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    GH Recap: Not A Dream.

    Thursday, December 26 2013
    Morgan keeps vigil outside of Max's room, Britt wants to help Lulu prepare to have another baby, and Robin spends Christmas with her family.

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    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:37 PM

    I think the reason no one has connected AJ as being Ava Jerome is because as viewers we know how evil Ava is, but that is not the face she has presented publicly. She is flying below the radar. That may change as the story of her and Silas's past comes out.

    With Sonny, he is very predictable in protecting family members.
    Dante and Lulu so cute with Ben. Hope no one's holding their breath on them getting that baby anytime soon.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:39 PM

    I thought Dr. O's intro was brilliant. She is a rare commodity and I hope TPTB realize what a find she is. Also thought the vignettes were well put together. Today's episode was so different than anything they've done lately. Really enjoyable the show.

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:41 PM

    Ava has some nerve. She walks into someone else's home tosses aside her coat and without being offered a drink, pours herself a generous triple. That woman must be sloshed 24/7.

    I love the way Dr. Olbrect's character is slowly being revealed. She has gone from a knee jerk, heel clicking, Nazi maiden to a woman who appears to have once been a normal child yearning for Christmas, and she can sing too! Now let us see them do the same with Brad.

    The Carlos/Sabrina scenes were too brief. I want to see the loving Carlos who will take care of Sabrina and mend her broken heart.

    Posted by drebay at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:54 PM

    The police will who did it. Max said Morgan shot him while Sonny was on the line with 911. That all gets recorded.

    Posted by nancy marie at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:57 PM

    Holiday greetings and good wishes to all for a most happy new year! Been out of pocket for a bit but glad to be back posting.
    Special greetings to all Robin and Patrick fans. A lovely day with the family today for Emma. Great family reunion--if a bit delayed--but timed for Christmas, I'm sure.
    Dr. O's narrating of today's events somewhat warped--but TPTB specialize in such shenanigans, don't they?
    And they are playing coy with Anna and Robert's "disposal" of Faison. PS Don't be fooled, I say. What do you all say?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, December 26 2013 02:07 PM


    Patrick: “I'm as happy as I've ever been.”

    Robin: “Me too.”

    Uh-oh. We all know what THAT means – disaster is right around the corner. This regime abhors happiness like nature abhors a vacuum! I think the last person that said that was Connie, right before Kate came back, and look how THAT ended up. That's probably why Emma gave them a giant “raspberry” when things started to get sickeningly sweet, and not a moment too soon. Thank you Robert. I had no idea that his gift would come in so handy, so quickly. And how cute was Emma's Australian accent? She is absolutely adorable.

    Why would Patrick – or anyone, really – get a tattoo of a duck on their arm? I could see it if it was Lucy, or Phil Robertson, but that's about it.

    Sonny STILL doesn't know Robin's alive? Who dropped the ball on THAT one? Robin referred to the time Patrick took to make up his mind as “a few days,” but since the wedding was Nov. 27, and he didn't come back until Christmas, it was more like a month, even by the GH calendar. Yet in all that time, are we supposed to believe that no one has bothered to mention to Sonny that, oh yeah, Robin isn't dead anymore? I mean, I know he's been busy, making people dig graves, and boxing with his nephew, but REALLY?

    I was happy to see Milo again, and even happier that Max woke up at the end, instead of dragging his recovery out longer than necessary just to make Moron stew in his own juices, wanting Max to live, but worried about him naming his assailant. Once both Michael and Dante figured out Moron was involved in Max's shooting, there was no reason to keep Max unconscious, plot wise, although I would like it if the first words he says are “Moron shot me!”

    I'm also not surprised that both Michael and Dante figured out who Sonny was covering for. They both know Sonny pretty well, and I'm glad that they're coming to realize what a POS they have for a younger brother. Even Kinky is done playing nice with her ex after he left Michael to drown in the harbor without a second thought. I was glad she brought it up, but when Michael realizes that his brother isn't just covering for somebody, but that he was actually holding a gun on their father and THEN shot Max, I'll bet nothing will stop him from going all “Stone Cold” on Moron's sorry ass. Moron would be safer in a jail cell once Michael, Milo, Diane, and Carly find out what he did. If he has trouble sleeping, maybe Frau Blücher could sing him a lullaby.

    Ava is EVIL! She is just BEGGING to be beaten with a rolled up newspaper! What is the point of tormenting AJ? If she wants everyone to think that she truly believes him to be a killer (and we all know she doesn't) why would she go out of her way to antagonize him? Of course, AJ's drinking is just an example of the lack of character development in some legacy characters that I mentioned earlier. AJ's drinking is like Sonny's violent outbursts and Carly's bad choices in men. It's all familiar, repetitive territory that we've all seen many times before. In Sonny's case, I'm hoping his new relationship with Oblivia will finally change his pattern, but I don't see the same thing in store for either AJ or Carly, unfortunately.

    I think Sabrina has had it up to here with waiting for the men in her life to “figure things out.” That hasn't worked out too well for her lately.

    Man, was that awkward seeing Dante and Nulu with Ben, or what? I mean from Britt's point of view, of course. And that brings us to the LINE OF THE DAY, which is also a late nominee for Understatement of the Year!

    Britt (to Dante and Nulu): “Given my history with Maxie, I understand if you're uncomfortable with me being your doctor...”

    You THINK?

    Posted by adamrocks at Thursday, December 26 2013 02:10 PM

    Are all jails co-ed or just in Port Charles?

    Posted by adamrocks at Thursday, December 26 2013 02:14 PM

    I wish Robin hadn't taken Patrick back. He needs to run back to that simpering wimp Sabrina. I mean after all, she did everything she could to land him and even tried to rush him to the altar when she thought Robin might still be alive. All that energy shouldn't go to waste.

    I like Ava and I hope she sticks around for awhile but I have a feeling when it comes out that she killed Connie it might not end well for her. She's a hoot to watch though.

    I just wish the writers would quit flip flopping all over the place and quit letting a week or two go by in between the storylines. This thing with Britt's baby has gone on for months and now they're going to drag it out for several more months. By the time they get around to a resolution on the storylines I've lost interest.

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Thursday, December 26 2013 02:16 PM

    Britt has to be void of empathy for others to be able to watch Lulu and Dante fawn over Ben, unaware of the fact that he's their son. She makes me ill. She has a funny way of expressing her love for this child, keeping him from his rightful parents, denying him of their unconditional love.

    Ava is a piece of work too, pushing a very fragile AJ to the bottle. When does he get a chance to reform, if the writers are keeping him soused to dull the guilt he feels for something he didn't do. ARGH!

    Morgan is too far gone. He is a simpering loser.

    I felt sorry for Robin realizing that she doesn't even know what her daughter is into these days, while Sabrina does. She handled it well, but the hurt she felt was still evident.

    Poor Milo...I sure hope he doesn't let his unwarranted guilt push him back into the life.

    Posted by brunette at Thursday, December 26 2013 02:19 PM

    There's only 2 cell blocks in the entire city.

    Scrimmage, loved your entire comment. Good stuff!

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