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    GH Recap: Can You Live With Yourself?

    Monday, December 02 2013
    Robin reaches the church before the wedding begins, Nikolas makes a confession to Britt, and Carly argues with Luke and Jerry to help Bobbie.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, December 02 2013 02:17 PM

    I would pay a million dollars of Sonny's money if this is what happens next...

    Robin: “Don't mind me, everyone. Sorry for the interruption. Just pretend I'm not here, and go on with what you're doing. Sorry. My bad.”

    Thank you Robin, for staying true to form by not interrupting the wedding until the last (and worst) possible second. Obviously, you love a good wedding as much as anybody, so how considerate of you to purposely allow it to progress that far, and STILL not say a word, and then to and simply turn and walk away, knowing full well you were in the direct view of the wedding party, including your daughter, just so you can say that YOU didn't mean to stop the ceremony, when we all know that's EXACTLY why you were there. I hope the next thing out of Lucy's mouth is “I now pronounce you man and wife.”

    What's the over/under for placing a bet on how long it will be before Robin tells Patrick “I don't want to stand in the way of your happiness,” or something to that effect? Five minutes? I'll take the under. That's just passive aggressive claptrap. Of COURSE she wants to stand in the way of his happiness if that happiness is with Sabrina. Robin's very EXISTENCE is the only thing that COULD prevent Patrick and Sabrina from being happy at this stage of the game.

    I really feel sorry for Sabrina, especially after pouring her heart out like that in front of everyone. How anyone could hear what she said about how she feels about Patrick and Emma and still think she belongs with Carrllos is beyond me. This will be devastating to Sabrina, and she's done absolutely nothing to deserve it, except to love Patrick and Emma. Even if she and Patrick do eventually wind up together (as I think they will), this will ruin all her memories of what was turning out to be a perfect wedding day. It was “Cinderella” come to life, and they were going to live happily ever after, if only Robin hadn't shown up to spoil everything. The only bride who has ever had a worse wedding day on the show was Kate, and she got shot in the gut, which is probably exactly how Sabrina feels right now.

    Speaking of getting shot...

    One part of me hopes that Anna and Robert spattered Faison's brains all over that horse blanket he was perfectly positioned in front of. Just from a practical standpoint, you couldn't ask for a better backdrop than that for a couple of headshots, or a better place to commit a murder. Just wrap the body up in the blanket, throw a few horseshoes in for weight, and toss the body over the cliffs into the harbor, and let the current take it out to sea. They can say he jumped (from a different location) trying to escape, and since they'll never find the body, no one can ever prove otherwise. After the intense discussion they had on the matter of how to deal with Faison, I'd be disappointed if Robert and Anna DIDN'T make sure that he would never be a threat them or their family again. Mentioning Emma was the clincher. It would be completely out of character for Robert and Anna to let Faison live now.

    On the other hand, if he IS dead, I'll miss seeing Faisy spar with Frau Blücher, but I suspect she's capable of that kind of comedy with anyone. Until she came into the picture, no one had ever made Faison tolerable before. I never liked the guy, even as a villain, because he always creeped me out, and looked like he smelled bad. I'm with Anna. If they snuffed Faisy for good, I can live with it.

    For a guy who has had polonium poisoning for at least a YEAR longer than Luke did, and has been shot TWICE in a matter of days (or weeks or months, depending on how you look at it), Jerry sure is getting around pretty good. Heck, I remember he was spitting up blood way back when he poisoned the water supply! I kept shouting in my mind at Bobbie to kick him in his wounded leg! That would do the trick.

    Shut UP, Carly! Luke is an expert gambler. He knows what he's doing, and the cure came from his body, so get out of the way, and let him do his thing. In his weakened state, Jerry should be no match for Luke, but even if he is, so what? All he's got is a knife to Bobbie's face. How much more damage could he do? That's a risk I'm willing to take. (Okay, that was a cheap shot, and I apologize.)

    Is it possible that Jerry will take a nose dive off of the MetroCourt terrace, and finally die in front of everybody? If so, that means that since the Nurses' Ball, they'll have knocked off Helena, Faison, and Jerry, neutered Franco, and turned Heather into Frodd's mommy dearest and Scotty's baby mama. I guess they REALLY want the Jeromes to be the only bad guys on the scene.

    I'm loving the Britt and Nikolas romance, and I really enjoyed their flirty conversation about “playing doctor” and Britt being Nik's “On-call girl,” but truth be told, she did a lousy job of patching him up. She's right that Nik has become a good father. I desperately want this last secret concerning Ben's paternity to be resolved pretty quickly, and I hope Britt is the one who comes forward with whatever the truth is, so it won't reflect on her as badly as it might otherwise, and end up having a negative impact on her relationship with Nikolas.

    Their conversation about how long they've known each other leads me to believe that it's December for them as well. Since they arrived just before Halloween, that means that Robin and the gang have spent over an entire month at Wyndemere, but it seems like only days, or a couple of weeks at the most have passed on the show. This year, there was never even a hint of Thanksgiving, which is traditionally a big deal on the show.

    Hmmm... Does anyone remember what the date was on the invitation that Robin swiped from Ellie? I think it's December on Spoon Island, but it's still November at the chapel. As if this needed to be any MORE confusing.

    Posted by adamrocks at Monday, December 02 2013 02:19 PM

    P. S. Of course Jerry J. broke loose and has a hostage. Luke, Anna, Duke, Robert, et al are the most incompetent "super spies" on the face of the planet. They make Maxwell Smart look like a member of the Harvard Brain Trust. Bunch of bumbling nitwits.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, December 02 2013 02:25 PM

    Scrimmage ~ No way does Jerry die. He will escape to bedevil Port Charles again.

    Posted by aussie1 at Monday, December 02 2013 02:35 PM

    Good morning all and happy Tuesday! We're having a scorcher of a day today. We're expecting the temp to be about 35C. Good day to lie by the pool.

    Finally! The Drakes are reunited. I'm not sure why they had Robin just stand there and let the ceremony continue. That was a dumb move on the writers' part.

    Like AuntieTT, I too am extremely saddened by Paul Walker's death. I'm a big fan of the Fast & Furious movies and it's just surreal. A tragic accident that shouldn't have happened if they weren't speeding. I feel for the families of both men that lost their lives. Just tragic for his 15-year old daughter to almost witness.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, December 02 2013 02:39 PM

    In keeping with my theory that Robin will not allow Patrick to make the choice between her and Sabrina, I am adjusting my prediction that instead of waiting until after the ceremony to reveal herself, now Robin will reject Patrick, and run away from him, instead of trying to work things out. Hopefully, she'll run very fast and very far away.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, December 02 2013 02:46 PM

    I wonder if anyone will bother to dig up the body in Robin's grave and try to identify her, or if they'll just forget about her since she's not anybody important. Faison deserves to die for that murder alone, if for nothing else.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, December 02 2013 03:09 PM

    I know that technically, Lucy never officially pronounced Patrick and Sabrina man and wife, but that's about all that didn't happen. They had already declared their love, said their vows, lit the candle, and pledged their “troth” whatever that is. Promises were made in the presence of witnesses, and rings were exchanged. It was cruel and unconscionable for Robin to allow the ceremony to go on as long as it did, and she'll have some 'splainin' to do about why she didn't speak up sooner.

    I sure hope Drake Jr. owns that tux. Judging from the look on his face, he'd never get the deposit back on a rental if he did what I think he did when he saw Robin. In this case, I think “Oh, CRAP!” might be more than just an exclamation.

    Posted by gmahoma at Monday, December 02 2013 03:24 PM

    Diana8254- Brit won't tell Nik the TRUTH because that's not how she rolls. I think Nik deserves SO MUCH BETTER!

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, December 02 2013 03:25 PM

    Happy Monday All,

    The best scenes of the show today were the ones shared by Robert and Anna. Faison finally poked the mother bear in Anna one too many times. It was sweet of Robert to worry about the toll it would take on Anna crossing the line, but even he couldn't debate the safety of their daughter and grand daughter. I guess the only thing left is to call Sonny for disposal. I'm sure Sonny would happy to dump the body of the man that concocted the scheme to make everyone think Robin was dead.

    I find it difficult to believe that Carly, Bobbie, and Luke couldn't take Jerry to ground. I was thinking Jerry would have been the perfect person to frame for Faison's death. Who wants to be that Frau Blucher managed to get away from Duke?

    Okay, I know that these writers want to create as much angst as possible, but we saw more of Patrick and Sabrina's wedding than Patrick and Robin's or Jason and Sam's weddings. I was impressed by the fact that someone laid out the reconciliation between Robin and Emma to look very much like those we've seen between Anna and Robin.

    Posted by Dubbs at Monday, December 02 2013 03:29 PM

    @ Scrimmage - Very funny.

    From the recap, that sounds like typical Robin. And a special shout out to Emma for having more sense than her mother. I agree after spending so much time blathering about get back to her family, she sure did take her time in doing so. I, actually, get her not wanting to stop the wedding, but I would have run down the aisle, scooped up my child crushed her in the biggest, longest bear hug imaginable and told Patrick, with a wave of my hand, to carry on.

    As of right now, I don't really care about Britolas. Though, I can't wait to see the conflict it will create when Nik finds out that Ben is his nephew. Isn't it ironic how Nik ends up raising his siblings children. Let's just hope that when the truth finally reveals its self that Spencer doesn't rush out the front door and get hit by a boat, driven by a very drunk Luke on his way to Spoon Island.

    I'm not buying that Faison is dead. As I said a while back, you can never truly kill a good villain. They always rise from the ashes. Just ask Stefano. That guy could teach a course. Now, I'm sorry, but a good spy would never quibble about taking someones life after everything that Faison has done. Ask James Bond if he regrets storming in on Blofeld and plugging him one. Or, when he dropped Blofeld down a smokestack. Or, when he shot Elektra King, who he was in love with, after she told him he couldn't do it. Or, when he dropped his best friend, Alec, into a satellite receiver. I think you get my point. If Robert and Anna, were true spies, they would have killed him years ago.

    I do feel bad for Sabrina though. She didn't deserve that long drawn out wedding scene. None of this is her fault and I do hold Robin accountable for some of it. She's been back for weeks and even after the dust mostly settled she didn't rush off to see her family. Once again, she has made it about herself. Kudos, Robin. Kudos. Though, maybe now she can find someone new. I know she'll run to Carloser, but she could make another choice. Fall for Shaun. He'll protect her and she won't have to grieve after Shaun puts him down for good. Trust me. Carloser never saw it coming.

    How Carly has the special mutant ability of Ineverwanttoshutmymouthism is beyond me. If Bobbie can't get Jerry to let her go, I'm sure he'll do it for Carly. Pull the family card. After all, Jerry does love Joss. Maybe that will work. Of course, Luke could just give Jerry the cure and have Robin whip up another for Sean D and go on another adventure to track him down and put him down, but that would make too much sense.

    FOOT - Hail to my Spartans! #1 in Basketball and #10 in Football. On Saturday, we have a date with destiny against those losers from that school down south along the 23. Indy is gonna be a party. My friends plan on painting the town GREEN! Better news! It sounds like win or lose, my Spartans are headed to the Rose Bowl where I will get my first chance to see them play, in person, since I moved to California 8 years ago. Go Green!

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