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    GH Recap: Two Of A Kind.

    Monday, January 13 2014
    Michael spurs Dante to help him find Carly, Silas submits to questioning by Det. West, and Carlos takes Sabrina’s pregnancy news into his own hands.


    Silas suddenly appears at PCPD and grabs West roughly, upset about his visit to Sam. Dante pulls Silas off West and Silas agrees to answer West’s questions. They head into the interrogation room and West asks if Nina was on antidepressants because of his affair with Ava, because at the time Silas denied his affair. Silas didn’t think it was relevant to her overdose. West slides over a bag with a prescription for Nina’s antidepressant in its liquid form, prescribed to Silas the day his wife went into her coma. West think Silas wrote it, filled it and injected Nina. Silas says he never saw it and leaves. Outside, Michael arrives and asks Dante for help finding Carly. Michael doesn’t trust Franco and begs Dante for help. They leave together.

    Alexis visits Sam at the penthouse. She heard from Molly that Sam and Silas had a nice New Year’s Eve and she’s happy someone appreciates Sam for the amazing woman she is. She asks if things are getting serious and Sam tells her they were – until she found out Silas had a wife. Sam tells her everything and Alexis wonders why he kept it a secret until now. Sam admits she found out the truth from a cop. When she asked Silas, he told her the whole story. When Silas' wife went into a coma, the cops suspected Silas because of his affair with Ava. Alexis is surprised how much Silas has kept hidden but has to dash when she gets a text. Later, Sam lets Silas in and he tells her about West’s prescription evidence. They both wonder if Ava is to blame.

    At Sabrina’s, Carlos promises her that he will make her happy and be there for her and the baby. Patrick knocks and Sabrina pushes Carlos to hide. Whatever she says to Patrick, he isn’t a part of it. She opens the door and Patrick asks if she’s pregnant. She admits she is while Carlos listens from the bedroom. Patrick is surprised considering how safe they were, but offers to support her no matter what. Carlos enters and tells Patrick not to worry – the baby is his. Patrick doesn’t believe him, but Carlos tells him they slept together after the called-off wedding. Patrick looks to Sabrina for confirmation.

    Kiki asks Ava outside Franco’s hotel room what happened to Carly. Kiki heard Ava threaten Carly at the restaurant. Ava swears she didn’t do anything to Carly but Kiki doesn’t believe a word she says. Ava is sorry and walks off. Inside, Franco finds Carly’s letter. She writes that Sonny made her see she was putting her relationship with him over her son. She didn’t want to end things this way, but she thinks it is best for everyone if she went out of town for a few days. Kiki returns and he shows her the note. He is upset – they were really good together. Franco can’t think what happened to change Carly’s mind. Kiki leaves a message for Michael, then comforts Franco. He demands to know why Kiki is being nice to him and she tells him that even though they are not related she still cares about him. She offers to help him find Carly.

    Heather removes Carly’s gag and offers her the time to say her last words in the boathouse. Carly tells Heather she can’t kill her because they are two of a kind. They are both mothers to two boys. Heather agrees, but her sons don’t appreciate her. Franco is the worst. He stabbed her with her own knife, which is why she has to do this. Heather later leaves the boathouse with a bloody knife. She tells herself Carly deserved it and so did Franco.

    Morgan slams Julian against the Metro Court parking garage wall, demanding to know what happened to Carly. Morgan has done everything Julian has asked, including humiliating Ava in front of his father. Julian denies any involvement and is upset to learn Ava went to Paluzzo’s. Michael and Dante walk up and ask Morgan what he’s doing with Julian. They play it off like they just ran into each other and Julian leaves. Meanwhile, Heather parks Carly’s car and pats herself on the back for a job well done. Morgan, Michael and Dante make a plan, then see Carly’s car. Heather is gone, the door is open and there is blood smeared on the side. They pop the trunk.

    Julian finds Ava at her hotel room and questions her about Carly. Did she make her disappear? Later, West calls Ava and asks her to come to the station.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Sam wonders if Ava tried to kill Nina.

    Ava tells Det. West she doesn’t know a thing about Carly.

    Olivia asks Sonny if he thinks Morgan is really done with Ava.

    Patrick asks Sabrina who the father is.

    Elizabeth reassures Robin.

    Michael attacks Franco.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by warlock at Monday, January 13 2014 12:58 PM

    I don't know about anyone else, but, I'm sick of the baby lines (enough already). Make Sabrina NOT pregnant would be a good solution. Enough of this crap already. Same with Franco and Heather stuff. How many times is Franco going to be arrested? Sick of this type of storyline too. The kids getting involved with the mob is another waste of time. I have decided not to watch this show anymore. It's just one rerun storyline after the next. Just plain sick of it. Like Carly and Franco together, Sam and Silas, and Robin and Patrick. Why can't we have some happiness on this show, once in awhile? Would be a nice switch for a change.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, January 13 2014 01:02 PM

    How predictable, Carlos claiming he is the father. Called that last week.
    Same for Ava probably putting Silas's wife into a coma.
    Heather, not watching anything with Heather in it.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, January 13 2014 01:23 PM

    The way I see it Carlos has Sabrina right where he wants her. He didn't give her a chance to respond to Patrick and inserted himself into the situation. If she doesn't want to expose his lie, she will be forced to marry him whether she really wants to or not This right after Sabrina told him she didn't feel that way about him and didn't want to marry him.

    Posted by maja at Monday, January 13 2014 01:40 PM

    @warlock, I think the reason why tptb decided to write the Sabrina pregnancy storyline is because the actress is pregnant in real life.I'm so tired of Heather and her idiotic antics. This character and her cruelty just needs to end. I really can't stomach her kidnapping, killing, attempting to kill,and her manic behavior.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, January 13 2014 01:43 PM

    For a supposedly brilliant doctor, Slimas is pretty dense if it took Sam to point the finger at Ava in the attempt on his wife's life. DUH!

    Still, a lot of this doesn't make sense. Am I mistaken, or hasn't Ava been up to her unmoving eyebrows in this with Slimas from the beginning? They've been whispering about some “dark secret” for months, but what exactly was that secret? That Slimas had a comatose ex-wife? Big deal! Sam's got a closet full of exes. And if she's NOT his ex, then can someone please explain to me why Nina's wealthy family wouldn't have petitioned for divorce on her behalf a long time ago. Ex or not, it's still small potatoes.

    Their secret couldn't be that Slimas had lied about their affair during the original investigation twenty years ago, since as Detective West showed us, that's been common knowledge ever since Connie broke the “Kinky Not A Q” story. So if Ava was supposedly never involved back in the day, and Slimas believed his wife's overdose was self inflicted, then what did Slimas think Ava was so worried about all these years?

    Her concern would only make sense if Ava knew about the forged prescription, and the only way she could've known about that was if she was the one who forged it (she would've had access to his pad and copies of his signature), which means she's the one who tried to kill his wife. Apparently at the time, Ava realized that even getting herself knocked up wasn't enough to make Slimas leave Nina, so she decided to eliminate the competition through a faked suicide, but covered her tracks by setting up Slimas if things went south. Assuming that's the case, then Slimas had no idea that Ava had anything to do with Nina's death until just now.

    Her plan worked, kinda, but even with Nina out of the picture, for some unexplained reason, Slimas and Ava never ended up together, because she apparently did something else to make Slimas never want to see her again, which raises yet another question. Why has he always hated her so much? I can understand him feeling guilty about their affair, and not wanting to be reminded of it by her continuous come-ons, but his animosity goes far beyond the usual resentment of someone who tempted someone else to cheat.

    From the day they ran into each other at GH, Slimas has treated Ava like she did something TO HIM, that he found unforgivable. I always thought it was because she told him she aborted their baby and he hated her for it, but even if that had happened, he'd know by now that she lied (hello Kinky), and in any case that wouldn't have been something they'd have to hide from the police. Also, Ava was the first person he called as soon as he heard from Nathan, and Slimas implied that they were “in this together,” but if her name never came up until recently then what was he talking about? Where was this incriminating prescription during the original investigation anyway? If Slimas was a suspect, then how did THAT get overlooked?

    At least this explains why Ava claimed Frodd was Kinky's father. If the truth had been common knowledge from the beginning, the cops would've known about the affair, and Ava would've been a suspect just like Slimas, maybe even a more likely one, since she was part of a crime family that was active at the time. As it was, Slimas took all the heat, but was never charged. That still doesn't explain how Slimas went from liking Ava enough to cheat on his wife with her, to hating her with every fiber of his being. Did she put a gun to his head and FORCE him to make love to her?

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, January 13 2014 01:49 PM

    Scrimmage ~ I think Nathan West has some familial connection to this investigation. Possibly the forged prescription was held by Nina's family and passed on to him. His dogged pursuit of this case is more than just trying to crack a cold case.

    Posted by JadeLola at Monday, January 13 2014 01:50 PM

    Storyline is stupid.

    Posted by luvmichigan at Monday, January 13 2014 02:15 PM

    Warlock: Totally agree with you regarding the "baby storylines"....been there, done that. I realize the lovely actress is expecting however it did not have to be written into a storyline...we soap fans are willing to overlook a baby bump. Sooooo tired of the baby/ sick children (Joslynn, Danny, Tea's baby died at birth) stories.
    Also agree with Scrimmage: The Silas/Ava storyline is inconsistent, confusing, and BORING. These are characters we have very little invested in & quite frankly few of us CARE what they did or didn't do BEFORE coming to PC. ...The writers want us to care about two people we barely know & their history......NOT HAPPENING.
    I can live with some intriguing mob storyline since it isn't all encompassing.... but I certainly hope we can look forward to more interesting, high action, ORIGINAL, mind-blowing, storylines with CORE characters we do care about. Please no more babies. And get rid of Franco
    .....I am willing to suspend reality briefly and forget Todd/Franco look alike.....bring Todd back.. find a way & make it happen. Endless story possibilities. And please let Franco take his crazy mom with him when he leaves town. Heather stopped being interesting a long time ago.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, January 13 2014 02:18 PM

    The seed has been planted.
    Is Carlos the father or not? Sabrina could have stopped him at anytime and she didn't.
    The DNA tests at GH are so unreliable we might not know who the father really is until the kid starts high school.
    Carlos is stepping up and I like him for it plus, he may very well be the dad.
    At least he wants it.
    That was the reason Carlos and Sabrina broke up in the first place.

    Plus Patrick keeps saying how carful they were, over and over.

    It's better for Sabrina to be with a man that likes her more then she likes him then to be with a man that is in love with another woman.

    The Jerome's have been caught with Morgan more since he "quit them" then them when he was working for them.

    That was one bloody knife!

    Ava put Silas's wife in the come......

    Posted by Casey1 at Monday, January 13 2014 02:20 PM

    My goodness! If Carly isn't dead Heather must have done some major damage, considering the bloody knife she came out of the boathouse with.
    I do feel bad for Franco, not only for the fact that Heather is setting him up to be the fall guy, but who likes to get a Dear John letter and have their heart broken?
    I like that the Corinthos brothers are working together to find Carly. We don't get to see enough interactions with these three men.

    TPTB finally allowed Alexis to come out of the attic, but what flat, disappointing scenes with Sam! It seemed like KeMo could barely open her mouth to utter her lines, and in a most emotionless voice.

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