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    GH Recap: My Hero.

    Thursday, December 05 2013
    Maxie contemplates suicide, Sonny plots his next move with Shawn, and Sabrina wakes up in Carlos' bed.


    Mac can't wait to tell Maxie that Robin's alive but Ellie's the only one at their apartment. Maxie was upset about Spinelli turning her away from seeing Connie and disappeared. Mac notifies Felicia and then shares with Ellie that his good news will turn Maxie around – Robin's alive. Ellie's happy for his family, now all Mac needs is his Maxie back. After, Ellie receives a surprising phone call.

    Anna and Robin have coffee at Anna's. Robin wishes she could spend the day with Emma to get over the distraction of Patrick not being with her. Her reunion wasn't like what she dreamed. Anna was right that it was just a fantasy that kept her going until she got home. Robin admits waking up from the dream when she saw Jerry's tape of the nurses' ball. Anna agrees there will be adjustments and heartache but Robin shouldn't feel guilty for what Faison has done to them. Robin saw the whole ceremony and credits the video she left behind for Patrick to find someone if she died from AIDS. Anna thinks Patrick will find his way back to Robin. So much has changed, Jason is gone…Edward is gone. Anna credits Robin with saving Jason and shares how Edward saved Emma. It's not all grim. She thinks Robin should find hope knowing that Felicia and Mac found their way back together. There is time but Robin couldn't blame Patrick if he decides she's his past and Sabrina is his future. Before Robin leaves she hugs Anna and calls her "My hero."

    Maxie visits Georgie's gravesite. She's screwed up her life and can't be a mother to her child. Without Connie, Maxie has nothing. She wonders what the point is as she takes out a bottle of pills and considers not being there at all. Georgie touches her arm and says, "Not if I have anything to say about it." Georgie believes that killing herself is not making atonement. She should stick around for her family but Maxie regrets what she did to Robin. Georgie panics in her realization that Maxie can't hear her. She's gone by the time Maxie is writing her suicide note. As she lays it on Georgie's grave, Robin is nearby at her own grave. Georgie touches Robin's shoulder but Robin doesn't see her. She arrives at Georgie's grave before Maxie takes the pills and says, "Maxie."

    Dr. Dosky's surprised to find Patrick at the hospital. Felix interrupts Patrick who apologizes for hurting Sabrina but he doesn't want to talk. Felix snaps, "Sabrina's missing." Felix is sure that she's okay but Patrick is the one person she can't ignore. Felix calls Sabrina again and she answers. When he hangs up, he lies to Patrick about where Sabrina is but Patrick doesn't believe him. Later, Felix leaves Sabrina a message. Patrick made him squeal and knows where she is.

    When Shawn gets to the office, Sonny asks him to find out all he can about Carlos Rivera. Shawn's certain Carlos is just the hired gun. Sonny wants to get to the Jeromes by getting to the people close to them. He can't burn Carlos yet until he knows if Carlos is family. Sonny informs Shawn about a possible connection to his first wife's family. He inherited her father's territory. Sonny won't make a move until he knows for sure. If Carlos is not related, he dies.

    Carlos picks up an alcohol bottle on the floor before bringing coffee to Sabrina. She's surprised to wake up in his bed and asks him what happened last night. He thinks she should blame it on the tequila that she drank after he brought her home in her upset state. She questions if they slept together. Carlos quips, "Not in the biblical sense," but she's not amused since she woke up naked. Carlos couldn't have her puking in her wedding dress. Certainly she must know he wouldn't take advantage of her. Sabrina doesn't know what she can believe anymore. She 'knew' Robin was dead. She should have listened to him but Carlos blames himself for that. He's been a jealous jerk since he came to Port Charles. Sabrina answers her cell and tells Felix she's okay…she spent the night with Carlos. Felix relays that Patrick is upset that she went missing. She asks Felix not to tell Patrick that she's with Carlos. After, she rushes to leave. Patrick's looking for her after having time to think. Carlos thinks Patrick was building up his courage to tell her the relationship is over but Sabrina thinks there's hope. She misses Felix's call as Carlos worries about her getting hurt. He loves her. Sabrina doesn't return the feelings but Carlos begs to differ and kisses her. Patrick finds them lip-locked at the door.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Robin tells Maxie to stop it and slaps her.

    Carlos asks Patrick if he's chosen Sabrina over his wife.

    Spinelli is eager to hear Ellie's big news.

    Scott would give his right arm for the rest of the Metro Court security footage.

    Heather is perched outside Franco's door while he's in bed with Carly.

    Sonny expresses his hate for Ava to her face.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by silence1534 at Thursday, December 05 2013 12:39 PM

    OMG, Sabrina better not sleep with Carlos and then find out she's pregnant. If they do another "I don't know who the daddy is" storyline, I'm going to lose my freakin' mind...

    Posted by Lovethosedimples at Thursday, December 05 2013 12:44 PM

    Did anybody get a good look at Lily's wedding picture that Sonny showed Shawn? Did the dress look like Sabrina's?

    Posted by tricknasty at Thursday, December 05 2013 12:50 PM

    Here we go with Mob Wars: Part 2000 (The Who Gives a Crap Edition). Mob storylines do not need to dominate on a soap. If I wanted mob, I would watch sopranos or a movie. Mob on GH is horribly written. UGH!

    Posted by Syndel at Thursday, December 05 2013 01:10 PM

    I do not feel sorry for Robin, if it hurt so bad to hear Patrick say his vows why did she stand at the door like an idiot instead of stepping up. She needs to look back at the video she made telling him to move on and get Emma a new mother. Lucy, Patrick, and Sabrina must be blind not to see her standing there the whole time. And she slung the doors open, are the rest of them deaf. People would have turned to see who opened the door. Why did Sabrina run to Carlos. She is a horrible actress, her crying is so fake. And why does she only have an accent when she says, Carlos or Puerto Rico ? Acting jobs open for GH, no experience required.... When Patrick and Anna cried it looked very real. Sabrina and Patrick just don't spark. Jerry is alive yet again and Luke on his trail. Even if Robin and Patrick stay together it won't last. He is a good actor and that little Emma is awesome. Enough with Maxie, send her off on maternity leave and shut up. By the time she gets back maybe Dante and Lulu will have their baby that Britt carried. Maxie is a selfless, spoiled unfeeling brat. How is the Rivera and Santaigo names going to mesh. Sabrina is adopted into the Santaigo family but Carlos last name is Rivera, that was Lilys last name and her father wouldn't let her see her son years ago when she was with Sonny. Lily was pregnant again but with Sonny's baby when she died. There has to be a connection with all of them.

    Posted by ladyofhearts at Thursday, December 05 2013 01:11 PM

    Completely agree with "no Mob wars". Also, no more "who's the baby daddy?" s/l's. Enough! Aren't there any creative writers out there in Soapland? It's just lather, rinse, repeat, over and over and over. Can no one write a real honest-to-goodness s/l filled with romance? Not drunken sex, revenge sex, or plain lust, but REAL romance? A s/l that takes time and builds to something lasting? Buehler, is anyone listening? I guess GH writers believe happiness in a relationship is boring. No -- constant, relentless, rehashing the same "drama" is boring.

    Posted by Syndel at Thursday, December 05 2013 01:12 PM

    Lily was so pretty. I always thought she was so beautiful.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, December 05 2013 01:16 PM

    Will Patrick seeing Sabrina and Carlos kissing give him a pang of jealously or make it easier for him to RUN away? I like Sabrina and Carlos together. Will like them even more in Puerto Rico,

    Robin and Anna, good stuff..Mac's enthusiasm so sweet. Maxie and Robin scenes, can't wait. Love Maxie, my heart breaks for her. To feel that low, that desperate, heartbreaking.

    Ellie needs a new robe for christmas. She can give her old one to Emma.

    Sonny is so awesome. Love him having Shawn as his number two. Can't wait to see Sonny make Julian cry again.

    Posted by tricknasty at Thursday, December 05 2013 01:17 PM

    Did I hear Felix refer to Robin as Patrick's "baby mama"? She is his wife and the mother of his child. Hopefully Felix and Sabrina catch a bullet in this recent "mob war". UGH!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, December 05 2013 01:18 PM

    Hi everyone
    So once again Maxie is selfish as she wants to end her life. Does she not care their are family and friends who love her? This is a cowards way out. Suck it up buttercup, you did wrong and now have to wait 6 months. Time will go fast but you also need help. Go get some help and be a better person.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, December 05 2013 01:24 PM

    It was great seeing Georgie today. I read on the grave it was 2007 she died. How time flies, but she is one character I do miss.♥

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