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    GH Recap: My Cheat Day.

    Tuesday, February 04 2014
    Sabrina tells Patrick the truth about the baby, Victor tells Robin what happened to Jason after he was shot, and Heather orders something sinful.


    At the hospital, Sabrina tells Patrick the baby is his. She lied about sleeping with Carlos, then lied to him because she didn’t want to come between him and Robin. She never planned on him knowing she was pregnant at all and thought she was doing the right thing. She didn’t know Carlos was going to claim to be the father, but she ran with it when he did. Emma overheard Sabrina and Elizabeth talking and Sabrina realized how crazy all this was and she had to come clean. A cold and angry Patrick never thought Sabrina would lie to him. He takes Emma home and Sabrina and Elizabeth talk about what happened. Sabrina can’t imagine how Robin will react.

    At Robin’s house, Victor shows her a picture of Jason and alludes that he might not be dead after all. Faison wanted Sonny’s territory, but he had to get rid of his No. 2 man, so he shot Jason and dumped him in the harbor. Faison knew Jason would be an asset one day so he had some colleagues in a boat nearby drag Jason out of the water. They took him to the clinic in Switzerland, where Robin was. When Robin’s family came to rescue her all hell broke loose and Obrecht knew she had to move the most valuable patients. She dropped Robin off in Corinth, and Helena and Stavros went to Cassadine Island, along with Jason, and all three are now in suspended animation. Victor tells Robin that if she agrees to help save his family, she can save Jason too. Victor informs her that Patrick and Emma are on their way home, and if she tells anyone about this project she will lose the opportunity to save her friend. He leaves her with the picture. Patrick comes in with Emma and tells Robin they need to talk.

    Julian visits Silas in jail. He wants to help Silas prove his innocence in Nina’s attempted murder for Sam’s sake. Julian wants a place in Sam and Alexis’ life, so if it means finding out who framed Silas he’ll do it – even if his own sister is behind it. But if Silas is guilty Julian will make sure he won’t be in any position to see Sam again. Upstairs, Franco is shot by Dante, but still escapes. Nathan and Dante demand Kiki tell them where Franco is going. They know she helped him escape and if Carly doesn’t come back alive she’ll be an accessory to Michael’s mother’s murder. Kiki asks for a lawyer and they take her down to a cell by Silas. Silas tells Kiki he’s innocent. She wishes she could say the same about herself. She helped Franco escape, but she had to do it because he said he was innocent, just like she believes of Silas.

    Alexis meets Sam for dinner at the Metro Court to go over Silas’ defense, but Sam has doubts. She tells Alexis that Silas never told her that he got everything in Nina’s will. Silas keeps hiding things from her. Alexis tells Sam it all boils down to trust – does she think Silas is telling the truth? Sam asks Alexis how things with Ava went and Alexis begins to dish about Julian just as he walks in. He tells them he visited Silas and he will do what he can to help make Sam happy. Sam leaves and Julian tells Alexis he can’t stop thinking about their kiss. He hopes she hasn’t stopped think about it either. He asks why she is scared of him and she tells him she’s scared of herself. She runs off. At another table, Sonny fills Olivia in on Julian’s threats to Morgan’s family. Sonny is reminded that there are no code or rules with people like the Jeromes. Sonny is sure of one thing - a cold war is heating up. Meanwhile, Heather grabs a table and asks to see the whole dessert tray. Her waiter brings the cart and she asks for some champagne while she looks. She slips a knife in her bag when he leaves. Sonny kisses Olivia goodbye and after he leaves Olivia spots Heather on her way out. Later, Heather’s waiter returns and notices she left with the knife.

    Olivia goes to PCPD and tells Dante that she saw Heather. Sam visits Silas downstairs and is surprised to see Kiki. Sam tells Silas it was wrong how she left. She owes it to him to hear his explanation.

    Franco goes to where he buried Heather and starts digging. The grave is empty but there is a note that reads, "You are going to pay for this."

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Patrick kicks over a table.

    Sabrina lets Felix know she told Patrick the truth.

    Elizabeth tells Nikolas that you just can’t steal someone’s sperm.

    Britt wants to know what Obrecht wants.

    Lucas wants to know what Dante is doing about Franco’s disappearance.

    Franco gets a graveside visitor.

    Carly struggles to free herself.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by ladyofhearts at Tuesday, February 04 2014 12:39 PM

    "State of suspended animation"? Oh, good grief, man - Luke shot Helena, a pretty old bird, point blank. The woman is dead, Jim.

    Do the current writers know GH history? Why in the world would the World Security Bureau (WSB) make a Cassadine, any Cassadine, the HEAD of WSB? Absolutely unbelievable! Particularly if that Cassidine wants to bring his evil mother and brother back to life. Utter nonsense.

    It's also unbelievable that Heather could possibly pull this caper off - where is the money coming from? Where does she get all her clothes, wigs? Why does no one know she's missing from her cell after ALL this time? Why has no one searched for Luke who was last seen by others chasing a raccoon in the in drag in Heather's cell?

    I resent this insult to my intelligence.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, February 04 2014 12:46 PM

    Hi everyone

    Happy Sabrina told Patrick that the baby is his. Of course he is not happy she never told him in the first place but he will get over it and be happy. As for Robin, yeah she will be disappointed but her mind is on what Victor said so she will go with it.
    About time Franco went to the gravesite. Now if he adds two and two together he will figure it Heather has Carly.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Tuesday, February 04 2014 01:23 PM

    Finally Sabrina decide to tell Patrick the truth that he is the father of baby. I am glad that she is doing the right thing. I can understand why Patrick is angry.

    Finally Franco decide to dig the grave and found out that Heather is alive. Now he know she is the one who have Carly hostage. He will going save her. And plus I am glad that Kiki is the one who still believe in Franco and care about him.

    I KNEW IT! I am right all along that Jason is alive for whole time. I refuse to believe that he was dead and knew he is alive out there somewhere. Now I know what happen to him after he got shot in the back and kick off in the water. He is very resourceful and tough! He would fight his way back to his loved ones... he can't because he is hold hostage. Can't wait to see my favorite Jason's handsome face again and have him back!!! I will going be very thrill and jump to JOY!

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Tuesday, February 04 2014 01:24 PM

    Who like the idea of Brad and Felix together?

    Will Nikolas forgive Britt for lying about Ben or just done with her for good?

    Do you think Nathan is related to Nina? Because he seem determined to bring Silas down without there is not enough evidence and didn't give Silas chance to prove his innocence.

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Tuesday, February 04 2014 01:33 PM

    I agree Sabrina should have told Patrick at first, but I can't believe he was so Not-understanding. Should have gone like this:
    Patrick - Sabrina, how could you keep this from me?
    Sabrina - Well Patrick, I don't know. Maybe it was because you left me at the altar for your back-from-the-dead wife and I saw no need to interfere in your life anymore.

    As for Heather, does she have a "cloak of invisibility"? She sat right in the Metro Court and not One person said "Oh look, there's crazy lady" except Olivia, who - of course, no one will believe.

    And why ISN'T Tracy raising he** with the PCPD about Luke not coming back from the boathouse.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, February 04 2014 01:43 PM

    I think Patrick handled the baby situation realistically.
    An ex is pregnant with his baby and lied to his face.
    Who knows if this is the lie or the first part was the lie.
    Having a baby with someone you are no longer involved with is a bummer.
    And he's not happy.
    What did Sabrina expect?
    Bet Patrick will be mad at Liz, Robin too.
    Carlos where are you?

    Julian is yellow.
    Alexis is a grown woman that can't control her actions ? Great role model for Molly. She acts so odd for a mother of 3, a professional and a woman of her age.
    Don't see how that would be attractive to a man.

    I really don't see Jason coming back.

    Oliva looked like one of Sonny's kisses wasn't enough.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Tuesday, February 04 2014 01:45 PM

    The writers may not realize it but Kiki is sounding more and more like Starr. She always believed in Todd even when no one else did.

    I also wondered how Heather had finances and why no one has seen her. Why didn't Sonny? He walked right by her. I think the men at the clinic are financing her. No other explanation.

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, February 04 2014 01:51 PM

    Really Georgia? You don't understand why Patrick would be mad at Sabrina or feel betrayed? After everything he went through with Brithc lying to him about that baby? After spending almost two years mourning a wife who was stolen from him, not dead? About the yoyo-ing of his daughter's emotions with this baby, or that baby, it is your sibling, no it's not, yes it is....

    Sabrina was there for all of it - she saw what he went through, and yet she turned right around and did it to him too! Of course he's mad at her!!!

    Ransomha - Why would Patrick be mad at Robin for Sabrina lying about the baby? That was all on Sabrina - no one else.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, February 04 2014 01:59 PM

    If a weird woman dressed like Heather, who hasn't bathed or changed clothes in over two weeks, and probably smells like she's been living in a barn or a cave, walked into any upscale restaurant in America, any waiter worth his pepper grinder would've asked her for a credit card before bringing her anything. Of course, compared to everything else that's going on, that's just a minor quibble.

    Another quibble is the idea that a seriously wounded woman, who just dug herself out of a grave by hand would stop and take the time to leave a note for her naughty little boy. I know Heather loves to write notes for her sons, and puts a lot of stock in them, but that's just silly. The mere fact that the grave was empty would be a pretty clear message if you ask me.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, February 04 2014 02:08 PM

    Why would Robin accept an old picture of Jason as proof that Victor's telling the truth? Is she THAT stupid? If I were a hotshot scientist like she's supposed to be, I'd at least expect a video of Jason in stasis in the lab, showing proof that he's still alive and not just a frozen corpse, and a breakdown of the process and equipment used to keep him like that before I believed a word Victor said.


    As for the discussion about Robin's supposedly imminent departure, I just don't see any graceful way out for her if she's really leaving again. She can't just disappear and leave Patrick hanging, wondering what happened, and she can't pick a fight and leave him over Sabrina's baby without coming across like a shrew and a terrible mother. Even if she tells him the truth, and then voluntarily leaves to save Jason and the frozen Cassadines, she'll still look bad for walking out on her family for an old boyfriend, and Patrick would be justified in saying “enough is enough.”

    Out of those three possible scenarios that would have Robin leave, I hope it's the last one, just so that the people Robin leaves behind will be free to go on with their lives after she's gone. The fact of the matter is, people were getting along just fine without her before she came back, and they'll be fine once again after she leaves.

    I am not at all happy with this over-the-top glorification of the Robin character. At first, she was merely a pawn in Faison's sick plan to win the love of her mother, then all of a sudden she became some kind of scientific genius, and the only person in the world capable of coming up with a cure for polonium poisoning. Next, we find her in a cemetery, “risen from the dead,” where she not only saves Maxie from committing suicide, but also forgives her for her sins, after which Maxie obligingly resolves to go in peace and sin no more, or to put it another way, Maxie decided to leave town while she tries become a better person.

    So in addition to Robin curing the incurably sick, returning from the “dead” herself, and absolving the sins of other, lesser beings, do TPTB now plan to credit her with having the knowledge, the ability, and the power to overcome death itself? Either they're writing Robin as the second coming, or a modern day Dr. Frankenstein, and either way it's going to be totally absurd.

    Portraying Robin as either the Goddess of Life and Death, and/or as a mad scientist toying with forces beyond human comprehension, resulting in the reanimation of the dead, which is an abomination against nature, is something that goes far beyond the scope of what a daytime soap opera should be dealing with. We've got plenty of “real” problems to deal with on this show. We don't need to get into some kind of transcendental, existential crisis just because some actress decides to leave the show again.

    I say just bump her off and be done with it.

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