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    GH Recap: You Can't Have Both.

    Wednesday, December 04 2013
    Patrick tries to sort things out with Sabrina and Robin, Duke meets with Sonny, and Bobbie learns Julian's alive.

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:03 PM

    Robin saw for herself the love that Sabrina and Patrick have just watching the wedding. She never stopped it when Lucy said is there anyone here know why they should not be married. That was Robin's cue.
    I like both Robin and Sabrina and both are suited for Patrick, now Patrick is in love with 2 woman. This is not just in soaps but have seen this in real life. Storyline is way better then Maxie's.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:03 PM

    bayou - I thought the moment Sam and Robin shared remembering Jason was one of the best scenes in the show today.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:06 PM

    Sam spilled the beans today to Juilian saying Lucas. Now it has him thinking. Want Lucas to come to town. Maybe he will be better suited for Felix.
    Like the Liz and Robin scene. Great friends.

    Posted by apluv at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:06 PM

    Patrick should be with Robin she is his wife & the mother of his child.I thought the conversation between Duke & Sonny was funny when Duke told Sonny that because of Julian his & and Anna's child is dead.It shows once again how General Hospital's writers are trying to rewrite it's history and in a bad way.For like I mentioned yesterday it was not Julian at all who killed Duke's baby it was his sister Olivia St.John (Jerome)I mentioned yesterday that one of the reasons Olivia tried to kill Duke was that if she could not have him no one else could.The other reason was that Olivia did not want Duke alive so he could attend the summit meeting with the other mob bosses.For Olivia wanted to announce at the meeting that she was now in charge of the Jerome family business.Victor Jerome had put Duke in charge of the family business for at one point Victor thought of Duke as a son Olivia didn't like that at all.When General Hospital's writers wanted to bring back the Jerome's I don't know why they didn't bring back Olivia since they had to know the characters history,plus both Frank Valentini & Ron Carlivati worked with Tonja Walker who played Olivia St.John before.After she left General Hospital she joined One Life To Live where she played Alex Olanov from 1990 on & off all the way to 2011.So instead of bring back ex OLTL characters they did who had nothing to to do with General Hospital's history they should have brought back Tonja Walker's Olivia in a heartbeat,for she had been on General Hospital before I will never understand this but come on writers you can still get it done.For since Julian is alive so could Olivia for she could team up with Sonny to bring down Julian to get revenge on him for shooting her.Just think how epic that would be,also gmahoma thanks for the shout out yesterday.I know a lot about the character of Olivia St.John (Jerome) for I still have tapes of her when she was on,and she is 1 of my all time favorite General Hospital characters.The writers ruined her exit big time but they can fix it now.

    Posted by Ruca at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:07 PM

    When Sam wondered what it would be like if Jason came bursting through the doors, my first thought was is this RC giving out some foreshadowing? Speaking of Sam, her mention of Lucas is bound to get Julian wondering. And then with Bobbie in town, it's looking more and more likely that Julian will discover he has a second child pretty soon. And on the subject of Lucas, I haven't heard anything about him being cast, but with the increased talk of him lately, it certainly sounds the TPTB are planning his return. Perhaps Lucas can inject some life into the Felix/Brad story, which is going no where.

    I actually sympathize with both Robin and Sabrina. Neither woman planned for this mess to happen. Those truly responsible are Jerry and Co. Now it's the two of them, as well as Patrick and Emma who are paying the price.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:15 PM

    Hi All!

    I really hate that Robin didn't go home with Patrick & Emma! I get it, but I hate it! I still say she should have went if for no other reason but to explain to Patrick what has been going on since they last saw each other through the lab door two years ago! How is he ever gonna wrap his brain around any of this until he knows what he is wrapping his brain around???

    Of course Sabrina runs off into Carrllos' out stretched arms on Pier 52 where everything happens in Sabrina will probably have grief sex with him & end up pregnant so we can have our next WTD storyline...& you know from Sonny's reaction to Carrllos' last name that Carrllos is going to turn out to be Sonny & Lily's child that was born in a private hospital in PR where her father had her sent after she survived the car explosion but was in a coma & gave birth in that coma only to die later & Carrllos is out for revenge against Sonny for it because his grandpa filled his head full of lies & he thinks Sonny is responsible for his mother's death...that is also why he couldn't bring himself to kill Moron because that's his baby bro...Hey it's GH...anything can happen!

    Can't stand JulICK!!!! Can't wait till Sonny/Duke & Shawn take him DOWN!!!! And let's get Lucas tested as a donor for Danny & maybe he will match so JulICK is no longer of any importance!!!

    The biggest shock of all for me today was.....Sam hugged Robin....& Robin hugged back!!! Gotta admit that as much as it made me do a double take at the tv I did like the two bonding over their love for Jason & their hatred for Faison!


    He is eating so well that they are taking the feeding tube out tomorrow & if he has no more set backs & keeps this pace of progress up he may get released by the end of next week so he will be home in time for Santa!!! Praise GOD & Thank you all for all the prayers & well wishes I know you guys made a difference!!! Keep 'em coming please! So Happy about this!

    Off to spend time with the fam....everyone have a great night!

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:20 PM

    SouthGA - What wonderful news. I really hope he does get to spend Christmas at home.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:28 PM

    I intend to watch today’s show as I watched yesterdays.....I am going to try and put my biases aside and watch as a soap opera telenovela afficionado.....watching a bitter sweet drama play out. This really is a sad situation for pretty much everyone concerned. Miscalculations have been made, misguided advice has been given, the wife coming back from the dead is akin to being hit by a meteor.....what are the odds, eh. And yet here we are....facing a situation wherein the wisdom of a King Solomon might come in handy.

    We have debated Robin vs. Sabrina.....neither a perfect person. And Patrick...if he continues to dither, would either women really want him.

    At this juncture I see no reason for anyone to make a snap decisions. Look how a rushed wedding worked out. This is really a huge deal....for the three main characters. It is my hope they take their time, absorb the shock, not cave to pressure from any of the village busy bodies.

    Posted by aussie1 at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:31 PM

    lily, who is Ick?

    Hi South.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, December 04 2013 03:33 PM

    aussie - Derek became Ick before he became Julian Jerome.
    Bobbie had a great line today: "The Jeromes are like termites, another one always appears."

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