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    GH Recap: Can We Do This To Maxie?

    Friday, December 06 2013
    Robin shocks Maxie at the cemetery, AJ's trial continues, and Ellie struggles over a life altering decision.


    Robin finds Maxie at Georgie's graveside. Maxie thinks Georgie sent Robin because she couldn't get through to her. She tells Robin to go away. Robin slaps Maxie, who takes a moment to realize that Robin's real before hugging her. Robin explains what happened before she asks Maxie about the pills. Maxie tells her everything that happened while she was gone. Robin thinks Maxie will survive. Maxie wonders why Robin is there instead of with her family. Robin's not sure if it's her family anymore. Maxie reminds her that Patrick's her husband and she's going to fight for him. Robin agrees she will and asks Maxie to promise not to commit suicide. Maxie assures her they will both be around for a long time.

    Patrick arrives at Carlos' apartment and finds him kissing Sabrina. He pushes Carlos away and says, "Get your hands off her." Carlos claims he's twice the man Patrick will ever be when Patrick accuses him of taking advantage of Sabrina. Sabrina admits it was her decision to come. Carlos says she doesn't need to explain but she tries. Patrick wants to go talk with Sabrina but Carlos doesn't think she has to. He asks if Patrick has chosen Sabrina over Robin. Sabrina can't expect that Patrick has sorted everything out yet but she deserves an answer. Patrick needs time but asks her to come home. Sabrina decides she's a grown woman and will take herself home after Carlos offers. She leaves, and then Patrick punches Carlos and says he's a dead man if he goes anywhere near Sabrina.

    Carly kisses Franco in his room, and then wants room service. She needs a distraction while she waits for the trauma Jerry caused to subside. Franco doesn't mind being a distraction but thinks she could distract him since his brand-new father doesn't want anything to do with him. Carly wants to give Scott the benefit of the doubt but calls him a weasel. Franco laughs at her attempt to stay positive. Carly admits getting close to her father, a federal prosecutor who tried to put Sonny away. She advises he focus on the good things when he learns her father is dead. She kisses him and says, "I'm here." In bed, Carly asks if he's heard from Heather. He lies and says no. Carly hasn't since the opening and thinks she's safe with Heather locked up. Meanwhile, Heather's standing outside Franco's door. She calls, pretending to set up a job interview. Inside Carly's excited for Franco. He kisses her and leaves. After, Heather lets herself in while Carly's in the shower and pulls a knife from her bag.

    At the courthouse, Ava leaves Carlos a message to see how he is after Sabrina's wedding. Nearby, Sonny leaves Shawn a message, eager for information on Carlos, when he bumps into her. Ava plays nice but Sonny chides her for being so smug and warns that he hits back when he's hit. Ava doesn't think they need to be enemies. She keeps her promises and is there to testify against AJ. Inside the courtroom, Diane expresses to Michael and Kiki how gratifying it is to see justice at work when the court deemed the security footage inadmissible. Scott says how he'd give his right arm to see the rest of the footage. When Ava walks in, she's called to the stand. Ava gives her account of the night she ran into AJ in the bar when he blamed Connie and threatened to kill her. The judge strikes Ava's comment that she has no doubt that AJ killed Connie. Ava remembers destroying the security DVDs when Diane asks if she has any evidence to support her accusation. After, Kiki confronts her. Ava doesn't want to fight. She passes Shawn on her way out. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Michael to watch himself and says to AJ, "You're going down." A ballistics expert is called to the stand, who testifies AJ's fingerprints are on the gun. He's not worth Diane's time and has no witnesses to call. AJ disagrees and demands her to call him to the stand. Outside, Shawn tells Sonny that Carlos has no connections to Lily's family. Sonny says, "Take care of him."

    Ellie lets Spinelli into the apartment, and is thankful he could find a babysitter to meet her. She has great news – Robin's alive. He can't believe her dramatic entrance at the wedding, but is happy to hear the miraculous news. The timing couldn't be better. It's just what Maxie needs. Ellie then shares her other news. She received a job offer for her dream job. He congratulates her but doesn't understand why she's not happy. Ellie admits it's in Portland and Spinelli considers going with her. She wonders if they can do that to Maxie. Maxie walks in and asks, "Do what?"

    There's a knock on the door at Sabrina's apartment. She hurriedly opens it and finds Robin.

    Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Sonny tells Carlos that he's going for a ride.

    Patrick confides to Epiphany how he loves both Robin and Sabrina.

    Robin asks Sabrina to help her get her husband back.

    Diane warns AJ that she can no longer represent him if he testifies.

    Franco struggles with Heather.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by WatFan at Friday, December 06 2013 12:27 PM

    I'm throwing my two cents in - it might only be worth one cent though…..

    Disclaimer: This was wrote before I read today show or watched - comments are from prior couple days…

    Patrick is an absolute jack-ss if you ask me. Here is is about to pronounced man and wife and what does he do? He leaves his bride at the alter and goes and kisses another woman without a thought for Sabrina! I don't care that it was his wife back from the dead! I don't want to hear about that. He was absolutely insensitive to Sabrina - especially when it was his idea to get married in the first place! I felt so horrible for her. It was very inappropriate. If he was still that hung up on Robin, he shouldn't of asked Sabrina to marry him. I agree, that his dead wife should have given him pause, but to do that?

    Then he asks Robin to come back to his house! The house he's been playing house with Sabrina in! How was that going to work? Is all Sabrina's stuff there? Probable is or a good share of it since I'm sure that is where she expected to be living. And what if Sabrina went there atleast to get some of her personal things and in walks the big happy family!! NO forethought at all. I mean really Patrick have you even changed the sheets since the last night Sabrina stayed? How tacky!! "Wait a minute Robin, before we do anything let me go put some fresh sheets on the bed, so you don't have to smell Sabrina's perfume". Atleast Robin was smart enough to realize that wasn't going to work.

    Posted by WatFan at Friday, December 06 2013 12:28 PM

    I was kind of proud of Sabrina today. Quite frankly, it was none of Patrick's business where Sabrina was/is. He left the alter - not her. Felix should have never told him. If the situation was reversed, and Patrick wanted his space, the girl would have been accused of stalking. I was kind of happy that Patrick saw her kissing Carlos. How'd that make you feel Patrick? Atleast she didn't do it in front of a church full of people right after she pronouced her love and devotion to you - jerk!

    Also if she didn't go to bar and hook up with some stranger. She was with someone she trusted enough to lean on and get blindly drunk! Sometimes that's what you need to do. People make it sound like a bad thing. It wasn't. Its not like she's an acoholic or anything. She deserved that release. Also she owed Emma no explanation where she went that night. I seriously doubt she planned on dropping out of the kids life for forever. Robin can explain to Emma that Sabrina needed some time to herself.

    I hope Patrick ends up with Robin. Yeah they had their good times but they had a lot of bad times too. Heck they were fighting over her working on Jason's cure right before she was supposedly bbq'd. He can realize that he was viewing his marriage thru rose colored glasses and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Make him miserable. Then he can pine away for Sabrina - who will be hopefully blissfully happy with Carlos. It would serve him right.

    Of the 3 people -his behavior made me the sickest. And I can't believe other woman don't find his behavior just as appalling but are only being critical of the girls.

    Posted by Dexdon at Friday, December 06 2013 12:37 PM

    Hi everyone! Hope all is doing well.

    I'm already missing Faison and Obrecht...and Robert...

    Sabrina/Patrick/Robin: Great acting. By all in my opinion. I too, like many posters, believe none of these characters are to blame for these circumstances..and all are reacting in pretty much the way you would expect them to. Patrick is confused, happy and sad. Sabrina is trying to be gracious but its horrible for her. Robin is the true victim, and I say she should fight for her family. She did not leave them, nor is manipulating them. She is fighting for them.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, December 06 2013 12:46 PM

    I had forgotten how controlling Robin was/is. I think Patrick will decide to stay with Robin for Emma sake but I think he would be happier with Sabrina. Sabrina never wanted anything from Patrick but his love. I really feel that he would be happier with Sabrina.

    Posted by Dexdon at Friday, December 06 2013 12:47 PM

    Wow...I havent been able to read as many posts over the last while as life is extremely busy...but I did catch up on yesterdays.

    Such venom towards all three characters that have done nothing wrong, ouch, ouch and ouch. Reminds me of the Liz hate just because she threatened the Jasam fans. Facts don't factor in sometimes, its emotions that affect opinions.

    I think Carlo is an undercover cop and will be a good guy. We need a hot cop. Dante is not on enough and the new Lulu has ruined him.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, December 06 2013 12:48 PM

    I forgot to add that with Ellie and Spinelli moving to Portland I wonder if they won't be on show anymore for awhile. Sure will miss them and baby Connie.

    Posted by LTB726 at Friday, December 06 2013 12:50 PM

    Totally agree ... Robin needs to fight for her family ... she did not leave by choice ... she and Patrick were in a good place when Jerry kidnapped her. Sabrina needs to put on her big girl pants and bow out gracefully .... show some class ... Patrick needs to stop begging these women to come home with him and go home alone to sort things out ... what a jerk!

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, December 06 2013 12:58 PM

    Go fight for your family Robin. Sabrina is NO match for a Scorpio.
    I hope Robin asks Sabrina to respect her and Patrick's marriage and to give them time to heal.
    Sabrina needs to stay away from Emma too.
    Perhaps she can go to Portland with Ellie and Spin.

    What kind of hit man gets cold cocked like that? He should have caught Patrick's hand mid air. And Pat's a surgeon. Dumb to mess with his hands.

    Maxie and Robin were GREAT toady.
    This is what all the Robin hype is all about.
    Everyone she's in contact with is fun and interesting to watch.

    Robin and Patrick, Emma, Mac, Anna, Robert, Maxie, ALL great scenes to watch. Great acting , great character. So glad she's back.

    Love when Sonny "whispers"... so menacing..... scary. Ava is scared to death.

    Carlos and Sabrina work. He loves her like Patrick loves Robin. Patrick needs to get over his guilt.These are unusual circumstances to say the least.

    Posted by PickleLila at Friday, December 06 2013 01:00 PM

    Diana8254- Never fear. We will probably see Connie in about three years when she will have been SORAS'd to an angst-ridden teen come back to PC to blame her bio mom Maxie for all of her problems!

    Posted by PickleLila at Friday, December 06 2013 01:00 PM

    Diana8254- Never fear. We will probably see Connie in about three years when she will have been SORAS'd to an angst-ridden teen come back to PC to blame her bio mom Maxie for all of her problems!

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