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    GH Recap: Friends And Family Rate.

    Friday, February 21 2014
    Robin tells Emma and Mac she’s leaving for Africa, Olivia gives TJ and Molly safe sex advice, and Sam is moved by Julian’s act of kindness.


    Sam runs into Julian outside her place. Julian knows it’s the anniversary of her brother Danny’s death today, and he knows what she had to do for him. Lucas has agreed to give him a chance and he hopes Sam will do the same. He has been doing research on the disease her brother had and made a donation in his name. He hands Sam the certificate. Sam gives Julian a big hug and a heartfelt thanks. He wishes her luck in New York.

    At home, Molly makes plans to meet TJ. Alexis arrives with Danny, pumped for a slumber party. Molly tells her she is spending the night at her friend’s house to study for the SATs. Alexis is so proud of Molly and asks her to come to her if she has any problems. A horn honks outside and Alexis gives Molly one last big hug. Later, Alexis comments to Danny that she was Molly’s age when she was pregnant and is glad Molly is more sensible than she is now, especially about Julian. The bell rings. It’s Julian and she lets him in to see Danny.

    TJ tries to book a room at the Metro Court. He tells Olivia that Shawn is having a girl over but she calls him out as the one trying to get lucky. She knows he wants to do something nice for Molly but wants him to be safe. She was younger than Molly when she had Dante and TJ promises Molly won’t get pregnant. Olivia gives him the friends and family rate and some money back to order room service. Shawn walks up and Olivia covers for TJ, saying he was looking for some extra hours at the hotel to help pay for college. Shawn is so glad he’s being responsible. His father would be proud, like Shawn is. Later, Molly arrives. Molly promises Olivia that she loves TJ and she is where she wants to be. Olivia urges her to be careful.

    At the hospital, Silas asks Kiki to keep an eye on Rafe while she crashes at his place. She tells him that Michael is mad at her for trusting Franco. Silas doesn’t want to give relationship advice but thinks Michael probably doesn’t trust her and she should ask for forgiveness. Kiki thinks Michael should ask her for forgiveness. Sam arrives and Kiki asks how things are going with Julian. Sam admits Julian did something wonderful but she is just trying to navigate the new father thing. Kiki can relate. Rafe arrives and Silas gives him money to take Kiki out to dinner.

    Michael visits Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny that Kiki is hurt he didn’t believe her when she said Franco was innocent. Sonny reminds Michael he almost lost his brother over this girl so maybe he should try again. Michael has always been better at forgiveness than Sonny. Michael worries they jumped into a relationship too fast and he made a mistake. Sonny tells him that Franco did save Carly, so if Kiki didn’t help him Carly might be dead. Michael just can’t trust her and wonders what else she has lied about. Sonny asks Michael what his gut says but he doesn’t know. Michael leaves and Shawn arrives. He found out who is bankrolling Julian.

    At home, Robin tells Patrick that when the plane leaves tomorrow, she’ll be on it. Patrick urges her to stay and Mac and Emma walk in during a very heated moment. Mac scoots Emma into the kitchen for hot chocolate and Patrick tells Robin that if she’s leaving she has to tell Mac and Emma. Robin pleads with him to help her so Emma thinks they are united. Mac and Emma return. Patrick looks in Emma’s eyes and tells her he is sad, not mad. Robin tells them both she’s leaving to help sick people in Africa. Emma doesn’t want her to go and asks if she’ll be back for her dance recital next week. Robin will be gone longer than that. Emma was so sad when Robin was gone – how can she leave her again? Robin knows she’s asking a lot and would never leave unless it was necessary. Robin asks Emma to be brave and strong but Emma doesn’t want to be strong and runs to her room. Patrick goes to her. Mac tells Robin it seems she’s running away, but he’s on her side no matter what, even if he doesn’t understand it. She promises she will see him again then goes to talk to Emma.

    Rafe and Kiki go to the Metro Court and run into Michael. Meanwhile, Olivia gives TJ and Molly keys to the best room available and urges them again to be safe. Later, Rafe catches them kissing by the elevator.

    Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Michael asks Kiki for an apology.

    Robin asks Patrick if he still loves her.

    TJ promises Molly the night is all about them.

    AJ visits Connie’s ghost again.

    Shawn is sure Sonny isn’t going to like what he has to say.

    Julian suggests moving things with Alexis to the bedroom.

    Ava meets with Carlos and tells him what Julian doesn’t know won’t hurt him – yet.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Friday, February 21 2014 12:55 PM

    After ruminating who could be bankrolling the Jeromes, I keep coming back to Ric Lansing. He hates Sonny enough to pay somebody to do his dirty work to take him out.

    I feel for heartbroken can she ever get over her mom walking out on her? Mac's tears seemed genuine. I think these two must have a real bond between them. I think John loves her as much as the character he plays!

    "Danny" has such a cute personality. I have enjoyed watching him develop from a baby to a toddler. Sam, beware, Julian is lethal, even though he has a slight warm spot for not trust him!

    Posted by The-Royal-One at Friday, February 21 2014 01:14 PM

    I was really bothered at how Robin could lie the way she did to Emma. Her reaction was natural and expected. I'm also happy that Patrick refused to take part in her lies to Emma. I believe that Emma will crave the attention of a female, who will inevitably be Sabrina. I also suspect that by the time Robin returns, Emma will be emotionally disconnected from her. For that matter, Patrick too.

    I see the end of Michael and Kiki. I did like, however, how both of them turned to their fathers for advice. Sonny and Silas ain't so bad huh?

    Posted by adamrocks at Friday, February 21 2014 01:14 PM

    Buh bye Robin and don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. This is so lame. Bring a character back for a month or two after such a long drawn out (and ridiculous) storyline. I was team Robin all the way and now I'm team anyone else. Not cool to treat the fans this way. The part should be recast with an actress who actually WANTS to be on the show, not one who comes and goes when it suits her and whatever else she has going on.

    I like Ava and Julian and hope they stay on the show for a while. Icki can walk off the end of a long pier for all I care, but Ava and Julian are entertaining and fun to watch, and the chemistry between Julian and Alexis is off the charts, unlike the total lack of chemistry between Icki the nostril flaring over acting annoyance and the holier than thou Michael. Zzzzzzzzzzz........

    I keep watching the show hoping it will get better but it just doesn't. There are so many storylines going on I can barely keep track, and some of the storylines go on so long I end up not caring what happens. I miss the real GH!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, February 21 2014 01:15 PM

    I really like Brooklynn (Emma) I hope they don't age her and get a new actress. I think it would be hard to replace her. KM grew up on GH and KA grew up as Starr on OLTL so I sure hope she gets to stay. She is such a good actress. But you never know Y&R killed off 7 year old Dalia and she was played by such a good actress.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, February 21 2014 01:18 PM

    Is Emma any more heartbroken than Robin was when Anna left her as a child?

    Posted by pemi at Friday, February 21 2014 01:19 PM

    Im not sure how I felt about Alexis' talk with T.J. Part of me was wishing for her to talk them out of what they're about to do, and the other part was applauding her for talking straight to them and making sure they understood what they were about to do and that they be safe.

    Posted by Ruca91 at Friday, February 21 2014 01:20 PM

    I can see a teen pregnancy storyline coming a mile off... and I'm not looking forward to it.

    Robin really should have enlisted someone else to take care of Jason. Contact Anna or Sonny and THEY can go rescue him. Or perhaps one of them could at least use their resources to bring him to PC and Robin could help revive him right in town. I feel for Emma, and Patrick as well. I can see a teenage/young adult Emma having the same hostile relationship with Robin that Felicia and Maxie had for so long, and Robin will have no one but herself to blame for it.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, February 21 2014 01:20 PM

    I also think that Ric is the one bankrolling Julian to take
    Sonny down

    Posted by Dexdon at Friday, February 21 2014 01:27 PM

    Good afternoon everyone! Hope all is well with everyone. Haven’t seen today’s show yet…

    Dante/Lulu/Ben: It’s their baby. End of story. Britt doesn’t get a say in this. She stole the embryo.

    Nik/Britt: I like Britt better…Nik and Ben have been good in showing some layers to her. They are good for each other, but I don’t think their love is strong enough…she has done far worse than Liz in actions.

    Nik/Liz: I like these two together. They have always had major chemistry. Love is there. Bye, bye Britt. Good for her for coming clean about her feelings. Sometimes it does take the fear of losing someone to make a decision.

    Patrick/Robin/Jason: Of course Jason would have left Sam and Danny to save Robin. In a heartbeat.

    Luke/Scott/Lucy/Tracy: Like the vets..Lucy can get on my nerves, as does Scott…but I like them as they have so much history.

    Liz has never been sloppy seconds. She loved both Nik and Jason and they loved her. And while it didn’t work out in either situation and she ended in in both situations (neither Jason nor Nik wanted to) (Lucky/soaps), to say it was anything less is simply false. I do agree that Nik and Liz had an affair (which woman on a soap hasn’t??)…but she was not married, it was not good, Lucky was on drugs…and he was into the Emily lookalike at the time when Nik and Liz had their first kiss. I will never understand the level of hate for this character/actress from some posters…kinda ridiculous. Liz being Indecisive, bad timing, making poor decisions…absolutely yes….but the hate and flat out false statements? Don’t get it. And she has done nothing half as bad as most of the people on this show.

    Casey1: I hear ya.

    Rans: Great post.

    Mommy of 2: Great post.

    Lovesdogs: Great post. I think you nailed it with your post about Nik/Liz.

    Lily Hunter: Glad your getting things repaired. Hope your winter has been a good one despite the issues.

    HopeGHStays: Great post.

    Bayou: Helloooo! Hope your doing well.

    Posted by Dexdon at Friday, February 21 2014 01:28 PM

    I think Ric is the bank roller of Jeromes also. Mixes it up somewhat, cant always be the Cassadines.

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