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    GH Recap: It Could Have Been Worse.

    Wednesday, February 19 2014
    News about Ben spreads, Robin gives Liz a push, and Heather makes a confession.


    Kevin and Lucy are in the hospital elevator discussing the ball. He promises that he will be there for her this time. When the door opens, Franco is staring at them. He starts hurling insults at the shrink. Lucy wanders off and Kevin wheels Franco down the hall. The doctor apologizes but the conversation soon moves to Scott. Down the hall, Patrick looks glum. Lucy finds him and reminds him about the planning committee. She babbles about it until she notices Robin isn't around. He tries to walk away but she follows him. Finally, he tells her that Robin won't be there for the ball. She assumes this must be about Sabrina and then stutters about how things always work out between her and Kevin. Lucy heads down the hall and finds Kevin and Franco discussing Scott. They wonder where he is. Lucy changes the topic and then runs away. Kevin tells Franco they need to do more work. Franco tells him he should be more concerned about his wife and her interest in her ex.

    At home, Robin leaves a message for Patrick, begging him to call her back. Liz arrives to break the news about Nikolas' engagement... and the case of the stolen sperm. She's appalled that Nikolas is still smitten with Britt after all of this. Robin asks her if she's still in love with the prince. The nurse admits she is but she thinks she's stuck sleeping alone from now on. "He's not married yet," Robin reminds her, encouraging her to just tell Nik how she feels. Once Liz heads out, Patrick arrives and tells Robin they need to go and see her mom.

    In the interrogation room, Anna wants to know what Heather did with Luke. Heather isn't being helpful so Anna offers to make a deal with her. After Heather claims there is nothing she wants, Anna pulls out a BLT from Kelly's. The Commissioner hams this up. Heather wants it. Anna wants information first. "I'm not that hungry after all," says the blond. Anna stuffs her face and blabs about bacon until Heather caves.

    Lulu wakes up in her bed from a nightmare about Dante, the baby and Britt playing happy family. Tracy shows up and rails about Police Commissioner 'Slim'. She plans to put a GPS in Luke when he gets back. Sitting down, Lulu tells her about Dante's baby. Tracy reminds her of all the 'orphans and interlopers' she's had in her family. "Family is who you want to be family," she says, assuring her that she can make things work.

    Tracy shows up at the station to rant at Anna. The Commissioner explains that Heather confessed and they know where Luke is. Lucy rushes in and starts yelping about Scott, who is apparently being held in the same place as Luke.

    Britt and Nikolas are in his bed. She's glowing about the ring he gave her. They make out and then ponder how involved Dante will want to be in Ben's life. Spencer barges in and demands an answer about the proposal. Britt shows him the ring and he begins dancing. Spencer is excited to finally have a mom and runs off. Once she gets dressed, Britt worries Dante will try to take the kid away. Nikolas is sure she'll be fine because she didn't lie about anything. He suggests that she take Ben to see Dante and they work out a custody agreement. Once she departs, Liz shows up at Wyndemere and walks in on Nikolas as he is getting dressed.

    Dante drops by his father's office. He breaks the complicated baby news. They are both confused by all of this. "It could be worse. You could have shot him," Sonny jokes. Dante knows he has plenty of time to make memories with Ben, but he worries about Lulu and all the memories this will bring back. His father tells him that having a child is a gift. "But will I still have a wife?" Dante worries. Sonny advises to give Lulu some credit.

    When Dante gets home, he asks Lulu how he can make things easier on her. She suggests they head over to Wyndemere to see Ben. He thinks she's amazing, but they need to focus on finding her father first. Before they can leave, Britt arrives with Ben.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Tracy notices how interested Lucy is in Luke's disappearance.

    Victor manages to make things worse between Patrick and Robin.

    Liz tries to convince Nikolas that she's right.

    Lulu tries to put on a happy face for Dante.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:30 PM

    So let me get this straight. Robin is in the middle of a crisis that could cost her either her marriage and family, or Jason's life, and yet she has time to drop everything to give Elizabeth RELATIONSHIP advice? ROBIN? That's like asking Nulu how to cook, and it had just about the same outcome. Robin can't resist telling people what to do, but her advice was TERRIBLE! She just told Liz to go humiliate herself by professing her love to a man she rejected MONTHS ago, who just got engaged! How does Robin think Nikolas will react? Does she really think he'll yank the ring off Britt's finger and put it on Elizabeth's? If not, then she's telling her best friend to make a fool of herself.

    If Robin was REALLY a good friend, she'd point out to Elizabeth that it seems she only “loves” Nikolas when he's not available, and that she needs to move on, instead of trying to relive the past and reopening old wounds.

    Is it time to start talking about the Nurses' Ball ALREADY? Gee, it seems like the last one was only yesterday, and yet so much has happened since then. Sometimes we complain about how slow the pace of the show is, and how they drag everything out, and other times it seems to fly by.

    The other day I posted that Nulu wouldn't like the idea of Dante and Britt's son being a baseball player, but I didn't think she'd have a nightmare about it THIS soon. Nulu would be much more sympathetic if her reservations about Ben were less about his being a constant reminder of her “inadequacies,” and more about her reluctance to share motherhood duties with someone else. That's an idea that Nulu never even considered, and was completely unprepared for. When she imagined having a baby with Dante, she never thought she would have to defer to another woman, when it came to decisions about that child. No one could fault her for that.

    Dante is in BIG trouble! He didn't tell Oblivia she's a GRANDMOTHER! She is going to give him hell, especially when she finds out he told Sonny first, instead of the woman that raised him. Of course, she's supposed to be psychic, so how could she not know already? How could she not get a vibe about Connie's death every time she walks into Sonny's office, or see who shot her whenever she strolls by the terrace of the MC restaurant?

    Hmph! I thought Anna was going to whip out a taser to use on Heather, but I guess the BLT worked just as well, except that now I'm hungry. Go get Luke now, please. Let's hope Snotty hasn't eaten him yet!

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:41 PM

    Honestly, I can NOT wait until Nik realizes what a fool Britt has made of him. Of course, being who he is, he will probably forgive her.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:42 PM

    Funny how when Nik thought Brad was Ben's father, he harrassed the poor guy to death to be a father to his son. But, now that it is Dante, he does not really seem to care if Dante wants to be a father or not.

    Posted by PickleLila at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:47 PM

    Scrimmage, as I posted yesterday, I see absolutely no chemistry between Robin and Patrick. However, I was on hiatus from GH for the bulk of their romance. I am curious what your take is.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:52 PM

    Liz, you had your chance and you blew it. Sorry!

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:52 PM

    I thought the Robin/Patrick scenes yesterday were outstanding. Kudos to JT and KM.

    Posted by TexasGirl1015 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:53 PM

    Well lets see now. First off, Britt has changed alot even though she kept that secret about the baby. She is not trying to manipulate Nickolas.

    And, if the baby from the surrogate (maxie) was both Dante and LuLu, then why is Ben not Dante and LuLu's. Little confused on this issue. Its like Britt carried their baby for them. Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?

    Good storyline with Franco and Carly.

    Posted by francesca101 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:54 PM

    Does it not occur to anyone involved, that Ben looks more like Lulu and has her light coloring? I think both Dante and Britt's parents have darker hair coloring. How long before another DNA test is done and we can put this SL to rest. I can't wait for all of Britt's lies to be revealed. I did like her with Nicholas and the softer side he brings out in her but now that she didn't tell the whole truth I am done with her.

    I am also upset that they brought Robin back only to have her leave again. And whether Jason is really alive or dead or in suspended animation, for her to leave her daughter and husband so soon after coming back just makes me angry.

    Posted by maja at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:55 PM

    So let me see if I got this right. An intelligent woman like Anna couldn't figure out that Luke might be held at the mental institution.I mean, we just had the thugs lying to her and saying that Heather was actually there when she wasn't.Wouldn't she investigate to see why the person on duty lied to her, and see if Heather had help getting out.Oh, never mind, I'm thinking to much...Also, why did Kevin need to apologize to Freako..He should have told the demented to shove it where the sun don't shine.So, sick of Freako and his psycho BLT eating mama.Too bad they both didn't end up dead during the "dramatic" comclusion of the hostage situation.

    Posted by pemi at Wednesday, February 19 2014 01:02 PM

    Seeing Ben & Dante in their father/son Yankees shirts made me smile..I liked the scenes with Tracy giving motherly advice to Lulu. They should have given Tracy a daughter a long time ago! It really brings out a softer more likeable side to her. As to whether Lulu follows the advice, the expressions on her face say a lot.
    The magic of the B.L.T. just keeps on working! Who knew it could be such a great interrogation tool??
    Eloserbeth is a real piece of work. All of a sudden she is so in love with Nik? I guess its only because he has become totally unavailable.

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