and finds Molly in the bed. She demands Molly come with her but Molly refuses. Alexis finds the condoms and Molly points out it means they were going to be safe – unlike Alexis in the back seat of a car. Alexis really blows up after that. TJ tries to say something and Julian wisely pulls him back. Alexis screams for Molly to get her clothes on and leave with her immediately. TJ begs her not to be mad at Molly. TJ and Molly tell each other they love each other and Molly leaves with Alexis. Julian hangs back for a little chat with TJ about the shootout. He wants TJ to act as witness against Sonny and tell Anna exactly who shot whom. He’s sorry for busting up his night and tells TJ that maybe in a couple years he’ll get another shot at Molly.

    Ric Lansing knocks on Alexis’ door. Rafe recognizes him as Molly’s father and lets him in. Ric wonders when Alexis and Molly will be back but Rafe isn’t sure. Ric hasn’t been in town for a while and is ready to surprise them. Rafe goes to comfort a crying Danny as Alexis and Molly enter screaming. They are shocked to see Ric and Molly gives him a hug. He comments she isn’t a little girl anymore and she asks him to tell that to Alexis. He wants to know what happened and Alexis tells him the truth. Molly and Alexis start fighting all over again and Alexis’ eyes bug out as Ric takes Molly’s side. Ric and Alexis begin fighting. Rafe emerges and Molly realizes he told on her. She accuses Rafe of turning into a nasty little weasel and goes to her room. Alexis asks Ric what he’s doing there and he says it is to see Molly.

    Olivia delivers room service to Sonny in his office. They banter a bit as she tries to get him to unwind. "You always know what I need," he says. She finds the file on Barrett Enterprises and he tells her he is trying to find out the identity of Julian’s backer. Brenda didn’t know who is in charge but Olivia is wary to trust her. Sonny hopes Ava can give him some insight. Olivia doesn’t trust Ava either, but he’s coming around since the info she gave him is checking out. Something she said has been banging around his head though. Ava told Sonny that AJ wasn’t sorry for killing Connie. If it’s the last thing he does, Sonny will make AJ pay.

    At The Floating Rib, Ava promises Carlos the whole story if he buys another round. Ava was at the Metro Court the night Connie was killed. She was there to see her brother, who everyone still thought was Derek. She saw a drunken AJ when she got off the elevator. He dropped a gun and took off so she thought AJ might have killed Julian. She called out for Julian, but it was Connie in the office. Connie figured out Julian Jerome was in town to get Sonny. Connie picked up the phone to call Sonny, and Ava shot her with AJ’s gun. The "AJ" written in blood stood for Ava Jerome. Ava got AJ’s prints on the gun at the Quartermaines, then tossed the gun by the boathouse. But AJ is starting to remember. Ava can’t risk Sonny finding out the truth and asks Carlos to kill AJ.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Nathan opens his apartment door for Kiki wearing nothing but a towel.

    Michael tells AJ that he and Kiki aren’t living together.

    Franco assures Carly she doesn’t have to force Michael to be around him.

    Silas and Sam are confident they can prove who is setting him up.

    Ava visits Delia.

    Carlos gets ready to take the shot.

    Sonny wants to know who is trying to take him down.

    Olivia asks Ric what he’s doing in town.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by Fedup 2011 at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:36 PM

    I knew it was Ava that killed Connie,,,,That little snake and now she wants to kill AJ so he won't remember and tell Sonny....Hurry up and remember AJ and tell Sonny.....

    Posted by Fedup 2011 at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:40 PM

    Boy!!!! Sonny are you going to feel stupid when you find out Ava killed Connie and you were so hellbent on thinking AJ killed her....Oh and by the way Ava probably tried to kill Silas's wife so she could get him but that back fired to....Wow!! Morgan you sure did pick a keeper......

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:40 PM

    That Ric Lansing is one fine looking man!

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:42 PM

    It has been nice seeing Connie, even if she is a ghost.

    Thought it funny when Connie slapped her head(V8 style) and AJ is the one that felt it. LMAO!

    Gotta give SK credit, he plays a very good drunk!

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:43 PM

    Olivia does not trust anybody, huh? LMAO!

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:45 PM

    Can someone please smack that little brat Molly, upside the head with a clue-by-four? Tantruming little brat clearly isn't ready for an adult relationship if she reverts to tantrums like a three year old who had her toy taken away.

    Posted by Carson2007 at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:45 PM

    Hello Everyone!
    Is it me or is Olivia is very nosy. When it come to Sonny business, why do she have to know everything and since when do Sonny share anything about his business. For years he didn't want people he love involved and he tell Olivia things (knowing she going to run to Dante) he gave Carly and Brenda a hard time about for years. I really wish they killed off her and not Kelly. Also, I really don't see what everybody else see when it comes to her and Sonny. They don't work for me.

    Posted by Carson2007 at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:55 PM

    I guess because it soap and they want to drag things out but how could Sonny not think it could be someone else. He a smart man but the years has changed him.

    Posted by thundering herd at Tuesday, February 25 2014 12:59 PM

    Shep, thanks to Rafe and Alexis, Molly's toys are all there.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, February 25 2014 01:02 PM

    The Jeromes are all idiots! Ick, Ava, AND Sam! And that doesn't even mention Kinky!

    Ava should've decided to kill AJ long ago, or at least as soon as she realized he could place her at the scene of the murder. I can't believe she was counting on him having alcohol induced amnesia.

    So Ick WANTS TJ to tell the truth about the warehouse shooting? I wonder if that includes the part where Ick and Moron barge in brandishing weapons and when Ick took the first shot, trying to kill Sonny.

    Sam's plan to use Delia against her own daughter in some kind of geriatric “honey trap” has got to be the STUPIDEST thing I've heard in a long time. If Nakamura wanted to date someone his mother's age, he'd probably have HER fix him up! Counting on someone as eccentric as Delia is asking for trouble. This is con man stuff, not PI work. Why isn't Sam doing REAL private eye stuff, and looking into his financials to see if he's in debt, or if he's made any cash deposits lately?

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