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    You Didn't Choose Us.

    Monday, November 18 2013
    Luke learns about Anna, Robert and Duke being missing, the custody hearing breaks for the judge to consider his decision, and Carlos learns something at General Hospital.


    In the court room, Diane asks Dante if Lulu's lying. He pretends the question is unclear. Diane reminds him he's an officer of the law and the judge asks him to respond truthfully. Dante responds, "Yes, she lied." He elaborates that Lulu didn't mean it. There was no plan. Diane gets Dante to admit he talked her out of running with Connie. Dante returns to Lulu's side and apologizes for not having a choice. Lulu claims he did, he just didn't choose them. Nearby, Spinelli worries about Lulu. Maxie and Diane don't care; it's a gift that Lulu lied. Diane's ready to close but Spinelli wants to take the stand. He addresses Dante and Lulu. Spinelli can't believe it has come to this. They are…all hurting each other. He affirms to Diane he does want to raise his child. After, Diane and Alexis give their closing statements. The judge breaks. Lulu pulls away from Dante to rush out of the court room while Diane invites Alexis for a drink. She's not interested. Maxie's family believes things will work in Maxie's favor. Later, court reconvenes and they wait for the judge.

    At General Hospital, Patrick gives Luke and Tracy the news that there's no polonium in Luke's system. Sabrina takes Connie and Tracy hugs Patrick. He won't accept credit. They should thank their mysterious doctor. Luke wants to see Anna. Patrick says Anna hasn't been heard of since she left the clinic with Robert. Duke thinks they went to track Faison after he escaped with Obrecht. Luke confesses Obrecht was on Cassadine Island with Jerry. Patrick thinks Nikolas might know something but he hasn't seen Duke since he went to Wyndemere. Luke leaves for Wyndemere. In the lab, Carlos realizes Robin is not Sabrina. He thinks he knows her from somewhere. Robin claims that she's Epiphany and asks if he's Sabrina's ex. He realizes she sounds as thrilled as he does about the impending wedding. Robin hopes it works out between him and Sabrina. Carlos leaves and sees a photo of Epiphany in the hall. Carlos remembers seeing a picture of Robin at Patrick's. Alone, Robin finishes her work and leaves for Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Carlos bumps into Sabrina and tells her that Patrick's wife is alive.

    In the catacombs of Wyndemere, Duke encourages Obrecht to go after Faison. Faison doesn't think she would dare but she wields the knife in his direction. He yells that everyone would know they are keeping Anna's daughter and her lover trapped here. Duke watches, powerless, as Obrecht and Faison struggle until Obrecht is unconscious. Faison ties her up next to Duke and promises he'll never stop until he has Anna. Faison leaves them. Alone, Obrecht thinks Faison will never have Anna, not with Jerry holding her captive. She taunts Duke with the fact that Anna's being held prisoner with her ex. Duke still believes Obrecht needs to turn on Faison. Upstairs, Nikolas and Britt stop kissing. Britt didn't see this coming. He laughs when she blames it on being held hostage. Nikolas thinks it's a load of crap, she must know there's something between them. Britt doesn't want to hurt him. Nikolas confesses that he's made mistakes in his life too. She's never been with someone good for her and she's scared. So is Nikolas. They kiss until Faison comes out of the wall. Britt refuses to tell him what is going on and asks where her mother is. Faison lies – he doesn't know where she is. Britt and Nikolas find Faison's demeanor creepier than usual. Robin returns and admits she was almost detected. At least the cure will be ready soon. Suddenly, Luke announces his arrival.

    On Cassadine Island, Robert's gum-thumb scan works to open the inner doors. An alarm sounds and two guards and Jerry wait outside the outer doors. Anna and Robert knock out the guards with their lunch trays before Jerry rushes in. Anna and Robert hold him at gun point and ask Jerry to drop his. Jerry warns that to kill him would be to kill Duke. Jerry shows them a picture of Duke in captivity. Robert ignores Jerry's threat and shoots him in the leg. He's ready to kill him when Jerry tells Robert he'll never find Robin if he does. Anna promises to shoot Jerry if he doesn't tell her where Robin is. He will take them to Robin, but he needs to be under their full protection.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Patrick warns Felix about Brad.

    Carlos tells Brad he is looking for Patrick's wife.

    Luke is surprised at Wyndemere.

    The custody decision comes in.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, November 18 2013 12:36 PM

    Well, halle-frickin-lujah, someone finally just shot that son of a b-witch Jerry!! You go Anna! That was awesome.

    My bet is that the judge awards custody to Spinelli. It should be Maxie and Spinelli, because there is no dispute between those two for custody (yet). And it would have been Maxie and Spinelli if Maxie had taken the high road and just gone after Lulu for the idea of running with the baby. It would have been smarter to go after Lulu's mental illness and the mental illness in her family than bringing up the abortion. A) As Alexis pointed out, it is legal; and B) potential mental illness is much more directly relevant to Lulu being able to be a fit mother to the baby.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, November 18 2013 12:39 PM

    I wonder if the Judge will given Spinelli custody of Connie. Serves Lulu and Maxi right but spinelli will let Maxi in Connie's life. Either that or Lulu/Dante will and Maxi will kidnap baby and that is how KS will be written out for maternity leave.

    Posted by pemi at Monday, November 18 2013 12:56 PM

    Poor ole Jerry. First Tracy shoots him in the arm. Next Robert shoots him in the leg. No wonder he's begging Anna for protection. EVERYBODY wants to shoot him!

    Posted by Cynic at Monday, November 18 2013 01:07 PM

    The closing arguments in the custody case were handled exactly the way I had suggested last week that the questioning of witnesses should have been done, by cutting quickly from Alexis to Diane and back. I don't have any idea at this point who will be awarded custody, but Lulu is certainly going to give Dante a hard time. Perhaps if Maxie gets custody she could take the baby to the family Hacienda in Texas.

    Robin should have advised Carlos to go for a full romantic gesture to get Sabrina back. I guess the next best thing is that he has recognize Robin and is under no pressure not to reveal who she is. Carlos the good guy ready to dry Sabrina's tears? If she doesn't want him I'll have him - yes indeed!

    Do I see a possible redemption of the future tart tongued Mutter-in-law from hell? If Obrecht turns of Faison and helps Duke to escape they might keep her around to deliver those delicious one liners.

    Ve haff yet to find who is der fader of baby Cesar!

    Posted by Dubbs at Monday, November 18 2013 01:08 PM

    KS is pregnant? I didn't know that. I thought she just had a few too many twinkies. Oh, I suppose maybe she has, but at least she has a good reason.

    I'm not sure if Spin can get custody. If he filed for custody, did he do it jointly with Maxie? That might make a difference in the court case.

    I don't buy that Dante can't lie under oath. I know cops. They lie under oath all the time if it means getting a conviction. Dante isn't that moralistic. The guy turns a blind eye to Sonny all the time and lets not forget he helped Brenda cover-up a murder.

    I've been saying for years that the police don't shoot enough people in the leg. I mean, if I were a cop and a perp wanted to run, I'm shooting him in the leg. I'm not running after him. Screw that. So, I'm glad Robert had the foresight to shoot Jerry in the leg.

    A Carlos/Robin team-up to stop the wedding? Is it possible? It would make sense seeing as Robin loves hanging out with mafia types. In no time, she'll be at the bridge having a heart to heart with Carlos about all things love. Blah!!!

    Oh, I just have to say that there was a showdown last week between Carlos and Shawn that was absolutely fantastic. I mean, wow!
    Carlos: I'll be seeing you around.
    Shawn: Nah. You won't even see me coming.
    Carlos might want to believe that statement. I still remember Shawn's first face-off against Jason. That would have been a battle royale. Just sayeen!

    FOOT - My younger brother just got a job after looking for about 8 years. He's becoming a cop and he got his gun today. People in Metropolitan Detroit should be worried. I know I am. My mom says I need to be nicer to him now. You think???

    Posted by Dubbs at Monday, November 18 2013 01:12 PM

    Oh, one last thing. Robin as Epiphany? Really? Thats weird on so many levels. Though it's frickin' hilarious. There's just no way you could confuse the two, but I'm gonna spend the next few weeks screaming, "Epiphany!" when Robin is on screen and screaming "Robin!" when Epiphany is on screen. I bet Patrick is dreading sponge baths from "Robin' now. Just ask Slades!

    Posted by AuntieTT at Monday, November 18 2013 01:22 PM

    Good Afternoon, everyone....

    OT... hope that everyone who was in the path of that storm yesterday is fine.

    SouthGal... still praying for you and your family and Charlie.
    God bless you and your family.

    Now,on with today's episode. I just realize that after all the accusations and finger pointing, that it was Spinelli who got on the stand and said that he want to raise Connie. Lulu and Maxie never mentioned how they want to raise Connie or why they should be given that right. Even Dante never said anything to the fact of how he wants to raise Connie. I know that Lulu, Maxie and Dante had to answer accusations that was being thrown at them. But, not one time did any of them explain how they want Connie and to raise her.

    I am glad that Dante didn't compromise his principles. But, of course Lulu would think he had a choice. He dint have a choice. The judge, and Diane pretty much told him that he needed to say the truth. Now, Lulu is going to blame Dante for losing Connie when the judge comes back in favor of Spinelli/Maxie.

    So Carlos knows that Robin alive? WOW! Now, he tells Sabrina that Robin is alive. I don't think she will believe him. After all the times he has tried to tell her he wants her back.

    Now all he has to do is find Robin again and have her stop the wedding.

    Posted by pemi at Monday, November 18 2013 01:46 PM

    Way to go Robin! How can you show such little regard for your parents lives by allowing yourself to be seen, and to hold a conversation with Carlos no less. Even though Anna & Robert got the drop on Jerry and appear to be safe, YOU don't know that!!!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, November 18 2013 01:53 PM

    I thought the court room summation by Diane and Alexis was very good.
    Sadly, the victims in this whole situation is Spinelli, Dante and Lulu.
    The problem with Maxie is that her entire life everyone around her have enabled her in not taking responsibility for her actions. That's one of the reasons she could not tell Lante when she miscarried their baby. She never had to be accountable for her actions and couldn't face telling them the truth. I know many people have said she tried but kept getting interrupted, but as Scrimmage quoting Yoda said " do or do not, there is no try."

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, November 18 2013 01:55 PM

    I loved Tracy giving advice to baby Connie. That is one cute baby.

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